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Editing images on Lightroom

Lightroom is a comprehensive photo editing and image management software. It allows photographers to complete their photography workflow such as importing, processing, and exporting images. But how much is Lightroom? Is it worth the price? Although Lig ...



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For over a decade, photographers from around the world have participated in PFRE’s monthly photography contests, culminating in the year-end crowning of PFRE’s Photographer of the Year. With a new theme each month and commentary offered by some of the finest real estate & interior photographers anywhere, these contests offer a fun, competitive environment with rich learning opportunities. 

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Best HDR Software for Real Estate Photography [2021 Review]

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Learn to enhance your real estate photos by choosing the best HDR software for real estate photography. Read our guide to find the right tool for you.
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Best Duplicate Photo Finder [2021 Review]

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Often, identical images pile up with time, consuming space on your hard drive and cluttering your image library. Locating and deleting these photos is not only complicated but also time-consuming. However, equipping yourself with the best duplicate photo finder will save you the hassle.

Find an Online Scheduling System to Help you Scale, Upsell and Grow

The right online scheduling system is good for you and your clients. Here are some tips to help find the right technology to help you eliminate phone “tag” and increase per-listing sales.

Best Virtual Staging Software [2021 Review]

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An empty or poorly designed property can drive potential buyers away. Fortunately, virtual staging solutions provide a faster and easier way to declutter and redesign properties. We're sharing the best virtual staging software with the right features to create stunning virtual imagery for real estate photographers and agents.

How to Get Paid on Time… Every Time

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As a real estate photographer, you must pay attention to efficiency and cash flow. Here's a great solution to easily manage your business.

What Photography Client Management Software Do Real Estate Photographers Use?

Looking for information on CRM platforms for real estate photographers? We're going to list the top photography management software you need.

Sponsored Post Saturday - Aryeo 2.0 Launch

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Aryeo team here! Some of you may know us, but for those of you who don't, here's a fun commercial we put together for the PFRE conference last year. We're long time readers of PFRE, and now first-time posters! We wanted to let everyone know about a virtual event we are streaming on Friday, July 17th, at 12:00pm EST. The event is the launch of our […]

Standing Out in a Complex Marketplace

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Sponsored Post Saturday - HDPhotoHub When Toronto-area business owner Herman Sham made the switch to HDPhotoHub, he immediately added an HDPhotoHub property website to all his photo and media packages. The property sites included a marketing kit with social media sharing options, and Herman soon discovered that “whether agents used these extra marketing tools or not, […]

HDR DNG's and Why You Should Use Them

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Author: Colin Robertson What if I told you that you could dramatically increase the dynamic range of your camera's raw files? This might be old news to many of you, but I was recently reminded that there are a lot of folks who might not understand the difference between HDR and an HDR DNG. "I […]

What to Consider if You’re Looking for a New Technology Partner for Your Real Estate Photography Business

Sponsored Post Saturday - HDPhotoHub Author: Herb Dierks, CEO HDPhotoHub For nearly 10 years, Chris Crummitt has owned and run Picture Perfect, a Maryland-area real estate photography and virtual tour company. She understands continued success depends on being able to deliver her customers the best products and a simple, streamlined experience. When her former technology […]

What Business Accounting Software Do You Use?

So many of us tend to have our business’s fiscal year match the calendar year. This means that, right about now, most of us start trying to figure out the quickest and least painful way to begin the slog that allows us to organize our documentation for the tax year. As such, at this time […]

Sponsored Post Saturday: Introducing Show & Tour // Software For Real Estate Photographers // Discount for PFRE Readers

[vimeo 363704079 w=640 h=360] (Having trouble viewing the video? View it here.) What Is Show & Tour? Show & Tour is a cloud-based software (currently in beta) built for real estate photographers, videographers, and virtual tour providers. The purpose? To help you deliver projects in a more professional and client-friendly way, as well as help […]

What Software Do You Use for Video Editing?

Darren in California writes: What are people using for real estate video editing these days? I've been using Adobe Premiere Pro CC for about 6 years and it makes my skin crawl just about every time. I'm a PC user and Premiere Pro was recommended to me when I first started. I've just tolerated it […]

Introducing HD PhotoHub

? Answers to Three Questions that Just Might Help You Build Your Real Estate Photography Business from HDPhotoHub on Vimeo. Background Herb has been pioneering marketing technology for real estate photography since 1997. While Chief Technology Officer and then CEO for TourFactory, he drove innovation there for 18 years. The only thing he loves more […]

Does Anyone Use

Ashley in South Carolina asks: Has anyone heard of or used a product called Inside Maps for virtual tours, 2D floor plans, and other products using an iPhone? I've never heard of before but as I look through their website, I have to say I feel uneasy about their quality, prices, and approach. Here […]

What Software Do You Use to Create Floor Plans?

Manny in New York asks: What Floor Plan creation software or app do you recommend? There are so many out there, it's hard to choose. Another similar question from Julian in Ontario: Any recommendations on floor plan drawing (hardware and software)? I am thinking of it for side work as real estate photographer. Janice, a Realtor […]

What Are the Best Alternatives for 3D/VR Platforms for Real Estate?

Peter in Calgary asked the following question: I've looking at Planitar iGuide and Matterport. I would love to hear yours and the groups' thoughts on one vs. the other.

New iPad App And Added Structure Sensor Does 3D Room Scans

Last week there was an article in Wired about a new iPad App that does 3-D scans of rooms. The article says:

What Is A Good Way To Host 360 Images For Real Estate In A Tour?

George in Maryland wants to know how to host 360 images. He says: I purchased the Theta S in order to capture still 360 degree spherical images at reasonable expense. The captured digital 360 degree images are save as JPEG images. What can I use to create a slideshow utilizing several of these images that […]

What Floor Plan Creation Software Do Real Estate Photographers Use?

I've had some questions in the last few months asking besides, Matterport, what are the top software applications for creating floor plans. Since it's been over a year since we talked about floor plans I thought I'd do a poll this time. The poll has all the floor plan software that was discussed in the […]

What Is Currently The Best Software For Making Floor Plans?

Ken in Toronto asks: I've decided to start doing floor plans for real estate. Can you suggest what the best floor plan drawing software is? Thanks. First of all here is a link to the posts we've done in the last few years here on floor plans. Which floor plan product you provide depends first […]

What Hardware and Software Do You Create Floor Plans With?

I haven't talked about floor plans in quite a while. Karl Inge Punsvik, the northern most real estate photographer in the world (Narvik Norway 68° 25? 14? N), reminded me of this recently when he pointed out that he has been researching floor plan creation software recently and has come to the conclusion that he likes the […]

MagicPlan App Can Create Floor Plans By Photographing Corners of a Room

About a month ago Scott Hargis pointed out the MagicPlan iPhone app to me because we were talking about improving the floor plan diagrams in the next edition of his Lighting book. I downloaded the app but it wouldn't work on the iPhone 3S I had at the time. Last week I upgraded to a […]

Squarespace: A Slick New Approach To Building Websites

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Anyone who is thinking about creating or overhauling a website should take a close look at Squarespace offers an "drag-and-drop" approach to building a website. This technique is somewhere between writing your own HTML and using a template type of site. The benefit of using Squarespace is you end-up with a site that has […]

Photomatix 3.1 Adds a Lightroom Export Plugin

I'm glad to see that the 3.1 version of Photomatix has added a Lightroom export plugin. Photomatix 3.1 is still in Beta. I've been using the Beta 8 version of Photomatix for several days and I like being able to use Photomatix from Lightroom. The only downside that I've found to the current export plugin […]
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