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Introducing HD PhotoHub

Published: 03/11/2018

Answers to Three Questions that Just Might Help You Build Your Real Estate Photography Business from HDPhotoHub on Vimeo.


Herb has been pioneering marketing technology for real estate photography since 1997. While Chief Technology Officer and then CEO for TourFactory, he drove innovation there for 18 years. The only thing he loves more than developing new technology is helping others use technology to grow their businesses.

What Is HDPhotoHub?

HDPhotoHub is a platform for real estate photographers that quickly creates feature-rich property websites and social media marketing tools. It also includes the business tools real estate photographers need to efficiently manage their business.

What Sets HDPhotoHub Apart?

  • All the features and power of a big national company, completely branded to your local photography business
  • 20+ social media marketing tools for your clients including four different videos
  • Integrated shopping cart, team workflow, and accounting features
  • Call/texting information hotline on every property
  • Create customized property site design templates
  • Passion for helping real estate photographers build successful businesses like no other

How Do Real Estate Photographers Set Themselves Apart by Using HDPhotoHub?

  • More standard features included means your clients receive more value
  • Proprietary system for optimizing image quality to keep images looking clean and sharp on all screen sizes
  • Tweak your property sites templates to give your products a unique look and feel
  • Create custom highly-branded property website templates for special brokers and agents to build client loyalty
  • Clean and intuitive back-end makes property website creation fast for you and flyer and social media tools easy for your clients
  • Simplifies photo delivery and storage for all of your clients' listings with the “download only” option for listings that don’t need marketing tools
  • FREE shopping cart makes it easy for your clients to order from your website
  • FREE order workflow system keeps track of scheduling and your order pipeline - especially helpful for teams!

PFRE Special Offer

Creating an account on HDPhotoHub is always free--explore the system to see if it’s for you.

Register with referral code “PFRE” and get two additional benefits:

  • Your first property website on us
  • Get double the credits on a 10-property credit pack if you purchase before Nov 30, 2018

Credits never expire and can be used anytime. Why wait? Register now at


*Disclaimer* This is a sponsored post by HDPhotHub - PFRE does NOT receive any commission or referral fees if you choose to use their services.

Brandon Cooper

4 comments on “Introducing HD PhotoHub”

  1. I reside and work out of Munich in Germany. Would this be suitable for the European market? I am a subscriber to PFRE just for info purposes as residing in Germany it is very unlikely I would have access to the US Market.

  2. @Desmond - The HDPhotoHub system was created with English-speaking countries in mind. However, anyone can create an account and use the platform. I'd love to hear what modifications would be needed for it to be ideal for your needs - it's probably very close, and the platform is flexible enough that we could probably close the gap for you. Please email me directly ( to explore this together! Thanks!

  3. I feel like I'm missing something. Those features all sound like they're benefits for realtors, not photographers...?

  4. @malia - That's a great point! Very often, the best benefits for photographers are also benefits for real estate professionals. Any time you can give your agents an edge or an advantage over their competition, your value to the agent is reinforced. Naturally, we want your agents to win every listing presentation that they go on, because that translates to more photo shoots for you.

    It's the agent's responsibility to do the marketing for their listings - but by giving them great tools to do that, you help them grow their business. When their business grows, yours does too. We're all connected like a chain of dominoes.

    One of my favorite examples of this is photo quality. We have invested in a system that keeps images looking sharp for all screen sizes. This benefits agents because it helps their listings to look better than others that people see when they are shopping for a home. But it also helps your photos stand out as well. So when another agent looks at that listing, they might wonder who took those amazing photos and look for the photographer attribution on the property web site. It's a great way to get referral business in an indirect way. So who benefits from optimized image quality? The agent AND the photographer.

    Nearly every feature works the same way.

    We look at things the same way at HDPhotoHub. Every advantage that we can give our photographer partners will only help them be more successful, which will help their clients be more successful. The only way for us to win in the marketplace is to help our users by helping them help their users to win first. This keeps us focused on always improving what we're offering, so our partners can always improve too.

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