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Tony Colangelo

Just In: New Real Estate Photography Statistics

Good visuals like photos play a big role in the work of photographers, real estate agents, and even home buyers. If you're still wondering about the power of images, here are real estate photography figures you should know.
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Twilight Real Estate Photography Tips and Advice

Twilight real estate photography can make a home look dazzling. Learn to take twilight shots that everyone loves and look great in your portfolio.

The Most Important Photo in Real Estate Photography

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While we can discuss how to capture it, the fact remains that the front exterior photo is THE most important photo in real estate marketing. It's my understanding that, before the advent of online listings, agents were only required to choose one photo to showcase the property in print media ads and invariably, this shot […]

Shooting Up from Street Level

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“I’m fairly new to real estate photography and one of the things that I’m having trouble with is shooting exteriors when the street-level (and my camera) is well below the house. I've tried to correct things in Photoshop but it looks odd. Any suggestions?” Jerry, from Caledon, ON, Canada Hi Jerry. Yes, you’re right. It […]

Don't Take Your Eye Health for Granted.

Author: Tony Colangelo Some time ago, PFRE published a survey asking everyone in our community to offer suggestions on the types of topics they’d most like to see covered in future posts. One of the topics that I was pleasantly surprised to see was a desire to read articles related to improving one’s health as […]

What New Gear Has You Excited?

Author: Tony Colangelo Like many photographers do at the beginning of their professional careers, I spent way too much money on gear and accessories. The driver for this over-spending was rooted in my own insecurities about entering the realm of professional photography, which was something that I’d only dreamed of many years ago. I talked […]

8 Key Behaviors of Highly Productive People

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Recently, I ran across a very interesting article by Travis Bradbury, on, in which he wrote about the behaviors exhibited by some of the world’s most successful people. It was populated with research done by Dr. Kevin Kruse, Ph.D., a professor at Princeton University in New Jersey, who teaches 20th century US history. In […]

The Value of a Personal Project--Especially Now!

Ian, from Timmins, ON, Canada writes: “At the PFRE Conference in Las Vegas last year, Mike Kelley talked about how important his personal projects were to his career and his photography chops. I’ve been thinking of doing one for myself but I’m not convinced of the benefits. Am I missing something?” Thanks for your question, […]

What Are You Going to STOP Doing Once You Get Back to Shooting?

Darlene, from Buffalo, NY writes: “I know there are some photographers working right now in different parts of the country, but not me. When this whole Covid-19 thing started, I thought that I would use this unexpected free time to my advantage by knocking things off my to-do list in my business. Instead, I’m doing […]

What Gear/Accessories Would You Buy with a $500 Windfall?

Jerry, from Sarasota, FL asks: “My wife just surprised me with a $500 gift certificate from B&H and I’m really grateful, but I truly have all the gear that I really need, including back-ups for everything. I don’t want to apply the certificate on a major purchase because I don’t to spend additional money on […]

What’s Your Best Camera Backpack Recommendation?

Kevin, from Denver, CO writes: "I’ve been using an old Tamrac backpack bag for my RE gear and it’s getting pretty shoddy and not attractive when meeting an agent or the homeowners at a shoot. Any recommendations?" Hey Kevin, I’ve had a Tamrac bag for years and I love it, although I see that they […]

The Customers You Want (Part 2): Recognizing High Maintenance Clients & When It’s Time to Fire Them

Last week, in Part 1 of this three-part series on customer service, I wrote about the importance of giving certain customers significantly more of your time and attention. These “high value” clients (i.e., low maintenance / high profit) are extremely important to the overall success of our business because they: pay on-time, every time and […]

Using Data to Promote the Value of Video & Aerial/Drone Photography in a Listing

Lonnie from Detroit, MI writes: “I want to share some data with my clients on the value that video and aerial work can deliver for their listings. I already use the sources that I’ve gotten from PFRE on the impact that real estate photography can have for an agent. I’m wondering if there’s similar info […]

Do You Use Metrics in Your Photography Business?

Author: Tony Colangelo Darrin in Los Angeles, CA writes: I'm going through the StoryBrand framework right now. In it, the author discusses ways to provide proof that you are a “competent guide” such as testimonials, awards, etc. One way of proving competence is through statistics. So, I have two questions: First, for those who mention […]

Do I Really Need to Be Shooting in RAW?

Author: Tony Colangelo Sandy from Port St. Lucie, FL, writes: “I’m new to real estate photography and I’m trying to wrap my head around so many things. I’ve watched a few YouTube videos where different people say that for real estate photography, you don’t really need to shoot in RAW because the image is only […]

Is Your Trigger Affecting Your White Balance?

Author: Tony Colangelo Like so many others in our community, I use the Godox/Flashpoint flash systems. Not only do they offer a wide variety of flashes to cover different needs, they utilize a coordinated triggering system that allows all flashes within the Godox/Flashpoint family to be controlled by one trigger. One of the things that […]

What’s Your Preferred Camera Height for the Exterior "Hero" Shot?

Robin, from New Bedford, MA writes: “When I go through the Flickr group, I see some people shooting exteriors from a low camera height and others who seem to put their camera much higher--like on a pole or something like that. Do you have a suggestion about what is the best camera height for exterior […]

Is There a Place for Using CamRanger for Real Estate Work?

Jeri, from San Jose, CA writes: “Recently, a couple of really high-end agents who do multi-million dollar listings have brought me in to do some shoots for them. It’s been fun! Unlike my other clients, who want lots of photos and they want all of them shot ultra-wide, these new agents made it clear that […]

Are the Golden Days of Instagram Over?

I will start this article with a confession: I only opened up my first Instagram (IG) account just recently. Yes, this makes me an IG late-bloomer to say the least! I'd been feeling increasingly self-conscious about my lack of IG presence because, over the past few weeks, it's seemed that almost all my friends and family have asked me why I wasn't using it.

Is It Time to Start Incorporating Smartphone Cameras into Our Work?

Over the past two or three weeks, I’ve been thinking about smartphone cameras, as my two-year term on my current cellphone will be expiring soon. The more that I started exploring smartphones online, the more those pervasive machine learning algorithms took hold and started bombarding me with smartphone-related advertisements. The one that got my attention […]

Shooting into the Sun

Laura in Brisbane, Australia writes: "I recently did a morning shoot that was timed in such a way that I was pretty much shooting into the sun for the main exterior shot for the listing. I simply didn’t know how to handle it. So I just guessed that I had to use a smaller aperture. […]

Preparing Your Images for MLS and Printing

Jennifer, from Oakville, ON, Canada, asks: I’m a bit confused about resizing images. I’m not exactly sure about color space terminology and what a good "dpi" is for MLS. It’s my sense that MLS requirements for web pics are different from region to region across my area (I’m in central Canada) and I’m assuming it’s […]

Conquering the Glare of Stainless Steel Surfaces

Lane, from Topeka, KS writes: It doesn’t seem to matter how hard I try to get it right, my kitchen shots get killed by bright reflections and glare coming off of stainless steel appliances. This gets really bad with the fridge, which ends up looking like a circus mirror! What can I do? There’s no […]

What Is the Best Camera Angle for the Exterior "Hero Shot"?

Ray in Newport Beach asks: I’m guessing that pretty much all real estate shooters have to submit at least 5 or 6 exterior shots when delivering final photos to the agent. Is there a rule of thumb in terms of camera angles to include for the exterior shots? It’s a tough question Ray, because the […]
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