Are There Advantages to Using CamRanger Over Built-in DSLR WiFi Apps?

October 4th, 2016

camrangerSanjay in India asks:

What are the advantages of using a CamRanger for tethering instead of using the inbuilt wifi in Canon 5DMKIV which you can use to transfer images wireless to your laptop or to your Smartphone or iPad.

My understanding (I don’t use a camera with WiFi but do use CamRanger on my 5DMKII) of the functionality of the Canon Camera Connect App is that while it can control most of the camera functions but there are some things it can’t do that CamRanger does: Continue Reading »

What Should You Do If a Client Is Not Following Your Photo License Agreement?

October 3rd, 2016

discussJennifer in Indiana has a problem with one of her clients:

I have a longtime client that I’ve worked with over the last 6 years. (She only uses me on certain projects. I’ve shot about 30 properties for her.) Although I have several package options, she always chooses the full tour/floorplan package.

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Does A GoPro Make Sense For Someone Starting To Shoot Property Video?

October 2nd, 2016

goprohero4Stuart asks:

I was considering upgrading my Canon EOS 5D to the Mark III so that I could take videos. I then came across the GoPro system. I would like to know if anyone uses a Go Pro for videos, and any shortcomings, recommendations that other members might have.

I think you are right for considering other options than just upgrading to a Canon DSLR. New smaller cameras have video quality are improving rapidly. Here are some points to consider in this decision: Continue Reading »

An Important Discovery About Flickr Related To Contests

September 30th, 2016

ContestA reader in the UK recently discovered the following about the contest photos that you see in the contests that we use Flickr for:

  • If you are not logged into the contest group you may see some of the group photos but not all of them.
  • In this reader’s case, if he wasn’t logged into the contest group he saw 18 photos but when he logged into the contest group he could see 23 photos. Go figure!
  • I can’t explain this but if you want to be sure to see all the photos, join the contest Flickr group and log in. It’s an open group.

Also, the September video contest is extended into October since there are no entries yet.

What Are Tips And Tricks For Shooting Pools?

September 29th, 2016

poolTim in Palm Springs wants to know:

I am looking for tips and tricks to shooting swimming pools (both at dusk with lights on and during the day for pools with no lights).  I searched the PFRE site but couldn’t seem to find anything.

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Should Real Estate Photographers Get An Associate MLS Membership?

September 28th, 2016

joinmlsPeggy in Alabama says:

I have been asked by a few realtors if I would consider offering the service to upload the photos for them as an add on.

I just can’t imagine I would recoup the cost of an associate membership to do this, not to mention my time. Do any of you offer this service?

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Do You Need Professional Talent For Upper-end Property Video?

September 27th, 2016

KristineLemannJonathon in Florida asked the following:

I am curious where other photographers that are shooting lifestyle videos get their actors/actresses from?

I am using the Realtors, their friends and my friends for the most part but would like to use professional talent on some bigger projects.

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What are the rules of selling a license to images with posters or art on the walls homes?

September 26th, 2016

copyrightBrian asked the following question:

Recently, I was shooting a property that was being relisted. The homeowner had lots of images of Marilyn Monroe and Elvis Presley on the walls of a 2nd-floor loft/pool table area. And this dawned on me; What are the rules of selling a license to images with posters or art on the walls in these homes? I’m not showcasing the art on the walls, but a life-size Marilyn poster, or in another case, fathead poster of Golden State Warriors Stephen Curry seems suspect for copyright issues further down the road?

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Evlaa – A Lightroom Plugin That Allows Your Client To Easily Review A Shoot

September 26th, 2016

evlaaLast week Martin from explained the Evlaa Lightroom plugin that allows you to create a private collection of images in Lightroom that your client can review, rate and comment on from a SmartPhone, tablet or computer. This plugin streamlines the process of having your client review images.

While many real estate photographers probably don’t put a lot of energy into client review, there are some that could make use of this functionality.

I tried it out. It works quite well. Anyone can try it out, free for 15 days. After that it’s quite reasonable (54€/year or 6€/month). If you need help getting going there are a bunch of good tutorials one their support page.

