PFRE is the original online resource for real estate and interior photographers. Since 2006, it has been a community hub where like-minded professionals from around the world gather to share information with a common goal of improving their work and advancing their business. With thousands of articles, covering hundreds of topics, PFRE offers the most robust collection of educational material in our field. The history of real estate photography has been documented within these pages.
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Editing images on Lightroom

Lightroom is a comprehensive photo editing and image management software. It allows photographers to complete their photography workflow such as importing, processing, and exporting images. But how much is Lightroom? Is it worth the price? Although Lig ...



The PFRE Community Forum is an online resource for discussing the art and business of Real Estate and Interior Photography.
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For over a decade, photographers from around the world have participated in PFRE’s monthly photography contests, culminating in the year-end crowning of PFRE’s Photographer of the Year. With a new theme each month and commentary offered by some of the finest real estate & interior photographers anywhere, these contests offer a fun, competitive environment with rich learning opportunities. 

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PFRE prides itself on the depth and breadth of the information and professional development resources it makes available to our community. Our goal is to help real estate and interior photographers be successful while bringing the community together and elevating the industry as a whole.

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Jordan Powers

  • Real estate/Architectural photography
  • Architectural videography
  • Photo/Video editing

Matthew Stallone

  • Real estate photography tutorials
  • Podcast
  • Social Media

The Art & Science of Great Composition: Tony Colangelo

Improving your compositions is the best and quickest way to take your photography to the next level. It is the most dominant factor in creating an image that delights our clients – even if they don’t know why they love the shot so much. To im ...

Rich Baum

  • Real estate photography tutorials
  • Podcast
  • Workshops
  • Coaching

Mastering Real Estate Photography Tutorial with Garey Gomez

In Garey's own words: Real Estate and Interior Photography Tutorial Join me as I walk through multiple photos in three different properties, each presenting their own unique challenges. We’ll shoot a brand new open-concept home with light colored finis ...

Tony Roslund

  • Behind-the-Scenes
  • Product Reviews
  • Tutorial videos

The Art of Real Estate Cinematography

Award winning filmmaker Nick Swartzendruber teaches you the how & why of real estate filmmaking. From the planning to the delivery, Nick walks you through his thought process every step of the way to help you not only understand the fundamentals of ...

Grant Johnston

  • Real estate video/editing
  • Aerial video/editing

Lighting For Real Estate Photography: Scott Hargis

Lighting For Real Estate Photography is a 28-part video series devoted to lighting techniques using small flashes. Interiors photographer Scott Hargis shows you, in detail, the techniques he uses to produce real estate photographs that require little o ...

Nathan Cool

  • Real estate photography tutorials
  • Books
  • Coaching

Fstoppers: Where Art Meets Architecture Part 1 With Mike Kelley

In this photography tutorial, Mike will explain each and every technique he uses to produce his stunning images. The full photography tutorial is broken down into three chapters, each covering the tools necessary to succeed in the different niche marke ...

Serge Ramelli

I’m here to help you create better photos to increase your chances of success as a photographer. I will help you master your camera, develop in Lightroom and take it to the next Level with Photoshop and other software.

Fstoppers: Where Art Meets Architecture Part 2 With Mike Kelley has teamed up with Mike Kelley to produce the second installment of Where Art Meets Architecture: How to Photograph Luxury Homes and Advanced Photoshop Techniques. With 21 lessons and 13 hours of video content, this tutorial will take you ...

Shooting Spaces Podcast

What do you get when you take two real estate photographers from different sides of the country and almost 25 years difference in age and put them together to chat? Shooting Spaces! Shooting Spaces is the nations top podcast with the real estate photographer in mind. Veteran real estate photographers Rich Baum and Brian Berkowitz team up to discuss everything from gear, technique, industry news and more!  Some of the best in the business join us to share some of their secrets, tips and tricks. Make sure to subscribe so you never miss an episode.

Fstoppers: Where Art Meets Architecture Part 3 With Mike Kelley has teamed up with Mike Kelley to produce the third installment of Where Art Meets Architecture: How to Photograph Hotels, Resorts, and the Business of Commercial Architectural Photography.  With 18 brand new lessons and 13 hour ...

