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Congratulations Matt Van Emmerik - PFRE Property Videographer of the Month May/June

Published: 02/07/2016

MattVanEmmerikJun2016Congratulations to Matt Van Emmerik (Showcase Photography) in Kelowna, BC who won the Property Videographer of the month contest for May/June 2016. Here is Matt's winning video.

Here are the ranking results of the video jury's voting:

  1. Kelowna Real Estate Photography - Matt Van Emmerik
  2. Joshua Vernon-Rogers
  3. Allan MacKenzie
  4. Brandon Headley
  5. Anders Carlson
  6. Donald Wagner
  7. Morgan Franklin
  8. Jose Cantanhede
  9. Welshrock

Anders Carlson and Brandon Headley tied for fourth place.

Update: Note that the July video contest is now open. I'm going to start opening it on the 1st through the 22nd of each month.

Here are Matt's comments:

I’d like to thank all the judges especially those that took the time to pass on amazing comments, constructive criticisms, and compliments on this project.

The project was postponed 3 different times due to weather not cooperating, actors not being able to commit to certain dates and honestly, it’s a logistical nightmare trying to line everything up while running a full-time photography and video business during the week.

The realtor’s I worked with on this project are fantastic and one is an ex-chef (did all the cooking) and the other also owns an actor studio so their background involvement was integral to this all coming together so I cannot take full credit on this. I personally did all the creative, script writing and shot list, shooting, directing, editing and final production work and there were 4 separate trips to the home to complete the shooting. Searching for the right piece of music took hours which I feel was critical as we dropped an initial idea of having a voice over to tell the story. It was dropped as the timeline starting taking shape as it was obvious the visuals told the story.

On a technical note, this video was filmed using the Sony A7s Mark II with the Sony 16-35mm lens plus the DJI Inspire 1 drone with a 4k camera. All slow motion was captured at 1080p 60fps and the time-lapse was captured on the Canon 5D Mark III camera with 16-35 Canon F2.8L lens. Steady cam work was achieved using the Came-TV 7800 Gimbal.

I look forward to seeing this contest evolve and the creative styles especially.

Larry Lohrman

17 comments on “Congratulations Matt Van Emmerik - PFRE Property Videographer of the Month May/June”

  1. Wow Matt! What a fantastic video. I'm not a video guy but if I was, I'd pack my gear and retire! Just beautiful man!

    I like the story you captured the lifestyle. Buyers can envision themselves doing what the actors did. You also captured the neighborhood to show how "safe" it would be if your kids lived here. Exploring the hood, views of the deck and sunset...everything was very engaging.

    Just beautiful!

  2. Truly a great video production, Matt !

    Entertaining & glossy, yet very practical from a selling viewpoint...

    Guess I won't enter my Osmo walkthrough videos... ha ha !

  3. Allan - Thank you very much, you're work has inspired me for years and will continue to do so!

    Robert - Huge compliment thank you! Everything you said is great and the part about the neighbourhood being safe was exactly what we were trying to portrait that the kids can go explore without worrying about anything. One of the comments I received through the agents Facebook page was that the video made the lady cry. The fact it got such an emotional response was overwhelming to hear!

    CRT - You're absolutely right it's worth it. In this video it wasn't even bad as the agents did most of the planning. The next one I'm currently shooting next week is all on me and WOW is it ever a lot of work! Hopefully the agents get so many of these I don't have to do them alone again!

    Franz - Thank you also very much. I hear you but do enter! Just because a video has people and many many hours involved does not make it a winner. There is so much more to making a good, effective video. The more you see the more you learn and grow and getting constructive criticism from other shooters will improve your videos over time!

  4. Great Job on this Matt-So Very Inspiring. Keep up the great work. Music is the hardest last piece of every video puzzle. This is perfectly fit! I use but am curious where you found this great piece to fit this video.

  5. @Steve D - Thank you fellow Kelowna-ite, I appreciate it!

    @Sinead - Thank you very much and you're right, music is the glue that holds it all together. I found this piece on

  6. Wow, Matt, what a fantastic video! im sure everyone who sees it will want that beautiful home and life! No wonder you've been too busy to go for coffee lol. Congratulations on your well-deserved win!

  7. @Dawn - Thank you very much. You're right this is the exact reason I haven't had time to grab a coffee. I have a crazy July and August but am hoping to find an afternoon in there that works for us both to have a chat! I will be in touch I promise 😉

  8. @Brandon and Anders - Thanks so much guys, I really admire your work and you did great jobs on your videos! I look forward to seeing all your future projects!! Cheers

  9. Matt, Congrats great job. Half way through I asked myself why would anyone sell this place you made it look so good. My question is with 4 visits agent acting as chef and catering, another agent supplying paid actors etc this video must have had a budget way above what the average real estate agent/owner would be willing to pay. Great work in selling such a project in the first place and you have backed it up with a winning product.

  10. Congrats Matt, great work. Putting that whole storyline is alot of work let alone the amount of editing time you put into it.

    Question for you, What Profile did you shoot it in? Looks like S-Log2 or 3?


  11. @dave birss - Thank you for the compliment. Yes you're right this is way above what a standard video shoot budgets for. The agents I work with are forward thinkers that look at the big picture and the future of real estate marketing. With over 800 realtors in my area it's tough to stand out in the crowd. The attention they're getting and results from these videos sets a new bar for luxury real estate. When home owners start to see agents are investing this much into the marketing budget from their own pockets, they know who to go to. If you build it, they will come way of thinking.

    @Matthew - yes the creative portion came to me in the middle of the night one night. The original thought was tweaked as we went along, but the storyline was one I envisioned for the home. Once the agent tells you the target market it's time to be creative and usually quickly and you're right, it's a lot of work. Yes I shot in S-Log2 customized for interior shooting and Cine4 with custom setting for exterior.

    @Brian - Thank you very much!

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