Check it out and give it a try.

Is Getting A Part 107 Certification For Real Estate Photography Worth It?

September 25th, 2016

Greg in Arizona asks:

Now that the FAA has their regulations and testing in place, I’m curious how other photographers are handling the registration process.  They have made the testing and process so onerous I’m questioning whether it is worth it. I’ve about decided its not worth the expense and hassle to get certified.

I’d be real interested to see what people think of the test. I hear it is difficult, not all that related to radio control, and more oriented to FAA policies and reading aerial maps. And that you  really need to take coursework to prepare for the test. I’m sure I could do it, but I’m not sure it is worth it and perhaps I should discontinue aerial work. I know the FAA will be looking for a first case to fine.

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Congratulations To Travis Rowan – PFRE Photographer Of The Month For September

September 23rd, 2016

travisrowansept2016Congratulations to Travis Rowan of Maui, Hawaii who has won the September photographer of the month for September. Travis won this contest last September – I think that the September theme, “Patio deck or garden space” is just Travis’s thing!

Here are the contestants that the jurors awarded points to this month: Continue Reading »

Licensed Agent/Photographers May Not Be Able To Retain Photo Copyrights For Their Listing Photos

September 22nd, 2016


Alexander Stross who is a licensed agent in Austin, TX and a photographer sent me a link to Venkat Balasubramani’s article over at  describing a suit that Alexander filed against Redfin. The 5th circuit court recently ruled against Alexander. The essence of the case is as follows:

Stross is a photographer and broker who participates in multiple listing services (MLSs). He alleges that Redfin infringed because (1) it used “Stross’s photographs of sold listings for purposes other than ‘to support an estimate of value on a particular property to a particular client’” and (2) it recommercialized Stoss’s photographs by “encouraging” social sharing. The court in an earlier order says “there is a strong case for infringement, but factual issues remain regarding the alleged exceeding the scope of the ACTRIS license” and Redfin’s eligibility for DMCA safe harbor protection. The court now reverses course and grants summary judgment in favor of Redfin.

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What Should Your Lighting Goal Be When Doing Real Estate Photography

September 21st, 2016

lightingLarry in Philadelphia asks:

I have read material on the Photography for Real Estate site, your publication regarding RE photography for realtors, Scott Hargis’  text on lighting and have seen every video that I can find online.  Nearly all of these educational materials talk about the importance of using “bright” photos when shooting for interior real estate (MLS listings).  I totally agree, as bright RE photos just look best to me.  However, whenever I study the photos listed on Flickr’s Photography for RE, I see a fair number of photos that get praised, but to me, they appear much darker than what I like.  Many times the darkness is on one-half of the room as the brighter side of the room is lit by the window light.  When I shoot rooms of this nature I tend to add supplemental light (multiple speedlites) in an attempt to balance the light in the room.  In other words, I want the area of the room away from the window light to be as bright as the side closest to the windows.  Am I incorrect in doing this in my attempt is the make the room as bright as possible, without appearing flashy?

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How Do Photographers Handle Fog On Lenses In A Humid Environment?

September 20th, 2016

foggedlensPeggy on the Alabama Gulf Coast asks:

How do you all handle fog on your lenses? I have some extreme temps here from interior to exterior, and this am I was shooting some turbulent skies and my camera fogged up. I cleaned the viewfinder, lense and LCD but it fogs up on the interior. Is there a trick to the trade on how y’all handle this?

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How Can You Improve The Clarity Of The View Through The Windows Of Homes You Shoot?

September 19th, 2016

JLSlivingSusan in Green Bay asked:

I am a RE photographer and still struggling with a few things. I am schooled in photography at the community college and really need to make this my career I struggle because I want to be the very best at what I do, and I know that I am not there yet.

My competition has recently upped his game by offering photos where you can see the outside better than the inside. I recently bought Photomatix in hopes that I could replicate this technique, but I am unable to do so. How can I get better window clarity?

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