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January 8th, 2015

Screen-Shot-2015-01-08-at-2.27.25-PMOliver Zielinski, of in Berlin, Germany announced yesterday that he will be launching a series of real estate photography workshops in Berlin. Here is the page describing his workshops (use translate in your browser to translate from German to your favorite language). Oliver describes his real estate photography workshops as follows:

My workshop “Real Estate Photography – Basics and Practice” shows how to make powerful images of real estate, architecture and interior design with simple but solid equipment and the right know-how. I offer this full-day class in three versions: as a practical seminar in the area of Berlin, Germany, as an in-house workshop at the location of the students, and as an intense single-coaching for individual real estate professionals. The latter one extends even to two days.

The workshop is targeted to real estate professionals (agents, home stagers, architects, interior designers or building contractors) who are not satisfied with their own photography results and to photography beginners and non-professionals who want to understand the capabilities of their equipment.

Its objectives are:

  • To show adequate basic gear and explain its functions for real estate,
  • To give an insight into the basic laws of photography and the interaction of camera parameters,
  • To tell the secrets of sharp, crisp, straight and well-exposed images of interior and exterior objects, and
  • To apply the new knowledge and to master equipment in real world scenarios.

At the end there is also a digression on image editing. (A full editing workshop is in preparation.)

I asked Oliver about what language the workshops will be in and he said:

the workshop is in German for the moment – an English version will be available this spring.

So if you are in the EU and speak German or English you should check out Oliver’s workshops. Since Oliver also does coaching in real estate photography we’ve added him to the PFRE coaching page.

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2 Responses to “Announcing Real Estate Photography Workshops In Berlin By”

  • Yeah… Finally something in Europe. I live in Denmark and can fly there in 1 hour, so I will check it out. 🙂

  • Great. Happy to get in touch with you. Leave me your contact details and I will inform you as soon as the English version will take off. Or are you capable of speaking German? So you are welcome to register anytime.

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