The Business of Real Estate Photography - By Larry Lohrman

This book is a guide to getting started in the business of real estate photography. It walks you through the following subjects to getting started in business:

Business of Real Estate Photography - What's Inside
Here's why I am proud to offer this ebook to the community of emerging real estate photographers:

Here is the table of contents:

Here's What People Are Saying About This Book

Gailmarie Jacobs

"I was really impressed with the thoroughness of the material. It's given me confidence to expand my business, the tools to go out and do it. I'm sure that I'll achieve success in less time and with less effort because I purchased this book. If you live in Ocala Florida, please don't buy it. To anyone else, I'd highly recommend it. "

Bob Ross - One Shot Photo - Klamath Falls, OR

"You have obviously put a great deal of time an thought into this project. I have spent the better part of today and a few hours yesterday evaluating your Business e-book and have to say, it is a fine piece of work for a photographer wanting to break into the Real Estate Photography business. Great info, links and advice"

Beth Christensen

"The documents were the best part of this package. I have been cutting and pasting parts of them to use, i.e. I've used the licensing info paragraph on the bottom of the invoice I am working on (Pages template for that). The Home Preparation document was another that I found helpful, as it is something that most agents likely would not be providing to their homeowners, in tangible form. "

DT Xpressions (on flickr)

"After being laid off from my job, I decided to take a plunge and try my hand at real estate photography. I purchased your e-book and it's amazing! I am trying to start up my real estate photography business and I think your book has helped me a lot! Thanks for offering such wonderful insights on this business."

Jan Van de Heyden - Frame 24 Vastgoedfotografie - Antwerp, Belgium

"Larry's books rock! I got both of them the day I discovered his blog and I must have re-read them ten times already. "

Dan Milstein - Daniel Milstein Photography - New York, NY

"Larry's eBooks are absolutely required purchases for anyone getting into this business"

Chris Thomas - Oklahoma 360 Tours - Oklahoma City, OK

"...I highly recommend someone who has no photography experience, no business experience, or wants a shortcut guide to get into the business, should buy Larry's books. If you purchase access, you also get access to future updates, which he does periodically... "

John Herbst - Arch Photography - Chicago, IL

"Larry's e-books are the definitive guides to the business."


"I just purchased your eBook on PFRE. I must say, great stuff! Well written and sums up groundrules well."


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