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Should You Offer Property Websites?

Published: 22/09/2021

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As a real estate photographer, should you be offering single property websites to your clients? Let’s first start with a few essential questions...

What’s the purpose of a property website for a real estate listing?

A dedicated property website is essentially a modern day paper flyer. But it can be much more than just a flyer. A good property website should allow for photo galleries, videos, virtual tours, maps, descriptions and more. In addition, there should always be an easy way to get in touch with the listing agent. It puts everything the agent needs in one place with an easy-to-share url. 

Why would an agent use a property website from the photographer if they already have their own website?

There can be many reasons a real estate agent could benefit from a property website provided by the photographer. Most often it’s because the agent does not have the skills or ability to edit a single listing’s page on their own website. 

Also, many agent websites do not have an easy way to present all of the content you might be providing for them. Usually it’s the videos and virtual tours that give them trouble, because they often require adding an embed code. Anything with “code” can easily confuse a non technical person. 

How does a property website help the agent promote the listing? 

A dedicated website for a single listing helps the agent show to the seller that their listing deserves the best. Combined with a nice domain name (such as, this dedicated website becomes the easiest way to share and showcase all the amazing content you created for your client. Easy to share on social media, in email blasts, and through texts. 

You also want to instruct your clients to place the property website as the “virtual tour link” in MLS. This will help them take advantage of the traffic generated across thousands of sites that the MLS syndicates to. Be careful though, there are often branding restrictions set by the MLS which usually means the property websites shared on the MLS virtual tour link will need to be unbranded by the agent. 

Property websites don’t only benefit the agent, they also benefit YOU in a number of powerful ways…

Get credit for your work and capture leads.

Without a property website or branded online gallery, how are you going to be associated with your work? Every listing you shoot is an opportunity to showcase your work. Property websites are not just viewed by interested buyers, they are also viewed by other agents >>> potential clients! With a branded property website, you have an opportunity to capture those leads. 

Stand Out From Other Photographers

By offering property websites, you start to become more than just a photographer, but a marketing partner that your agents rely on for every listing. This is a great way to set yourself apart from other photographers.

Great Portfolio Pieces

Property websites also act as an amazing portfolio piece to share on social media, over email to interested clients, and on your website. I frequently use past property websites to show potential clients all that we can do for their listings. By seeing these real life examples, they know exactly what they will get by hiring us. 

Additional Revenue Stream

Lastly, single property websites can be a nice little add-on to any shoot. I’ve seen photographers charge anywhere from $25-100 for a property website. I personally include property websites with every shoot we do, because they are such a benefit to my photography business. I don’t want there to be any hurdles for agents to pass them up!


In short, the best way to equip your clients to share and showcase all the content you created for their listing is through a property website. You get the credit for the amazing work you created AND it helps your agents look like stars!

All this adds up to more value you can offer to your clients – giving you greater confidence to increase your rates, maximizing your presence online for other agents to see your work, and opening up additional revenue streams for your business. 

How do you start offering property websites to your clients? 

Look no further than Show & Tour, a software specifically built for real estate photographers, videographers, and virtual tour providers. I might be a little biased 🙂 but you don’t have to only take my word for it >>> See real customer reviews.

I started Show & Tour to help photographers save time, increase their value,  and look more professional. I truly want you to get as much value from our system as possible, which is why we allow you to create UNLIMITED property websites for a set monthly fee. No one else does this! 

Please consider checking us out at, it’s free to get started. 

Josh Mais
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