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Best Lightroom Presets for Real Estate Photography

Published: 23/03/2021

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Photos can make or break a real estate sale, which is why it's vital to produce top-quality visuals. Whether you want free or paid presets, we're giving you all the best Lightroom presets for real estate photography so that you can turn your shots into masterpieces with a single click.

Best Lightroom Presets for Real Estate Photography

Lightroom presets provide an easy way to edit and enhance real estate images with a simple click. They have various styles suitable for interior, exterior, drone, and night shoots. Likewise, there are special presets like clean, luxury, night, and HDR that cater to the personal editing styles of photographers.

Whether you are a beginner or professional, these Lightroom presets can help improve your real estate photography workflow and save you long hours of editing.

Real Estate Mobile and Desktop Lightroom Presets Pack

This Lightroom preset pack from Creative Tacos is a collection of modern and vibrant handcrafted filters for real estate photographers. The presets allow you to play with color tones, whether you prefer something subtle, moody, HDR, or whitening.

Camera and smartphone beside laptop

The presets can enhance the color, contrast, brightness, and saturation of your RAW photos. Another good thing is that the presets also work on Lightroom mobile, which means iPhone real estate photographers can swiftly shoot and edit images on one device.

Real Estate Lightroom Presets by Presetsh

These Presetsh Real Estate Lightroom Presets can make your editing workflow simpler by applying sharp and vibrant effects to otherwise blurry or dark images. The collection's specialty is helping reduce image noise, especially in darkened parts of a photo.

Designed for interior photography, the presets automatically adjust and correct the exposure of pictures. Even with multiple exposures, the effects won't wash away the natural tone and color of the photos. 

Architecture Lightroom Preset by Filtercrave

If you have a VSCO-like editing style, this Architecture Lightroom Preset by Filtercrave can make your real estate photos upload-ready for social media and print marketing. The collection includes high contrast, HDR, cinematic, and urban filters. 

Aside from an economical price, you can enjoy all product updates for free. Among those is the brush that lets you apply a luminous effect to modify exposure in certain areas of an image, perfect if you're dealing with multiple lighting.

Clean Design Presets

About 93% of home buyers use the internet to look for their next new home. The goal is to give them clean yet elegant photos that would enable them to assess a property's structure, layout, and features easily.

With the Clean Design Presets for Lightroom and Photoshop, you can balance stylish vibes and minimalism for interiors and exteriors. Even if the property has monotonous color palettes, the filters provide a lovely range of colors to expose the darker side of your real estate images.

HDR Real Estate

HDR editing aims to reveal or capture lost details due to the varying exposures of bracketed images. With this HDR Real Estate Lightroom Preset, you can make the highlights of a property stand out and make every detail visible.

With a one-click application, the preset can improve brightness, intensity, saturation, and color tones. Additionally, the presets work on perfecting shadows and highlights to ensure evenly-exposed shots.

Brixton Film Bold & Vibrant Lightroom Presets

Containing 8 layers presets and 33 local adjustment brushes, the Brixton Film Bold & Vibrant Lightroom Presets can give your images spirited and energetic vibes. This collection is perfect for real estate photographers who love chroma shifts and contrasts.

Giving a modern spin on classic film reels, the presets provide charming vintage pops of color for those who prefer rich, moody, desaturated, or metallic tones.

Wide open space studio living interior

Luxury Interior Collection

One of the trickiest elements of editing real estate photos is maintaining the exact shade of colors. Even as you apply the effects, the Luxury Interior Preset Collection maintains the vibrancy of colors while correcting lighting, saturation, and clarity. 

By balancing the light and dark colors, the filters help you create an attractive atmosphere to help buyers imagine what it's like living in the property. The tones and highlights remain well-exposed even if you want to transform the property into a dark, moody space.

Drone Zone Free Lightroom Preset for Real Estate

Properties with aerial photos sell 68% faster than houses with standard pictures. However, the work doesn't end at taking drone footage because you need to ensure that your filters enhance the vibrancy of the images without removing the authenticity of the property.

The Drone Zone Free Lightroom Preset adds detail, color, and contrast to properties while making your subjects pop even if the drone shot captures the whole neighborhood.

Night Urban Lightroom Presets

Dealing with low light levels is the challenge of retouching night and twilight real estate photographs. With these Night Urban Lightroom Presets, you can make both the subject and sky background look homey yet modern.

Even after applying the filter effect, you can still tweak the settings to emphasize the light inside properties, manipulate shadows, and enhance the stunning sunset or dusk.

Premium Hubaset Lightroom Presets

The Premium Hubaset Lightroom Presets boast 50 filters for real estate photographers who favor a more aesthetic type of editing. The collection contains filters like cinematic, polaroid, pastel, matte, Bohemian, retro, and monochromatic art.

The presets are ideal for clients who want to have eye-catching photos to appeal to buyers looking for warmer atmospheres. Aside from producing richer colors, the presets sharpen details, enhance contrast and clarity, and improve exposure.


It's important that all of your shots have a consistent look to preserve a property's authenticity. With these Lightroom presets, you can quickly improve the exposure and colors of your real estate images to make them more appealing.