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  1. Correcting lens distortion
  2. Straighting verticals and horizontals
  3. Fake tilt-shift
  4. Sky replacement
  5. Adding a blue color gradient to a white sky
  6. Painting brown grass green
  7. Removing a shadow from the front of a home
  8. Removing blue color casts in shadow areas
  9. Removing signs
  10. Twilight shot post processing
  11. Restoring detail to "blown out" light fixtures
  12. Correcting mixed white balance
  13. Removing excess saturation
  14. Removing a color cast
  15. Using the gradient tool for brightness and contrast
  16. Lightening and darkening part of an image
  17. Decreasing the intensity of hotspots
  18. Hiding supplemental lighting
  19. Capturing a window view
  20. Eliminating unwanted shadows
  21. Removing color contamination from stainless steel
  22. Painting in color blend layer mode
  23. Dealing with glare on reflective surfaces
  24. Recovering detail in shadows
  25. Recovering detail in fireplaces
  26. Inserting an image in a blank TV screen
  27. Shooting straight into a mirror
  28. Fixing broken shutters
  29. Eliminating dangling cords
  30. Flash/Ambient hybrid blending

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Here's What People Are Saying About This Book

Simon Maxwell - Simon Maxwell Photography - London

"Great book, John! So clearly laid out, organised and full of really useful information, explained with lucid text and great images. I have studied two sections in detail now and the advice you give I just wish I'd had a long time ago! Great idea to tackle the 30 really key issues that we seem to run into and show the different approaches, depending on what software you are using. Thanks, Larry, for publishing another great guide: this is going to be such a help to so many in our field."

Scott Hargis - Scott Hargis Photo - Oakland, CA

"John McBay's "Image Editing for Real Estate Photography" covers, in detail, how to address the most common image-editing problems faced by the real estate photographer. Tons of diagrams, screenshots, and thorough decriptions make John's examples easy to follow. Few if any books on digital image editing show techniques that are directly applicable to interiors, so this title should be a welcome addition to any real estate photographer's bookshelf."

M. James Northen - Northen Exposure Photography - Vero Beach, FL

"I just finished reading John's Editing Technique e-book. It reads smoothy and the examples illustrate his techniques well. I think it will be a valuable asset to any Real Estate photographer looking to put those sometimes elusive finishing touches on their work. So many times post processing is the other and often overlooked aspect of polishing ones images. The book itself is laid out nicely and explanations of terms and abbreviations was comprehensive. Great e-book and well worth purchasing."

Steve Carroll - PreviewFirst - Southern, CA

"I locate and hire already successful, educated, professional photographers to shoot for PreviewFirst, and then train them in the finer aspects of Real Estate Photography.  This eBook includes those finer aspects.  It's very thorough and easy to understand."

Peter Urbanski - Westbrook, ME

"I've been meaning to write to you for sometime now, but just haven't taken the time to do so. I just want to thank you for all the effort and the superb job that you did by taking the time for making your RE Editing book available to us photographers. Many of us have had the same questions and you answered them so beautifully and simply in picture examples and in words. The $45 spent was well spent. Most "how-to" books by architectural photographers leave you wanting and never answer the questions that most of us have had along the way. Most books are simply a showcase for their egos. You provided valuable information and shared it unselfishly.

I hope that you will consider putting this e-book on DVD and/or providing individual on-line video lessons where photographers can purchase lessons at a fair price per session. Most of us like having and e-book and video lessons. 

Thanks again for this wonderful resource!"


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