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How to Sell Lightroom Presets

Published: 22/07/2021

Lightroom is currently one of the most powerful image editing programs. It allows you to transform images by providing a wide collection of tools. You can also use Lightroom to make some extra money if you know how to sell Lightroom presets. Read this guide to know all about Lightroom presets so that you can avail its full benefits.

Comprehensive Tutorial on How to Sell Lightroom Presets

Photography, designing, and many more fields of art and design involve the post-processing of photos. Many professionals find it really hard and exhausting to spend hours and hours sitting in front of a screen editing their photos so that they can be printed or published on a platform.

Moreover, editing photos usually means applying the same tools and edits to a large number of photos repeatedly. This can be a monotonous and tiring job. Thankfully, we have Lightroom to save us from this time-consuming task. Lightroom offers presets that allow you to complete your editing procedure in just a matter of minutes.

Besides helping with the process of editing, Lightroom presets can also help you make money. The ability to make and sell Lightroom presets is an amazing opportunity for Lightroom users. All you have to do is create high-quality and useful presets and make them available to others.

Understanding Lightroom Presets

Lightroom is a massive editing program that allows you to edit your images with extreme precision and accuracy. The wide collection of tools available in Lightroom enables you to edit each element of your image independently. Be it the colors, the background, the highlights, the shadows, the tone, or any other image parameter, you can easily alter it in Lightroom.

The presets in Lightroom help you apply a mask to images that produce the result of multiple editing tools with just a single click. Lightroom presets offer various benefits, as it prevents you from having to apply each and every editing operation one by one. These include the default presets, the external presets, and the customized presets that you create on your own. The customized presets allow you to have an editing mask created specifically according to your requirements.

The presets that you create in Lightroom can also be sold. However, in order to have a successful presets selling venture, you must know the best method of creating the presets and of selling them. That is what we will learn in this tutorial. So, let’s begin with the process of creating the Lightroom presets.

Creating Lightroom Presets

Before proceeding with the process of selling Lightroom presets, let’s first learn the correct method of creating them. Here are the steps to follow:

  1. Launch Lightroom classic on your computer.
  2. Open the image that you want to work on. 
  • If your desired image is already imported into Lightroom, then go to the ‘Library Module,’ select and open your image from your Lightroom collection.
  • In case your image is not imported in Lightroom, then first, you will have to import it. Go to File > Import Photos and Video. You can also click on the ‘Import’ button present on the bottom left of your Lightroom screen.
  1. Once you have opened your image in Lightroom, switch to the Develop Module. In this tutorial, we will be using this image:
Lightroom Develop module
  1. Now, apply all the editing tools you want from the editing panel present on the right side of your develop module interface. Our image looks like this after applying all the editing tools:
Edited image in Lightroom
  1. Once you are satisfied with the results, it is time to convert the editing operation into a Lightroom preset. To do this, go to the navigator present on the left side of your develop module interface. Here, you will see a tab for ‘Presets.’ Click on the ‘+’ sign present beside Presets.
  2. As you click on the + sign, a dialog box will appear. In the dialog box, enter any name you want for your newly created preset. Then, select all the settings that you would like for your preset. You should know that the settings you make here can be changed later. So, it's best to select them all and click on ‘Create.’ 
Converting the editing operation into a Lightroom preset
  1. Now, the editing you made on your last image is now converted and saved in the form of a Lightroom preset. You can find the preset under the ‘User Presets’ section.
User Presets section in Lightroom
  1. Now, open any other image and go to the ‘Presets’ tab. Navigate to and click on the preset you created. You will see that the new image will also be edited the same way as the last one. We tried the same preset on this image:
Selecting the newly created preset

The image now looks like this after applying the preset that we created:

Applying the newly created Lightroom preset

Selling Lightroom Presets

Let’s now take a look at the procedure of selling Lightroom presets. Here are the steps to follow:

  1. After creating the presets, you will have to export them in order to save them. To do this, right-click on the preset in the ‘Presets’ panel. This will open a menu for you. From this menu, click on Export.
  2. This will open up the explorer. Go to the location where you want to save the preset, enter a name, and then click on ’Save.’ 
  3. Now, close the Lightroom and go to the folder where you saved your presets. Zip or compress the preset files and then upload them on the selling platform of your choice.

Here are some ways to ensure that you sell your presets the right way:

Determine your Style

There are hundreds of experts who are creating and selling their own Lightroom presets online. That is why it is best that you create and sell presets that are unique and have your own style. Before creating your presets, find the style that defines your presets.

Keep your Presets Organized

It is really important that you keep your Lightroom library and presets organized and well-maintained so that your buyers do not get overwhelmed. Here are a few ways that can help you organize your Lightroom presets easily:

  • Name the presets in a way that makes sense to the buyers.
  • Divide your presets into different sections as per their themes.
  • Give a brief description along with each of your presets.
  • Show a before/after picture with the presets

Find a Platform 

Before starting selling your Lightroom presets, it is best to find a selling platform that best suits your needs. The most common platform for selling presets include:

  • Your own website
  • Creative online marketplaces

Try out both of these platforms, analyze which one works best for you and your audience, and then use that platform to sell your Lightroom presets.

Market your Presets

Like all products, marketing plays a big role in selling presets. Make sure to promote your presets on different social media and other marketing platforms.


Lightroom presets are one of the most beneficial features of this amazing image editing program. They not only help you with your Lightroom workflow but can also help you make money if sold in the right manner. Learn the above method of making and selling Lightroom presets to open doors to new opportunities and enhance your skills.