Ad on $12 per assignment photo taking job

June 14th, 2007

Drew King who works in the NY area sent me this craigslist ad. Since it will expire some time, I’ll repost it below so everyone can continue to read it:

I am a real estate agent who needs someone to take pictures of homes in the Nassau and Suffolk area ( I work with deadlines so I need someone who is very reliable, reachable through email, or better yet text messaging and has a flexible schedule.

I will email you an assignment with an address and you will need to go there and take 5 pictures of the exterior of the house. After that using I will need you to email them to me. That is all. I will pay you per each assignment completed $12. It will not take more than a hour including drive time there and back and uploading the pictures.Occasionally I will need you to take pictures of the interior of the house as well but that is pretty rare.

You do not need to come to our office or anything. I will pay you at the end of the week using either paypal or I may send you a check.

If you feel you can do this position, please send me a resume, I do need someone right away to start.

What you need to do it is to be reliable, have your own digital camera, be able to complete work on deadline and short notice and have a phone that supports text messaging. I will email or more likely text you an assignment and I will need it to be done as soon as you can. It’s better if you can do it that day but also okay if you can complete it by early the next afternoon. “

Wow real estate photography is a tough business in NY! I notice the ad was posted on 5/18/2007 almost a month ago. Wonder why no one has jumped on it? Drew’s comments are:

“I don’t know about you, but out here on the east coast our cars run on
gasoline. I filled up Sunday,$77.50 for 20 gallons…. $12 wouldn’t
cover the damn tolls into Long Island much less the gas…..

Tell me is it Taboo to ask what people are charging for their services?
I’m not shooting architectural, for magazines. I shoot houses for sale
and property for rent. I can’t expect more than $75-$100 an hour and
when it boils out before taxes with gas, tolls, cd’s, etc Im down to
$50, take out 40% for the government, then health care… well you get
my point…. “

Thanks Drew for the link to this ad. Drew thinks he won’t apply for this job! Anyone else?

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15 Responses to “Ad on $12 per assignment photo taking job”

  • That is awesome! I wonder how he came up with the $12 figure?

  • I want to send this guy (or gal?) my own CL posting:

    “Wanted – Real Estate Agent to help me buy my house. It shouldn’t take you more than an hour or so a week, just look for good open houses for me to go check out, and then walk me through the paperwork at the close. I can pay $12 per hour. You need to be licensed, experienced, and reliable.”

  • Yikes – That really upsets me. . .

  • the ad doesn’t bother me,what really upsets me is that some one is going to go for it

  • Mrrobert,

    I’m not so sure, Larry said the ad has been up since the middle of May with no takers. Even if he does get some one, he’ll get what he pays for. Some kid with a p & s that will shoot them from his car window.

    I like Scotts Idea. See what he thinks when the shoes on the other foot. It’s a little like the Gieco commercial: What if the ad said so easy a thearipist could do it…

    Peace ya’ all

  • I agree with Scott on this one! As an agent… how can he expect the public to treat him with value and respect if he is not willing to offer the same courtesy to the people he hires?

  • Well…I looked at his website and he doesn’t show any current listings…

  • This really goes to show much some agents value good photography when it comes to marketing their listings. They know they need photos, but they don’t realize that quality comes at a price, or perhaps they don’t care. On the other hand, they may dealing with dumps in foreclosure and just need photos to submit to the bank that they are representing.

    Needless to say, it is our job to show an agent the value of our work, otherwise…well, I guess they’ll pay someone else $12 to snap their pics.

  • This ad tells me a lot about the calibre of the agent. 98% of agents are satisfied with bad photography, but at least they visit their client and perform the ‘service’ themselves. This gentleman is willing to pay someone $12 so that they don’t need to visit their own customer.

    This ad runs on a regular basis on Craigslist in Toronto:

    “I am a freelance photographer with a background in arts photography (Ontario College of Art and Design). I provide carefully lit and composed images for feature sheets and MLS. I charge $65 for a 1-2 hr. shoot, and provide minor lighting and staging. Please email me for a sample feature sheet.”

  • I’ve fought this kind of crap all of my life. I tell potential clients who do this to go and hire a kid just out of Photo school and when they mess it up and the client comes back to me, the rate will be double the original quote.

    The main problem lies with photographers though, because almost always someone will do a job for almost nothing because they think it gets their foot in the door. Automated equipment makes any idiot think that they can shoot and we photographers have done a very poor job in educating our clients.

    I don’t think any of this will change though, we just have to be vigilant, stick to our guns and be prepared to loose a job rather than price it too low.

  • Pretty funny really – This person is a bonafide member of the “ZPC”, Zero Producers Club and won’t make any impact on anything to do with real estate let alone real estate photography.

  • Sounds like these are of homes that he has not yet listed.

    In other words, he is using the outside photos to try to “get the listing.”

    Then perhaps sending the photo to the homeowner and saying, “we hire professional photographers to market your home. Here is a sample..”

    Now, I don’t know about you but if I saw some stranger standing outside and taking a photo of my home without permission, I would be a bit upset.

    Ask yourself…

    1. If this guy has no listings, then what houses does he expect someone to take photos of?

    2. Why doesn’t he want photos of the interior? (Cause they are not his listing yet?)

    3. $12.00 an hour would just about cover flipping burgers at McD’s.

    4. What happens if the homeowner comes out and starts freaking out that you are taking photos without their permission?



  • Maybe craigslist would work better if people replied to the ads..I send out tons of emails for jobs that were posted, and yet none of the people who ‘urgently’ need help ever reply back.
    I am beginning to think craigslist is some kind of a joke.
    I mean if they truly were in need of help they’d at least have the common courtesty to reply to every email.

    even if they were already hired at least respond back

  • I’ve heard of other companies offering less than $12, so if this is a ridiculous offer, a lot of other realty companies and following in his footsteps.

  • I am an agent, I am amazed at this agents offer of 12 BUCKS. I bet he was trying to do BPOs (Broker Price Opinion) for banks and they pay about $40-$75 per BPO and require photos. In Dallas Real Estate Photographers get at least $75-150 per job. More on the luxury listings.

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