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Shooting Real Estate Video with the Sony A6300 or A6500

July 17th, 2018

Ken in Georgia says: These days, I’m getting more and more requests for video. I have a Nikon 5300 with a Sigma 10-20mm but I am not getting the video quality my clients expect. I have been looking at the Sony A6300 or A6500 but I don’t want to drop and a grand or so […]

How Do You Handle Charging for Rebranded Real Estate Video?

June 24th, 2018

Ashley in South Carolina asked: How do you handle rebranding a video? I created a two-minute “amenities” video including a house that is for sale for a Realtor. That Realtor has been fired by the owner and the new Realtor would like to use the video with their branding. I don’t feel like I should […]

Modern Insanity: Doing the Same Thing over and over and Expecting the Same Results

June 22nd, 2018

How Are You Pricing Real Estate Video?

June 18th, 2018

Denise  asked the following: I would be interested to hear how other photographers price real estate photos when asked for an add-on video tour.  Even if you structure a tour using the same or similar images from the stills, there is obviously added work to put together the tour video. Realtors of course would like […]

Michael and Nory’s Show Reel for Uneek Luxury Tours from 2013

June 15th, 2018


Making a Building Construction Time-Lapse Video

June 11th, 2018

Larry in Virginia asks: One of my commercial clients manages multi-unit apartment buildings all around the DC area. Recently, I was asked if I could do a 30 second time-lapse for their marketing of a new building. I think technically, I can do it, but I have no idea what to charge for this.

How Can Real Estate Photographers Create Short Teaser Videos?

April 18th, 2018

Ashley in South Carolina asks: I am looking for a new way to do what our Realtors call “teaser” videos. Very short, fast moving, less than 30-second videos to generate interest in a property. I would like a program that will generate different looking videos if possible. I assume you are referring to short videos […]

Example of Interior Video that Can Be Shot with a DJI OSMO

April 12th, 2018

Alan in NZ says: I’m looking at buying some LED lights to help with real estate interior video while using an X5 and DJI Osmo. All suggestions welcome. How many do I need to illuminate an average room? I would encourage you to hold off on buying LED lights for shooting interior video because the […]

Sony Fs7/A7s2 Low Light Shoot – by Hamish Beeston

March 18th, 2018

?This is a guest post by Hamish Beeston of Bristol, UK. (Note from Larry: while Hamish’s post may not appear to be real estate related, I think that shooting low light video is very relevant to real estate).  Shooting in low light with modern video cameras is often challenging and a recent shoot at the […]

Should You Offer Real Estate Videography.

March 5th, 2018

Bill in Nevada asks: More and more clients are asking me to provide video. The learning curve is steep, the gear is expensive, and worst of all, the clients don’t have much of a budget for it. I don’t want to give them a reason to call someone else but I’m nervous about making the […]

More about How Works

February 18th, 2018

??Joe Zekas in Chicago is a long time PFRE reader and in the past year or so, I’ve come to understand better what Joe is doing with his site and how successful it is. At first glance, I thought Joe was a Realtor but he is not a Realtor. I think Joe has a […]

Is There More Interest in Video Marketing in 2018?

February 14th, 2018

?Last week, a number of things occurred that suggest to me that there is a huge increase in online video activity so I think Mia and Alberto Artez’s promo video they sent me is right on target–you should have video in your 2018 business plan:

Panasonic GH5 for Shooting Real Estate Video – by Grant Johnston

February 9th, 2018

The Power of Informally Narrated Walk-Through Property Video

January 31st, 2018

?I recently noticed a comment in the PFRE Flickr discussion group by Joe Zekas in Chicago that has some very valuable insights. Joe says: I published our first real estate video 10 years ago and now have more than 3,000 online. Some lessons learned, with an assist from YouTube Analytics and viewer response:

What Settings to Use When Shooting Video with a 5D MK III?

January 10th, 2018

Quentin in Virginia says: Recently I upgraded to a 5D Mark III from a 1D Mark II. Quite a leap. I’ve invested in a Ronin M and have shot several video tours. I am having a lot of trouble with consistency though. I’ve had to reshoot a couple jobs because they came out too soft […]