Here Is A Fresh, Creative New Approach To Video Property!

November 11th, 2015

KittensThanks to Michael in Illinois for pointing out this property video that uses a fresh, new approach to home tours. It uses Kittens to take you on a home tour. Kittens may be one of the most popular video subject on the internet – only slightly less popular than PewDiePie.

This video is by Katharine Holland and Travis Bernard, The San Francisco Good Life Team. Their website says that they “pride themselves in showing off properties in creative and interesting ways.” Their video feature Corgi Realtors, foster kittens, wind-up toys, electric bicycles and more! You can see them all on their YouTube Channel. Very creative property video!

Between their video, photography and property sites it looks like they do a fantastic job of marketing property!

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10 Responses to “Here Is A Fresh, Creative New Approach To Video Property!”

  • Ok, its cute, but between the irritating music and the thought of cat dander all over the house, not something I would even remotely recommend.

  • I agree with Peter that it’s a cute concept, but would simply cause anxiety with any potential buyer who has allergies. Also, it feels like the cats are a distraction FROM the property rather than being there to enhance it.

    If it works for them, great. But if I were selling my million dollar home in San Francisco, I sure as hell wouldn’t want a cat or a wind-up toy to be the main focus of the sales commercial. It turns the home into an incidental device, something which exists simply to help tell the story of the kittens or the Corgi or the wind-up robot or whatever.

  • Very cool! I love when people take a risk and step outside the box. Congratulations and creating a buzz by doing something different. I really enjoyed it.

  • Please tell me I’m not the only one who cringed while watching this. Is this a different approach? Yes. Is it a GOOD approach? Absolutely not (in my opinion).

  • @dave
    thats a super shake dog video, no really the same.

    I agree. different does not equal good. But, in this case, the creators of this video have caught the attention of this real estate blog and probably others and have more the 3000 views on their youtube video in about 3 weeks. They have brought a lot attention to their listing in a short amount of time and a lot of attention to their brand with other similar videos. I don’t think everybody should start doing the same thing, but it is working for them and they have found a way to stand out in the crowd.

  • I don’t like it. Somewhat of a creative idea, but put into practice it detracts from the overall purpose of the video. Wouldn’t do this kind of thing myself.

  • I bet the 3000 viewers have no idea what the home REALLY looks like.

  • @John DiStefano

    You are probably right, common sense says that with a title like “Kitten Invaders”, almost all of those views have zero interest in a house sale when initially clicking….lol

    The term “outside the box” is being used WAY to much for poor real estate videos these days. I guess you can call anything “creative”, but the fact is that most professionals would not release something like this under their business name and expect to be taken seriously.

    Next up will be an a dog with a go pro mounted on its head doing a walk through…..Im sure that will get alot of views and is outside the box 🙂

    PlatinumHD started the “outside the box” videos in real estate but they do it with amazing production quality and videos that pull you in whether you want to or not.

  • I liked it. Well done to Katharine and Travis.

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