Unparalleled Podcast

An unfiltered podcast for creatives. Join @tonyroslund and @jedconklin for light-hearted chats with photographers, artists, chefs, authors, and more. Follow us on Instagram @unparalleledcast and hit us with questions for the show.

PRO EDU: Tony Roslund Takes You Behind The Scenes Of Commercial Architecture Photography

Go on-location with Tony Roslund to photograph multiple rooms in a beautiful, large Microsoft office space designed by HOK Architects. Learn his entire architecture photography process to find angles, utilize natural light, light with strobes, and ...

BAAM Podcast

BAAM Podcast is hosted by Barry MacKenzie & Andy Macpherson. On each episode, Barry and Andy sit down to chat with the best Architectural & Interiors Photographers in the world!

PRO EDU: Go On Location With Working Pro, Barry Mckenzie To Shoot And Retouch A Home

Go on location with renowned real estate photographer, Barry Mackenzie as he crafts and prepares images of a home ready to be put on the market. Get insider tips from a working photography pro to capture beautifully composed images allowing potential b ...


There are no workshops scheduled at this time.


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  • Learn from working pro's
  • Learn anywhere, anytime
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  • Upgrade your workflow with retouching tools

AP Almanac

Architectural Photography Almanac (APA) was created as a hub for architectural photographers. We regularly feature members of the architectural photography community and their outstanding work in articles and interviews, discuss business strategies, share technique and equipment knowledge, and take a critical look at the craft of architectural photography.


Fstoppers is an online community aimed at educating and inspiring photographers, videographers, and creative professionals.  Started in 2010 by founders Patrick Hall and Lee Morris, Fstoppers has grown into one of the top resources for photography lighting, gear reviews, business tips, behind the scenes, and industry news.

DP Review

Digital Photography Review's mission is to provide the most authoritative coverage of digital photography gear in the world, including news, articles and expert reviews. We have built the most comprehensive database of consumer digital cameras on the Internet, and we provide an open, active forum and useful tools for our community.


We create fun and engaging Photoshop, Lightroom, and Photography tutorials for creatives in all phases of their career. We don’t like dry boring tutorials either. Our goal is to make you laugh, make you smile, all while you master your craft.


I'm David Hobby, a 20-year career newspaper shooter. I shot for a variety of papers and wire services in Florida before moving to Maryland and settling into staff positions at Patuxent Publishing ('88-'99) and The Baltimore Sun ('99-'08). I founded Strobist is 2006 and left The Sun in 2008 to pursue that and other ventures.

SLR Lounge

We share ALL of our strategies, templates, and workflows that we’ve used over the past decade, to build one of the most profitable photography studios.  Let us help you build the photography business of your dreams.

Full Time Film Maker

We cover everything from the very basics of what gear to buy and how to use it, to advanced cinematography techniques, my full editing workflow (on both Premiere Pro and Final Cut Pro X), and the steps I take to land video clients! The curriculum currently consists of over 300+ training videos (50+ hours) and I add new videos every month to keep the learning relevant and up-to-date.

Confused Photographer's Guide to Photographic Exposure and the Simplified Zone System

Bahman Farzad

Photographing Architecture and Interiors

Julius Shulman and Jim Matcuk

Best Business Practices For Photographers

John Harrington

Real Estate Photography For Everybody

Ron Castle

Real Estate Photography 6 Part Series

Nathan Cool

The Dam Book

Peter Krogh

Architectural Photography, 3rd Edition

Rocky Nook

Photographing Real Estate Interiors and Architecture

Steven Ungermann

The Business of Real Estate Photography

Steven Ungermann

Tony Colangelo

Victoria, BC, Canada

  • Finding exceptional compositions
  • Transitioning from HDR to flash/ambient blending
  • Transitioning from real estate photography to shooting for interior designers/builders/architects
  • Creating a compelling brand
  • Overcoming fear and self-doubt
  • Portfolio reviews

