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Editing images on Lightroom

Lightroom is a comprehensive photo editing and image management software. It allows photographers to complete their photography workflow such as importing, processing, and exporting images. But how much is Lightroom? Is it worth the price? Although Lig ...



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For over a decade, photographers from around the world have participated in PFRE’s monthly photography contests, culminating in the year-end crowning of PFRE’s Photographer of the Year. With a new theme each month and commentary offered by some of the finest real estate & interior photographers anywhere, these contests offer a fun, competitive environment with rich learning opportunities. 

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PFRE prides itself on the depth and breadth of the information and professional development resources it makes available to our community. Our goal is to help real estate and interior photographers be successful while bringing the community together and elevating the industry as a whole.

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How to Manage a Broker Deal

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Landing an office deal? Here are some tips on how to manage a broker deal and keep your business running as smooth as possible.
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Should You Offer Property Websites?

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As a real estate photographer, should you be offering single property websites to your clients? Read on to learn more information about property websites.

How Much to Charge to Edit Photos

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Are you wondering how much to charge to edit photos? We're sharing tips in setting rates for real estate photo editing to ensure profits.

How Much to Charge for Photo Retouching

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Are you wondering how much to charge for photo retouching? We're revealing the ideal price range for real estate photo retouching services.

How Long Does It Take to Photograph a House?

Similar to other kinds of photography, photographing real estate properties involves variables like natural lighting and composition. To determine how long it should take for professional real estate photographers to photograph a home, we're going to help you plan a timeline to capture quality real estate photos.

Copyright Law vs Real Estate Photography

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Read about the state of our legal system and how it affects the ownership of your copyrights if you want to work in the real estate industry.

Real Estate Photography Contract Guide

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Being a photographer is not all about photo shoots; you also have to prepare enough legal protection for your business and your clients. We're going to look into tips on writing a real estate photography contract to protect your work better and help you gain a higher reputation as a professional.

What Is The Average Real Estate Photographer Salary?

Are you among the lower-priced real estate photographers in your area? Do you feel afraid about raising your fees because companies might complain? We're going to see the average real estate photography salary, as well as tips on raising rates so that you can earn the standard pay or more.

My Formula for Real Estate Photography Pricing

There are different ways and factors to consider when you’re deciding on how to charge for your work. Let’s discuss how to calculate rates, create packages, and avoid common real estate photography pricing list mistakes.

Just In: New Real Estate Photography Statistics

Good visuals like photos play a big role in the work of photographers, real estate agents, and even home buyers. If you're still wondering about the power of images, here are real estate photography figures you should know.

Real Estate Headshots Pricing: How Much Should You Charge?

Do you want to offer headshots for the agents you work with, yet you don't know how to charge for your work? Real estate headshots pricing can be tricky, so we're going to help you.

Commercial Real Estate Photography Pricing

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Pricing your work can be difficult, as low prices may not make your business profitable, and pricing too high can drive away clients. To make sure you earn more while providing the best services, we're going to discuss commercial real estate photography pricing, including types of packages and pricing considerations.

3 Ways to Know an Add-On is Right For Your Business

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Are you considering offering an additional service to your business? Let's discuss 3 ways to learn how to know if add-ons are right for your business. When it comes to planning anything for your photography business, the important thing is to have the right people, a quality product, and a streamlined process in place.

PFRE Community Announcement

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I hope this message finds everyone well! 2020 was a crazy year, to say the least. Although there were many challenges, we also saw incredible growth in the real estate photography industry as so many other genres weren't able to operate at full capacity. That being said, I have some exciting news to share for […]

How Much to Sell Photo Rights For?

Are you a photographer who has a nationwide home builder inquiring about rates and wanting all rights to your photos? Are clients asking for free licensing? Perhaps you're wondering how much above your current shoot rate should you sell to be compensated for giving up the license of your images. When offering real estate photography […]

What MLS Photo Size Should Real Estate Photographers Deliver?

