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How to Export All Photos From Lightroom

Published: 20/07/2021

Once you have completed editing all the photos in your collection, you will naturally want to save them for later use. In Lightroom, you have to export the images in order to save or share them. We will be showing you how to export all photos from Lightroom in a few simple steps. 

How to Export All Photos From Lightroom

Lightroom is a very useful image processing tool that is mostly used by experts. Professional photographers, editors, and designers love using Lightroom because of its easy-to-use interface and practical image editing tools. Moreover, Lightroom allows them to edit each element of their images independently without affecting the rest of the image.

In addition to the image editing tools and features, Lightroom also keeps your images well-organized, managed, and accessible in one place. These are only some of the reasons that make Lightroom one of the most popular image editing software, particularly for pros.

However, Lightroom works differently than other programs as it does not allow you to save your work in a conventional way. When you are working on Lightroom, all of your processes are saved within the program itself. If you need to save or share your images, you will have to export them.

Exporting each of the images might be a time-consuming and exhausting procedure. Thankfully, Lightroom allows you to batch export your images easily. Here is a comprehensive and step-by-step tutorial on how you can easily export all your images from Lightroom.

Exporting All Photos From Lightroom Using the Selection Method

The first and the more conventional method of exporting all images from Lightroom is by the selection method. Here, you will have to select all the images, initiate the export command, and then export the images. Here is every step that you need to follow for this method of exporting images from Lightroom:

  1. You edit your images in the Develop module of Lightroom. So, once you are done editing the images, switch to the ‘Library’ module. Here, you will be able to see all your images in one place.
  2. To select all the images in your collection, initially click on the first photo. As you click on your first image, you will see that the border around your selected image turns lighter than the other images. Now, press down the ‘Shift’ key, and click on the last image in your collection. This will select all the photos in your collection, making borders for every image lighter.
  3. Once all your images are selected, you will have to initiate the export command. To do this, hover your cursor over to the menu bar present at the top of your Lightroom screen. From the menu bar, click on File. This will open up a drop-down menu for you. Select the option for ‘Export.’ 
Lightroom Export option from drop down menu
  1. Alternatively, you can also right-click on any of the selected images, which will open a pop-up menu. From the menu, go to Export > Export to achieve the same results.
Lightroom Export option from pop-up menu
  1. Whatever method you follow to initiate the export command, both of them will open the ‘Export Dialog’ for you, which looks as follows. 
Export dialog in Lightroom
  1. In this box, configure the settings you want for your exported images. This includes inputting the destination location, the name of the file, the type of the file, and so on.
  2. Once you have entered all the details for your exporting images, click on the ‘Export’ button at the bottom of the Export dialog.

Exporting All Photos From Lightroom Using the Multi-Batch Export Method

Another method of exporting all images at once in Lightroom is by its feature of multi-batch export. This is a multi-step procedure, where first you have to create the multi-batch export preset. Here are the steps to apply this exporting method:

Step # 1: Creating the Multi-Batch Export Presets

For this method to work, first, you will have to create an export preset. So, first, we will explain how to create an export preset using the steps below:

  1. Select an image from your Lightroom collection.
  2. Hover your cursor over the menu bar present on the top of your Lightroom screen.
  3. From this menu bar, click on File. This will open a drop-down menu for you.
  4. Select the option for ‘Export.’ This will open the ‘Export Dialog.’
  5. Configure the settings you want for the export of your images through this dialog box. These settings include the destination location for your images, the type of your images, name, and so on. The settings you enter here will be saved in the form of an export preset in Lightroom
  6. Once you are satisfied with the export settings, click on the ‘Add’ button present on the bottom left of the export dialog.
Add button present on the bottom left of the export dialog
  1. Enter a new name that you want for your export preset.
Entering new preset name
  1. Now, select the folder you want this preset to be saved in. 
  2. Click on ‘Create.

Step # 2: Selecting the Multi-Batch Export Presets

  1. Select all the images that you want to export from Lightroom. To select all the photos together, click on the first image in your collection. Then, press down the ‘Shift’ key. With the ‘Shift’ key held down, click on the last image in your collection. This will select all the images.
  2. Now, you have to initiate the export command. To do this, go to File > Export. Alternatively, you can also right-click on any of the selected images. This will open a pop-up menu for you. From the menu, navigate to Export > Export. Both of these methods will take you to the Export Dialog.
  3. On the export dialog, select the export presets. These are present on the left side of the export dialog. Go to the section for ‘User Presets’ and select the export preset that you just created. You should know that once you select a preset, you will not be able to change it.
Selecting the Multi-Batch Export Presets
  1. Once you have selected the preset, click on ‘Export.’


That is how you can easily export all your photos from Lightroom. You can use this same method to export your edited images as well as your raw images. Using these methods of exporting all the images together will improve and speed up your entire Lightroom workflow significantly, making your image editing procedure more efficient and easier.