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Check out our step-by-step guide on learning how to use external flash on Nikon to improve the exposure of real estate photos.



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How to Convert Raw to JPEG in Lightroom

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It is a common practice to shoot and edit images in the RAW format. However, when you need to share these images with clients or post them on a blog, you need to convert them into JPEG. Learning how to convert RAW to JPEG in Lightroom will be helpful to use your images externally.
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How to Import Photos Into Lightroom

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If you want to organize or edit your photos in Lightroom Classic CC, you first need to import them. The process to import photos, although easy, is highly comprehensive, where you get multiple options to handle your images efficiently. Let us walk through how to import photos into Lightroom so that you can organize and process them easily.

How to Update Lightroom

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Every once in a while, Adobe rolls out an updated version of Lightroom Classic CC. As a photographer, it’s a good practice to keep updating the software as it has better features and bug fixes for optimized performance. Today we are going to explain how to update Lightroom so that you can safely move on to the new version.

How to Apply a Preset to Multiple Photos in Lightroom

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Did you know that in Lightroom, you can apply similar editing effects to many photos within minutes? This is what a quick and efficient editing procedure is all about. You just need to learn how to apply a preset to multiple photos in Lightroom to give them a uniform look in a few clicks.

How to Delete Photos From Lightroom

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Along with efficient editing, organizing your photos is a prime functionality of Lightroom. Hence, as a regular user of the photo editing software, deleting photos every once in a while is a vital part of your workflow. If you frequently capture tons of photographs, learning how to delete photos from Lightroom will definitely be helpful for you.

How to Duplicate a Photo In Lightroom

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Did you know that you can make copies of an image and edit them in Lightroom? You can also export them as separate images, which lets you create multiple versions of the same photo with different effects. By learning how to duplicate a photo in Lightroom, you can take advantage of the software’s non-destructive editing process.

How to Make Presets on Lightroom

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Photo processing can quickly become a tedious task if you are dealing with a large number of photos and want to achieve the same look on every shot. Lightroom Presets make it a breeze to edit several photos quickly. Learning how to make presets on Lightroom can help you apply changes to multiple images and spend less time editing and more time shooting.

How to Copy Edits In Lightroom

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While working with a large number of photos in real estate photography, we often need to give the same editing effects to all of them. Doing so allows us to achieve a homogeneous look to a batch of photos. Let us walk through how to copy edits in Lightroom to process multiple images simultaneously.

How to Select Multiple Photos in Lightroom

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To save time and to streamline the editing process, Lightroom allows us to select multiple photos concurrently. Learning how to select multiple photos in Lightroom will speed up the process of comparing them, choose the best shot among them, or even apply the same Develop settings to a series of images.

How to Move a Lightroom Catalog to an External Hard Drive

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Lightroom Classic CC catalog functions as a database to track and manage your photos. You can store your Lightroom Classic catalog on an external hard drive if you have less space on your internal drive, use more than one laptop, or need access to the catalog while traveling.

How to Remove Shadows in Lightroom

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When editing real estate photos, one of the elements you’ll likely need to adjust are the shadows. Harsh shadows can be distracting and can draw attention to areas of the image that are not meant to be the focal point. We’ll walk through how to remove shadows in Lightroom Classic to bring out the details in your image.

How to Save Presets in Lightroom

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Lightroom Presets take your images to a whole new level. If you learn how to save presets in Lightroom Classic CC, it will be easy for you to create presets according to your own preference.

How to Blur Background in Lightroom

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Sometimes, the background in an image distracts our attention from the subject. Blurring your background slightly so that it isn’t as sharp as the subject can make your subject pop. We will explain how to blur the background in Lightroom through simple steps.

How to Export Lightroom Presets

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When you install a preset in Lightroom or even create one yourself within the program, you might initially think that it can only be used on that specific computer. If you edit with Lightroom on multiple computers or want to sell presets, this may seem problematic. Luckily, Adobe created a way for you to export presets, and we'll walk through how to export Lightroom Presets.

How to Add a Watermark in Lightroom

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Watermarking your photos is a way to promote your work and protect it from plagiarism by claiming its ownership. You can add a watermark to a photo via an easy process with Lightroom Classic CC. Learning how to add a watermark in Lightroom will enable you to add a text or graphic identity to the images you have taken.