Have you tried delivering different MLS photo sizes? Perhaps a previous client wanted 800 x 600 JPG pixels, yet a new listing trend shows agents prefer 1600 x 2000 pixels for page photos. When uploading photos on a web page, your images tend to change or become smaller. What is the standard everyone is using […]

Peoria Real Estate Photographer Files Lawsuit Against Local MLS: UPDATE

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Back in July, we shared a story about Peoria photographer Mike Boatman, who had filed a lawsuit against his local MLS. There have been some recent developments and Mike wanted to share an update. Below, you will find Mike’s most recent update, along with his previous update. You can also read his original article about […]

How I Averaged Over $1700 Per Shoot in 2020

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Author: Brian Berkowitz When it comes to real estate photography, the first thing that always comes to mind are phrases like “how big is the home?”, “what’s the listing price?”, “will the homeowners be there?”, or even “will the agent/client be there?” The list goes on. Residential real estate photography is where a high majority of […]

How to License Your Photos to Product Vendors - 6 Easy Steps

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Article and photos by Adam Taylor from Learn to License Your Photos. In a previous article, I explained what it means to have a “Licensing Mindset” when it comes to shooting photos of residential and commercial spaces. As you adopt and develop this mindset, you can start to make money by licensing your images to […]

Pre-Shoot Checklist Template

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Most high-volume real estate photographers know that efficiency can make or break their business. This is why it is so important to ensure homes are prepped and ready prior to arriving on site. We've created a standard pre-shoot checklist for the community so please feel free to download, customize, and use as you see fit. […]

How to License Real Estate Photos to Builders and Other Third Parties

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In our line of work, there's a common scenario that comes up all the time. A third party, not related to the real estate agent, wants to use photos you created for their own marketing. Some common examples of when this happens: The builder, stager, interior designer, cabinet maker, mill worker, tile manufacturer, etc., sees […]

Peoria Real Estate Photographer Files Lawsuit Against Local MLS

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Most of you who've been following the PFRE Blog for a while will recognize the name Mike Boatman. Mike has been an outspoken advocate for image registration and usage rights enforcement, and has authored a number of engaging and informative articles on the topic. Mike recently filed a formal lawsuit against his local MLS so […]

Ease into Cold Calling

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“One of the things that I’ve been trying to get on top of in this Covid downtime, is organizing a marketing outreach. I find cold-calling very stressful. What’s odd is that, even though I’m a bit shy by nature, once I’m on a call I’m basically okay but for some reason, I get really anxious […]

Basic Tips for Maintaining Speed, Efficiency, and Consistency

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 "Brandon, over the past few years, I've read that you shoot several homes per day. I've become increasingly busy and I think I have the capacity to do more and make more money. So I have a couple of quick questions for you. First, how much gear do you actually bring to a shoot? I'm assuming that […]

8 Key Behaviors of Highly Productive People

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Recently, I ran across a very interesting article by Travis Bradbury, on, in which he wrote about the behaviors exhibited by some of the world’s most successful people. It was populated with research done by Dr. Kevin Kruse, Ph.D., a professor at Princeton University in New Jersey, who teaches 20th century US history. In […]

Welcome to PFRE 2.0

After almost two years of planning, designing and development, PFRE 2.0 is finally here! I hope you will all take some time to explore the site and share any feedback you have. When we set out to redesign PFRE we had three main goals in mind: Update the overall look and feel of the site […]

PFRE 2.0 Will Be Here Next Week!   

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After much planning and development, I’m excited to announce that early next week, PFRE will finally have an updated website! It’s been a mammoth undertaking trying to organize and then migrate FOURTEEN YEARS of history over to the new site, including thousands of articles and tens of thousands of comments. One of my top priorities […]

Your Photos Were Used for a Relisting without Your Permission! Now What?

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Alan, from Seattle, WA writes: "I got an email from a homeowner who was asking me to send him the photos I took of the home for the agent who sold the house to him last year. He's relisting the house and wanted to use my images. I told him it would be $200 for […]

360/3D: Fad or Future?

