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How to Rename Layers in Photoshop

Published: 26/05/2021

Adobe Photoshop's workflow involves working with layers. Therefore, it is good practice to streamline the interface to accelerate and organize your editing process by renaming the layers that you create. Learn how to rename layers in Photoshop with this in-depth tutorial. 

How to Rename Layers in Photoshop For Organization Purposes

Photoshop offers a diverse range of features that let you unleash your creativity without any leaps and bounds. Once you start creating something, it is easy to get carried away with the immense functionalities of the software. You keep adding elements and adjustments until you are done with your aesthetically pleasing visual.

All goes well until you look at the layers panel on the right, realizing that all this time, Photoshop kept adding layers upon layers and named them Layer 1, 2, 3, and onwards. Identifying an individual layer to work on it again is no less than an utterly confusing task.

Working with layers without renaming them is fine, only if you are using two or three layers to the maximum in your document. However, once the number of layers increases, it is wise to work upon organizing them by giving each of them a descriptive name. A good naming structure for your layers will speed up and streamline your workflow.

Let’s look at the different ways through which you can rename individual and multiple layers as well as layer groups.

Rename Layers By the Double Click Option

Renaming Layers is a very straightforward process in Photoshop. In the layers panel, any new layer that you create will be named simply by a number. Double click on the name of the layer to make it editable. Type in the name that you want to give the layer, and press enter.

Renaming layers in Photoshop by the Double Click Option

Remember that you need to double-click on the name of the layer and not near it. Clicking elsewhere will open the Layer Style box. Don’t worry if you do it accidentally. Just close the Layer style box and rename it by double-clicking on the layer name.

Rename a Layer By the Layer Menu Option

Another method to rename the layer is by selecting it in the Layer panel. After that, go up to the Layer menu and select Rename Layers. The name of the layer will be editable, and you can enter the desired name.

Renaming layers in Photoshop by the Layer Menu Option

Renaming Layer Groups

One of the most incredible organizing features in Photoshop is that you can group layers and then give them a specified name in the Layer panel. This really helps reduce the clutter in the layers panel besides helping you recognize the purpose of those layers later on.

Creating a Group 

Making a layer group in Photoshop and renaming it is a very simple process. There are various layer selection and deselection methods that you can follow.

All you need to do is select the consecutive layers by pressing CTRL / CMD and clicking on the layers. Or, you can select a series of layers by clicking on the first layer, press and hold the Shift key, and click on the last layer to select all the layers in between.

Once the layers are selected, press CTRL + G (on Windows) or CMD + G (on Mac) to form a group. You can also right-click on the selected layers and press the Group from Layers option. The third way is to hold the OPTION / ALT key and drag the layers to the Create a New Group icon at the bottom of the Layers panel. 

Renaming a Group

The last method will open a popup where you can give a name to your group. Otherwise, Photoshop will name it Group 1, Group 2, and so on. To rename your layer group, double click on the name and type the name in the editable text box. Make sure the group is not expanded, or the renaming by double click option won’t be enabled.

Alternatively, select the group in the layer panel and go to the Layer menu. Select Rename Group and type in the name of your group. 

Renaming Multiple Layers

Renaming more than one layer simultaneously is not possible in Photoshop. However, your renaming process can be accelerated by using the tab and shift keys while renaming.

Start by renaming a layer. Press the tab key to move to rename the next layer. If you want to move back, press Shift + Tab to rename the previous layer. 

Assigning Keyboard Shortcuts to Rename Layers

Keyboard shortcuts fasten your work in Photoshop, saving a lot of time. You can speed up the renaming process by assigning a keyboard shortcut for the rename function. 

Go to the Edit menu and select Keyboard Shortcuts. In the dialog box that opens up, select the rename layers option from the list of functions (you will find it after expanding the Layers option.)

Select the Rename Layers option, and assign a keyboard shortcut by pressing the desired keys. Click on Ok. Use this assigned shortcut to quickly rename your layers. 

Assigning keyboard shortcuts to rename layers in Photoshop

Renaming Extensions and Scripts for Photoshop

There are a few extensions and scripts that you can add to Adobe Photoshop CC to assist in renaming multiple layers. 

  1. Renamy
  2. Adobe Layer Namer
  3. Layer Name Editor Script
  4. OpenAsLayer Script

These scripts and extensions need to be installed on Photoshop, after which you can use to add suffixes, prefixes, or new names to multiple layers in a go. 

Why Should You Rename Layers?

To be honest, renaming layers is not needed while dealing with one or two layers. You can keep them with the same name assigned by Photoshop. However, when your work on images with many layers, renaming is crucial to keep your workflow organized. 

Also, you may not be the only one who is dealing with a document. Anyone else on your team or someone you send your PSD file to will be able to handle it in a more effective way if all the layers are properly named and organized.

One more reason to name the layers (even if they are fewer) is that you may work on different versions of the same image. For instance, on one version, you have made changes in the exposure and applied a gradient to the other one. Naming the layers will eliminate the chances of any confusion later on.

How to Avoid Accidentally Renaming a Layer in a Group

While selecting multiple layers for renaming via an extension, you may encounter the issue of accidentally renaming a layer that is a part of a group. This happens due to the use of the SHIFT key. Instead, you should use the CTRL key on Windows and the CMD key on Mac for the selection of layers. 

Follow these steps to avoid renaming layers within groups:

  1. Using the SHIFT key, select multiple groups in the Layer panel.
  2. Press and hold CTRL or CMD key, and click on an arrow present on the left side of the group. This action expands all the selected groups. 
  3. All the layers within the groups will also be selected.
  4. Click on the left arrow once again to close the selected groups. 
  5. Rename the groups now to rename just the first level of groups and not the layers.


Renaming layers is one of the keys changes you can make for a more productive workflow in Photoshop. An organized layer panel with identifiable layers will curb the frustration that a photographer or graphic designer might feel due to overwhelming work. We hope this tutorial will guide you in the process of renaming layers effectively.