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What Software Do You Use to Create Floor Plans?

March 18th, 2019

LaserMeasuringJulian in Ontario asks:

Any recommendations on floor plan drawing (hardware and software)? I am thinking of it for side work as real estate photographer.

This sounds like an easy question but it’s not. The first thing you need to do is analyze your local market so you clearly understand what your clients are willing to pay, and what kind of floor plans you are willing to create. On the high-end, there are products like Matterport, which is in high demand in upper-end markets. On the lower end, you can use an app like, where you scan rooms and make the floor plans yourself. But typically, clients want floor plans integrated with photos and video in a home tour. This tour integration is available in products like and Continue Reading »

How to Successfully Move Your Real Estate Photography Business

March 17th, 2019

Brandi in Texas asks:

Has anyone been successful at relocating their business to another part of the country? My husband has received an advancement in his career that he simply could not refuse which means we’ll be packing our bags and moving north. The new area is significantly smaller (a population of 75,000, about 1/4th the market I’m in now) so the idea of trying to break through in a new market is quite daunting to me. Advice would be much appreciated.

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Narrated Walkthrough Video by Fred Light

March 15th, 2019

I selected this video from Fred Light’s recent videos but didn’t have time to get his comments on it.

Fred is the master of the narrated walk-through real estate video! He has been doing this kind of video since 2006 or before and has been refining his technique all the way. This is a great example of how to sell real estate with video.

The Importance of Composition in Real Estate Photography

March 14th, 2019

CompositionThis is a tutorial that Scott and Malia did a couple of years ago. I’ve done posts on it before, but photo composition is a super important subject in real estate photography and this tutorial is worth watching again if you’ve already seen it.

The most important question you need to ask yourself with each photo is what is the story you want to tell with the photo in terms of features and layout and feel of the room. As Scott says “What is the photo about?Continue Reading »

What Drone App Do You Use to Plan Drone Flights?

March 13th, 2019

Last month, Kittyhawk and the FAA announced “an exclusive public-private partnership to rejuvenate and lead the development of the FAA’s B4UFLY mobile application using Kittyhawk’s Platform to power the safe and compliant flying experience for millions of U.S.-based users. B4UFLY is a free app that helps drone operators operate compliantly with FAA rules and regulations”. See this article over at for full details.

Having an app like B4UFLY that takes care of all the FAA notifications looks like it will make life faster and simpler for commercial drone flyers!

What’s the Best Way to Collect Real Estate Photography Shoot Payments?

March 12th, 2019

PaymentsJeff asked the following question:

Right now, I mostly do a net-30 payment policy with my existing customers, and up-front payment for new clients and “other” (FSBO, rental properties, etc). But I’m wondering if an up-front policy might just be the simplest and best way to handle payments across the board.

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What Realtors Should Do to Get What They Want Out of a Shoot?

March 11th, 2019

Rohnn in Missouri asks:

What am I, as the Realtor, paying a real estate photographer for? The final image as interpreted by the photographer or the initial image in raw format? What if I do not like the final composite/HDR image? I am also a photographer with Lightroom and Photoshop experience.

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Gilligan’s Guesthouse Philippines Timelapse – by Mac Art Visuals

March 10th, 2019

I wanted to feature one of my favorite promotional videos by Allan MacKenzie in Brisbane, Australia. The thing about this video that has always fascinated me is the way that Allan has mixed a timelapse view of the clouds into this video. Below is Allan’s description of the video.

About the Video
Back in 2013, I traveled to Palawan Island in the Philippines to photograph and produce two promotional videos for and Amazed by the breathtaking destination and incredible sunsets, I edited a timelapse tease for the project and client. Continue Reading »

Congratulations to Andre Mckenzie – February 2019 PFRE Videographer of the Month

March 8th, 2019

Congratulations to Andre Mckenzie from Toronto who has won the February 2019 PFRE Videographer of the Month Contest! Here is Andre’s winning video.

Here’s what Andre had to say about his winning video:

I am humbled and very thankful for winning the Videographer of the Month. Thank you to the community and all the judges. This property was nearly 9000 square feet on 95+ acres of land with 3 separate buildings on the property. This was my second time filming the property so I knew what I was in for. The first time I shot it was back in the summer of 2017 for a different listing agent. I filmed it on the Sony a7s ii with a Canon 16-35mm f/2.8 mk2 lens, the Zhiyun Crane 1+ and DJI Phanton 4 drone.

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The Most Valuable Thing You Have as a Photographer is Yourself

March 7th, 2019

Dave in Seattle recommended this video by Daniel Norton to me. Dave says:

I think this is an absolutely great video. E-x-t-r-e-m-e-l-y relevant to our real estate photography world.

I agree with Dave–it’s worth the 14 minutes of your time!

A Video about Real Estate Photography Licensing by Jordan Powers

March 6th, 2019

Jordan Powers sent me this video he made explaining real estate photography licensing. He originally made this video to give to the agents he works with. Jordan’s YouTube channel is a weekly real estate photography vlog you may want to check out.

I like the idea of having a video you can give to your clients that explains photo licensing. Continue Reading »

How Do You Make Doors Open by Themselves in Real Estate Video?

March 5th, 2019

Oliver in Southern California asked:

I am starting out in real estate videography and I had a question about a specific effect in post-processing and filming.

In many real estate videos, I see doors and sliding doors opening without any assistance. It is as if the doors were operated remotely or by ghosts. As interesting as that may be, I doubt that is the case and I assume it is most likely an effect created by creatively filming and compositing a shot to make it look as such.

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How to Shoot Good Photos for Virtual Staging

March 4th, 2019

Alan in Seattle asked the following:

Do you approach photographing a home differently, such as composition and angles, when the client is going to have the photos virtually staged?

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Which Lens to Use for Real Estate Photography if You Have a Canon Rebel?

March 3rd, 2019

canon11-18mmLast week, I got a question from Suzanne who is just starting out in real estate photography. Suzanne said:

“How do I know if my camera is a full frame DSLR? I have a Canon Rebel XSi. I am wanting to get a wide angle lens for shooting real estate but I don’t know what to get.”

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Announcement: Upcoming Real Estate Photography Workshops

March 2nd, 2019

Professional development is critical in our industry and there is no better way to take your photography to the next level than to attend a workshop.

Here is a list of some upcoming real estate photography workshops: