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Two photos merged in Photoshop

The ability to merge multiple photos is a useful skill for real estate photographers. Even though most of them want to get the photo right directly in the camera, there are certain scenarios where merging the pictures together is proven useful and nece ...



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How to Print a Large Image on Multiple Pages in Photoshop

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Learn how to print a large image on multiple pages Photoshop with the help of this article, which includes our best tips and guided steps.
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How to Deselect in Photoshop

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While editing an image in Photoshop, your workflow consists of numerous actions for which you have to switch between layers. To work individually with a layer, Photoshop provides several tools which let you select and deselect at your convenience. Learning how to deselect in Photoshop using different methods can help you improve your post-production workflow.

How to Ungroup in Photoshop

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Understanding how to work with layers is crucial if you want to learn Photoshop. One of the features you will frequently use in image processing is grouping and ungrouping layers. Understanding how to ungroup in Photoshop will give you a better grasp at organizing your editing workflow.

How to Select All Layers in Photoshop

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Layers are essential in Photoshop Workflow, which allows us to take our creativity up a notch. You need to learn the ropes of using Photoshop layers if you want to ace ingenious image editing. If you want to work on multiple layers simultaneously, you need to learn how to select all layers in Photoshop.

How to Speed Up Photoshop Performance

Is your screen freezes during editing? Are you considering outsourcing post-production because your Photoshop is getting slower? Post-processing programs are highly demanding of computer resources, affecting work speed. To help Photoshop work faster, we’re giving you simple yet effective tips on how to speed up Photoshop performance to improve your real estate photography outputs

How to Make Flames in Photoshop

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Perhaps you've seen tutorials about putting flames on text, yet you're still having trouble making a fireplace look convincing. This is why we're giving you several editing options to find the best way on how to make flames or fire in Photoshop and achieve more realistic real estate photos.

How to Make Something Look Wet in Photoshop

Adding a wet look or reflections can make a property look more dimensional compared to leaving it flat. You can make something look wet in Photoshop by using these methods.

How to Compress Images in Photoshop

Image compression refers to the method of reducing the size of a file without degrading the quality of a photo. As a result, you get an efficient image size and format for transmitting or storing data. You may want to compress your image size to save computer space when storing images or get the best […]

Photoshop vs Luminar: Sky Replacement Tool Comparison

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Author: Colin Robertson Adobe finally copied the one Luminar tool I use. How does it stack up? Here's a summary of my experience comparing the two AI-powered tools: Photoshop Pros: You get a layer mask that you can edit No need to use a separate plug-in Ability to build your own sky library using Creative […]

Using Photoshop Actions to Improve Your Efficiency in Post

Deborah, from Peterborough, England writes: “Hi, I’m writing with the hope that you can point me in the right direction. I’ve pretty much given up on outsourcing my editing for a couple of reasons. First, I’m tired of the lack of consistency in the photos that I get back. Second, as I’m doing more work […]

Removing Wrinkles in Photoshop Using Frequency Separation

? Don in Florida writes: What's the best tool in Photoshop for smoothing our wrinkles in bedding and curtains? Most of the work I do is strictly real estate photography so I don't spend a huge amount of time fixing details this fine. That being said, I've used the frequency separation technique on a number […]

Photoshop Technique: Using Color Blend Mode for Color Corrections

? When shooting interiors, we frequently run into problems associated with color contamination. Whether it's a strong color cast, glare on a glossy or reflective surface, or even stained or blemished flooring or furnishings, there's one trick I use all the time in my workflow to help me correct those issues: Color Blend Mode. The […]

What Are the Limits of Photoshopping Listing Photos?

Justin in Australia pointed out this recent article in about the listing photos misrepresenting the color of the Brisbane River. Some Reddit users noticed that there was a little part of the river in the lower right of the photo that had been missed by whomever did the photoshopping job. This error makes the […]

How to Replace the SKY in ANY Photo in Photoshop Like a PRO!

?I recently ran across this video on sky replacement by Jesus Ramirez and was impressed by what a complete and easy to understand explanation he gives about how to replace skies in Photoshop. We've talked about where to get skies for replacement before. Here is a recap of sources:

Photoshop Sky Replacement Using Blend-If by John McBay

The following is the first of a 51 page PDF tutorial written by John McBay that you can download here. For those who don't know John's work, he has written the e-book, Image Editing for Real Estate available here and created the video series Image Editing for Real Estate available here. Note: John updated the […]

Lumenzia: A Luminosity Masking Panel for Photoshop

In the most recent episode of Shooting Spaces Podcast, Rich and Brian interviewed Greg Benz who is the developer of Lumenzia, which is an extension for Photoshop that allows you to: Select and mask anything visually Creates masks automatically Simplifies exposure blending Keeps files smaller by not using channels Creates vignettes with ease I think […]

How to Clean up Wrinkles in Photoshop.

?Don in Florida asks: What's the best way to smooth out wrinkles in bedding, curtains, etc.? Rich Baum has a video tutorial that answers this question directly but while we're on the topic, if you aren't already familiar with the power of frequency separation do yourself a favor and check out this video from Aaron […]

How to Retouch Interiors in Photoshop

Alex in Florida says: I wanted to share this video from PHLEARN on how to remove distractions from your image in Photoshop (cables, and whatever). He does this example on an interior shot, so it should serve as a good lesson to people who don't know how to do this.

Is Compositing Ambient and Flash Shots in Photoshop for You?

Sharon recently asked the following: I would love to know via a poll how many real estate photographers do a Lightroom to Photoshop composite process vs. lighting the way Scott Hargis does where you spend much less time post processing.  I see so many tutorials on YouTube for compositing, and it seems like it's a very […]

Manual Exposure Blending With Photoshop

Last week Andi, a beginning photographer in Australia, asked me to identify what technique one of his competitors was using. It didn't look like an ambient shot, it looked a little like flash but not completely. It was clearly flash and ambient blend. Some call it exposure blending in Photoshop. Beginning real estate photographers may […]

Should You Photoshop The Grass In Real Estate Photos?

I got an anonymous question today about photoshopping the grass in listing photos. Here is the question: How far can retouching go before it becomes dishonest and a misrepresentation? The images in question (one of which is the one to the right) show VERY obviously fake PS grass, to the point where it is almost carpet-like. I agree […]

Using Puppet Warp In Photoshop CS5 To Straighten Walls

If you have Photoshop CS5 and do real estate photography you should know about how to use the puppet warp feature to straighten walls in architectural photos. Thanks to Jeff for sending me this video! I'd never paid much attention to puppet warp but it is a really cool feature. Note that this feature was […]

How to Quickly Mask Windows and Skies in Photoshop

Doing quick Photoshop masks for sky replacement or window replacement on interior shots is a frequent need that real estate photographers have. I created this video a number of years ago but have had several situations recently that people wanted to mask interior windows. The crux of creating such masks is that the mask edges […]
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