Author: Tacey Jungmann As Covid-19 forces most of us to reassess both our products and business models, 360/3D images and tours are definitely a hot topic. Should we jump in if we never have before? Should we upgrade our equipment? Or, should we just wait it out until things get back to normal? The question […]

Is Zillow Entering the Field as a Direct Competitor?

Mike, from Palm Harbor, FL recently wrote in to advise me of a survey he received from Zillow. I found it both interesting and disturbing at the same time. I thought it would make for an important post for a couple of reasons. First, to give our community a heads-up of what might be coming […]

Real Estate Photography During the Coronavirus Outbreak

I have the good fortune of overseeing PFRE and offering articles aimed at improving one’s photography/photography business--all with the goal of improving peoples’ results and elevating the industry as a whole. However, I’m writing this article from a couple of different perspectives: To let you know that I’m thinking of you and the entire community […]

Copyright Registration and the Importance of "Chain of Evidence Custody"

Author: Mike Boatman This is my personal viewpoint. This is my opinion based on my personal experiences. Other people have different experiences and therefore, their viewpoint may be different than mine. Understanding What You’re Up Against I will boldly repeat something that I stated in my previous article because I believe it is worth repeating: […]

Real-World Copyright Litigation: A Photographer’s Viewpoint

Author: Mike Boatman This is my personal viewpoint. This is my opinion based on my personal experiences. Other people have different experiences and therefore, their viewpoint may be different than mine. I repeat… everything in this article is my opinion. I’m not depicting any specific communication with my attorneys, nor am I divulging any privileged […]

Making a Case for Image Copyright

Author: Mike Boatman Good Day! Since Brandon has been kind enough to allow me to address the PFRE community, please let me introduce myself: My name is Mike Boatman. I have worked full-time as a commercial advertising photographer for over four decades. In the early days, the bulk of my work was product, food, and […]

Should Photographers Post Pricing on Their Website?

Author: Michael Lefebvre A burning, and often divisive question that always seems to come up in conversation, and recently on a Facebook group that I’m a member of is, “Should I post my prices on my website?” There tends to be three distinct camps of answers to this question: Yes, prices should be listed on […]

The Customers You Want (Part 2): Recognizing High Maintenance Clients & When It’s Time to Fire Them

Last week, in Part 1 of this three-part series on customer service, I wrote about the importance of giving certain customers significantly more of your time and attention. These “high value” clients (i.e., low maintenance / high profit) are extremely important to the overall success of our business because they: pay on-time, every time and […]

Do You Use Metrics in Your Photography Business?

Author: Tony Colangelo Darrin in Los Angeles, CA writes: I'm going through the StoryBrand framework right now. In it, the author discusses ways to provide proof that you are a “competent guide” such as testimonials, awards, etc. One way of proving competence is through statistics. So, I have two questions: First, for those who mention […]

How Much Do You Earn As a Real Estate Photographer?

I was on a podcast last week and the host asked me how much someone can make as a real estate photographer. This is sort of a loaded question and it caught me off guard at first, but it reminded me of a poll Larry took way back in 2008. Out of 1348 photographers that […]

How to Protect Yourself from Copyright Infringement

Author: Kerry Bern Over the past few years, I’ve had personal experience in having my images used without my permission. So, I thought it might be helpful to offer a Q&A summary of what I’ve learned navigating this difficult subject. Disclaimer: Like you, I am a photographer; I am writing about my personal experiences and […]

Real Estate Photos Are Distorting Reality, Frustrating Home Buyers

My post today is based on an article that was brought to my attention by David Williamson in Perth, Australia. The article's tagline was particularly interesting to me: "Wide-angle lenses, Photoshop, and virtual staging: Real estate photo enhancement is reaching new heights as desperate sellers look to sell imperfect homes."     Rosemary Counter - Macleans […]
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