How to Use Lightroom Presets

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Lightroom Presets are an easy way to alter your photos to a particular look that increases their aesthetic appeal. If you know how to use Lightroom presets, it will speed up your photo editing process. Besides, using presets will give wonderful effects to your photos which may be hard to get right if you haven’t mastered editing with Lightroom Classic CC yet.

How to Add Presets to Lightroom

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Save a lot of time editing your pictures by following these basic instructions on how to add presets to Lightroom.

How to Mask in Lightroom Using the Range Mask Tool

Are you going back and forth from Adobe Lightroom to Photoshop while editing window pulls and images with flashes? To save time, we're going to teach you various masking techniques in Lightroom so that you can fine-tune masked areas with greater control when applying certain effects.

Best Lightroom Presets for Real Estate Photography

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Photos can make or break a real estate sale, which is why it's vital to produce top-quality visuals. Whether you want free or paid presets, we're giving you all the best Lightroom presets for real estate photography so that you can turn your shots into masterpieces with a single click.

How to Fix White Balance in Lightroom

Even when using presets in editing, adjusting an image's white balance should be easy once you learn how to fix white balance in Lightroom.

What Lightroom Export Quality Should You Use With JPEGs?

Suppose you've changed your camera setting back to 'fine' for better photos, yet the MLS does not allow uploads over 10MB.

Shoot and Edit a Room in Under 90 Seconds

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This process is a slight oversimplification of my typical real estate photography workflow but for the most part, it's the approach I take 90% of the time. I've used this method to shoot thousands of homes in my own market and have been fortunate to test it on much larger homes around North America. In […]

Aspect Ratio for MLS and Free Lightroom Preset

Does your local MLS restrict aspect ratio? I like having the freedom to crop outside of the standard 3:2 ratio and even shoot vertical/portrait orientation. I think it's important to achieve the right composition first and foremost and that is not always landscape 3:2. If you happen to be restricted by your MLS, you might […]

A Way for Real Estate Photographers to Speed Up Their Lightroom Work

Roy, the PFRE editor, pointed out an interesting article by Lee Morris over at reviewing a new hardware interface for Lightroom Classic CC called Lupedeck+. At first, I was a bit skeptical about replacing the Lightroom sliders with a physical keyboard interface but Lee's video review makes a good case that this will speed […]

Lightroom and Photoshop: The Most Popular Photo Editing Software with Real Estate Photographers

Max recently asked: Which photo editing program do you recommend for real estate photography? I would rather purchase one as opposed to monthly use of Photoshop. Do I need more than one program? I am well equipped and have started in some advance editing and shooting in RAW. I am using Adobe Elements but it […]

Lightroom Mobile on a 12.9" iPad Pro Is Faster than Lightroom CC

This video by Tony Northrup about Lightroom Mobile running on a 12.9" iPad Pro is worth 10 minutes of your time. I have the older 12.9" iPad Pro (not the 2017 model) and the speed of Lightroom Mobile on it is truly amazing! I'm working at getting adept at using Lightroom Mobile and the pen. […]

Is Your Lightroom CC Slow With A Large Catalog?

Cal in North Carolina says: I am having issues with LR CC! It is running extremely slow on my very fast machine… My desktop has SSD drives, 32 GB RAM, very fast CPU, etc (Win 10). LR running this slow is a HUGE issue for me, as I am sure it would be for any […]

Does Your Wide-Angle Lens Have Lightroom Profile?

Willie recently asked where he could find a Lightroom lens profile: I spent the last 2 weeks looking for a lens correction profile for the Tokina AT-X 16-28mm F/2.8 PRO FX Lens. I use this lens on a Nikon D700 and I shoot RAW (DNG) files. I process my photos in Adobe Lightroom. After a […]

How Do Real Estate Photographers Manage Their Files With Lightroom?

Reader Randall in Pennsylvania  asked the following question this last week: I'm just getting started using Lightroom and I was wondering how other real estate photographers are managing their files. For example are they creating one catalogue file per year or per project? Where are they storing the catalogue files, locally or on the external drive […]

Lightroom Tutorials Are Back - Great For Learning Basic Real Estate Post Processing

As I promised in the last Q&A post I've gotten Simon's Lightroom video tutorials, an uploaded them to my YouTube Channel. and created a Lightroom-Tutorial page that is an index to these videos. There is a link to the page along the top of the blog and I'm going to put up a Ad type link on […]
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