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Two photos merged in Photoshop

The ability to merge multiple photos is a useful skill for real estate photographers. Even though most of them want to get the photo right directly in the camera, there are certain scenarios where merging the pictures together is proven useful and nece ...



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For over a decade, photographers from around the world have participated in PFRE’s monthly photography contests, culminating in the year-end crowning of PFRE’s Photographer of the Year. With a new theme each month and commentary offered by some of the finest real estate & interior photographers anywhere, these contests offer a fun, competitive environment with rich learning opportunities. 

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How to Set Custom White Balance

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Do your images have color casts? We're sharing how to set custom white balance for accurate color production in real estate photos.
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Leveraging Real Estate Shoots to Attract Interior Designers

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Maybe you started your real estate photography business with hopes of building a team, building a long client list, and being every agent’s go-to photographer. What if you had different goals, though? Photographing real estate teaches you how to interpret a built space into a photograph, and that skill can lead to different types of photography clients.

A Guide to iPhone Real Estate Photography

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Professional real estate photography often requires using a DSLR. However, there may be instances where you can only use an iPhone. With that, we're giving you a guide to iPhone real estate photography, so you can take quality photos as if you're using a DSLR.

Real Estate Photography Camera Settings

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Make the most out of your equipment and capture stunning images that can sell properties with these real estate photography camera settings.

Twilight Real Estate Photography Tips and Advice

Twilight real estate photography can make a home look dazzling. Learn to take twilight shots that everyone loves and look great in your portfolio.

Manual Vs AutoFocus: When To Use Each in Real Estate Photography

If you're new to real estate photography, autofocus can help you adjust. However, at some point, you must learn how to shoot with manual focus for better control.

Shooting Up from Street Level

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“I’m fairly new to real estate photography and one of the things that I’m having trouble with is shooting exteriors when the street-level (and my camera) is well below the house. I've tried to correct things in Photoshop but it looks odd. Any suggestions?” Jerry, from Caledon, ON, Canada Hi Jerry. Yes, you’re right. It […]

Do I Really Need to Be Shooting in RAW?

Author: Tony Colangelo Sandy from Port St. Lucie, FL, writes: “I’m new to real estate photography and I’m trying to wrap my head around so many things. I’ve watched a few YouTube videos where different people say that for real estate photography, you don’t really need to shoot in RAW because the image is only […]

Shooting Vacant Properties

A little while back, I was shooting a vacant home for a local property manager. About 30 minutes into the shoot, the front door gets busted open and I find myself standing there, camera in hand with 5 guns pointed at my head. Turns out there was a silent alarm that the property manager hadn't […]

Shooting into the Sun

Laura in Brisbane, Australia writes: "I recently did a morning shoot that was timed in such a way that I was pretty much shooting into the sun for the main exterior shot for the listing. I simply didn’t know how to handle it. So I just guessed that I had to use a smaller aperture. […]

What Is the Best Camera Angle for the Exterior "Hero Shot"?

Ray in Newport Beach asks: I’m guessing that pretty much all real estate shooters have to submit at least 5 or 6 exterior shots when delivering final photos to the agent. Is there a rule of thumb in terms of camera angles to include for the exterior shots? It’s a tough question Ray, because the […]

How to Shoot Good Photos for Virtual Staging

Alan in Seattle asked the following: Do you approach photographing a home differently, such as composition and angles, when the client is going to have the photos virtually staged?

Shooting Spaces - A Real Estate Photography Podcast

There's a new real estate photography podcast hosted by Rich Baum and Brian Berkowitz called Shooting Spaces - A Real Estate Photography Podcast. You can find this podcast on iTunes, Google Play, and all the other standard places you subscribe to podcasts or you can listen to the podcast at the Shooting Spaces website. Note […]

How to Make Sure You Capture the Whole Brightness Range of a Room When Shooting Brackets

Lance in California asks: Thanks so much for your Enfuse for real estate piece. Out of all the books and tutorials I have endlessly pored over, your method works the best, and makes the most sense. I have been trying to perfect my balancing highlight and shadows technique for what seems like forever. I am […]

How Do You Avoid Having Shadows When Shooting Rooms with a Ceiling Fan?

Rob in Southern CA asks: What's the best way to avoid shadows on ceilings fans, chandeliers, etc? When using strobes I know I can blend in an ambient exposure but I'm looking for a technique or trick without those extra steps. Yes, shadows from things that hang from ceilings are a pain! The trick to […]

Bracketing With Flash For Exposure Fusion and HDR

Jeff says: I will start off by saying that I shoot in HDR (hoping to get into HDR/flash hybrid shooting eventually) the majority of the time. My question is, why do I still get glare from the windows around the edges? Even if its a cloudy day, I still get that kind of glowing blue-white […]

What Are Tips And Tricks For Shooting Pools?

Tim in Palm Springs wants to know: I am looking for tips and tricks to shooting swimming pools (both at dusk with lights on and during the day for pools with no lights).  I searched the PFRE site but couldn't seem to find anything.

How To Get More Depth of Field On An Interior Shot

Recently Tim asked: I shoot 360 degree virtual tours.  I shoot f8 @ 200.  How can I increase my depth of field? I just so happens I was watching a video on Architectural photography by Richard Klein and he illustrated focus stacking on an interior shot. Since I like Macro photography, I've done this on Macro […]

How To Deal With A Huge Flag On The Front Of The Property You Are Shooting?

Eric in Florida asks: I recently had an issue (actually happened a few times) that came up. While on a shoot, I got to the property, there was a huge American flag flying from the front of the home. Since I am a disabled Vietnam vet, I love to see people flying the flag. But […]

Do Real Estate Photographers Shoot In Rainy Weather?

Both Dave in Seattle and Trevor in Orlando ask about canceling shoots in rainy weather. Dave said: I have what's becoming a serious problem in my business and wondered if you'd encountered it, since you lived and worked up here for so long. And how did you handle it? Many of the brokers in this […]

How To Shoot Brackets So You Capture The Whole Brightness Range Of A Room

Yesterday HEV asked the following question: How do you deal with lamps that are just too bright? Especially if you do hdr and/or flashless photography? There are a bunch of ways to shoot brackets but my favorite is the way Simon Maxwell describes in his Enfuse For Real Estate Photography e-book and video series. Simon's […]

Controlling Window Reflections

Laura Recently asked the following question: I am currently shooting for a glass company to showcase their work on mostly large corporate buildings.  Do you know of any good resources for getting the best window photos without all the reflections etc? I usually try to shoot around dusk, but I am fighting with almost mirror like […]

How To Handle Personal and Religious Items In Real Estate Photography

Eric raised the following question: I had a situation yesterday at a property and wanted to know how you and others handle religious items. Yesterday, while on a shoot I was working with two realtors. One was very adamant about removing the religious items without asking. The home owners were the nicest people, but had […]

Access to a Home For Shooting Photos

Kris Steels was asking about the issue of getting access to homes for photographing and raise some questions that I've not discussed on the blog although I've discussed this issue with several folks via e-mail. So I thought it would be a good subject to bring up for folks just starting out in RE photography. […]
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