Ethan Tweedie

Big Island, Hawaii

  • Luxury resort/hospitality photography
  • Interiors
  • Creative lighting
  • Post-processing
  • Available for workshops
  • Portfolio reviews

Kerry Bern

Des Moines, Iowa

  • Real estate photography in small markets
  • Equipment /software selection
  • Composition
  • Lighting techniques/post-processing
  • Managing and running your business
  • Portfolio reviews

Tacey Jungmann

Oak Harbor, Washington

  • Sharing what works for me
  • Helping you decide what will work for you
  • Service Mindset
  • Iphone videography
  • Feedback and critique
  • Working with editors

Matthew Stallone

King City, ONT, Canada

  • Real estate / Interiors
  • Video shooting / Editing
  • Social media marketing
  • Social media branding
  • Twilights
  • Portfolio reviews

Gary Kasl

San Diego, CA

  • Lighting/composition
  • Workflow efficiency
  • Layer blending
  • Realistic HDR
  • Advanced photoshop/lightroom
  • Portfolio reviews

Dee Zunker

Houston, TX

  • Interiors - The color of light
  • 360 Imagery with DSLR/Flash
  • Gear selection
  • Drones - Equipment & legal
  • WordPress & SEO
  • Computers & backup

Brian Berkowitz

Long Island, NY

  • Shooting luxury real estate
  • Working with architects/interior designers
  • Commercial/retail/office
  • Co-Founder/Co-Host of Shooting Spaces Podcast
  • Twilight photography
  • Portfolio reviews

Rich Baum

Sacramento, CA

  • Leveraging ambient light
  • Flash/ambient blending
  • Twilight photography
  • 360 photography
  • Gear/equipment consulting
  • Portfolio reviews

John McBay

Southern New Jersey & Philadelphia

  • Off-camera flash
  • Composition
  • Post-processing
  • Exposure fusion
  • Portfolio reviews

Michael Yearout

Breckenridge, CO

  • Real estate & rental management
  • Shooting for builders/interior designers
  • Walkthrough video
  • Enfuse-flash hybrid photography
  • Business portraits
  • Portfolio reviews

Nathan Cool

Thousand Oaks, California

  • Flash photography
  • Photo editing
  • Cost-effective workflow
  • Videography
  • Portfolio review
  • Available for coaching/workshops

Suzanne Feinberg

Phoenix, AZ

  • Founder of PowerVision360 productions
  • Small business consulting
  • Marketing
  • Social media
  • Websites / SEO
  • Available for workshops

Grant Johnston

New Zealand

  • Specialising in Real Estate Videography
  • Online School teaching Real Estate Videography & Editing
  • Getting started in Video for Stills Photographers
  • Editing Real Estate Video in Premiere Pro & FCPX
  • Video equipment reviews & tutorials

Marc Weisberg

SoCal Counties, Ca

  • Luxury/commercial real estate
  • Off-camera flash
  • Natural-looking HDR
  • Sony Artisan of Imagery
  • Portfolio reviews

The Photographers Eye

John Szarkowski, Lee Friedlander


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Malcolm Gladwell

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Malcolm Gladwell

Building a Story Brand

Donald Miller

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Michael Port

Beyond Booked Solid

Michael Port

Extreme Ownership

Jocko Willink, Leif Babin

Smart Pricing

Jagmohan Raju, Knighton Bliss

Pricing With Confidence

Reed Holden, Mark Burton

The One Thing

Gary Keller, Jay Papasan

Disrupt You

Jay Samit

12 Rules For Life

Jordan B. Peterson

Good Strategy Bad Strategy

Richard Rumelt, Sean Runnette

Start With Why

Simon Sinek


Ray Dalio

The Conversion Code

Chris Smith

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Warren Berger, Michael Quinlan

The Wealthy Barber

David Chilton

The Toilet Paper Entrepreneur

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Jim Collins

The Purpose Driven Life

Rick Warren

Strengths Based Leadership

Tom Rath

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Mike Michalowicz

The War Of Art

Steven Pressfield

The Art Of War

Sun Tzu

Atomic Habits

James Clear