Wayne’s Capili Shows How He Travels Light Shooting Real Estate

September 10th, 2017

The post I did back in 2012 titled, “Choosing Gear to Get Started in Real Estate Photography for the Least Cost” has been one of the most popular posts on the PFRE blog for many years. I’ve updated it to reflect new wide-angle lenses but I realized that I need to update it to reflect the Sony A6000 that Wayne Capili pointed out to us all back in 2015. The photo above is Wayne’s (17.60″ x 5.20″ x 11.69″) equipment case. The following is a list of what’s in it:

This isn’t the cheapest kit but it is the lightest. Yet the quality of results you can gets with the A6000 is amazing! Just to show the results that Wayne get with this small kit, here is Wayne’s A6000 Flickr portfolio. One PFRE reader said, “I discovered using the A6000 one year ago for RE photography. I saw how great it was the very first house I used it on. I got better color, wider dynamic range, much easier to carry around the house, and it reduced my photo time in the house and in post processing by 1/3. It’s a great real estate camera!” For anyone starting out in real estate, the A6000 would be a great way to go.

For those who don’t know Wayne, he is the first ever PFRE Photographer of the year (in 2008). Also, it’s worth noting that Wayne actually regularly uses the equipment on the above list. You can see this by looking at the EXIF info on his Flickr stream. He has recently also started using an A6300 and a Sony 10-18mm. A little-known tidbit that I picked up while having dinner in San Francisco last December with Wayne and Scott Hargis, is that Wayne has spent some time working with Ansel Adams! That’s what happens to photographers who hang out in Monterey for a long time! Thanks Wayne for all your valuable contributions to the PFRE community!

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3 Responses to “Wayne’s Capili Shows How He Travels Light Shooting Real Estate”

  • For me weight hasn’t been an issue.
    My cameras, lenses & accessories are in a pelican 1510 case with padded dividers.
    My strobes in a separate pelican case (1520).
    I rarely find the need to pull one or both cases out at a shoot, simply taking what I need from the trunk of my car and using my camera vest pockets.
    I’ve looked at mirrorless cameras, and while lighter I can’t see any real advantage.
    I’m currently using the Nikon D500 and the dynamic range, high ISO capability and tilt LED screen make this body a real winner for me.
    Everyone has different needs, and I can see how this “light setup” would be beneficial to some.

  • Nice kit, however where does he put his tripod, light stands and light mods?

  • I carry my tripod and 2 small stands in a separate case.

    My new kit in the same case is..

    Sony A6300
    Sony A6500
    3 Godox AD 2000

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