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Congratulations To Steve Dolinsky - Aug/Sept PFRE Videographer Of The Month

Published: 01/10/2015

2015-SeptVOMSteveDolinskyCongratulations to Steve Dolinsky of Nyack, New York who the video jury has voted the PFRE videographer of the month for August/September. Here is Steve's winning video.

And here is the ranking results of the jury's voting. To view the videos click on the entry numbers below and then click on the video link in the description field of the entry:

  1. #9, Steve Dolinsky, Nyack, New York
  2. #3, Adam Wayland, Charlottesville, Virginia
  3. #12, Anders Carlson, Kailua Kona, Hawaii
  4. #1, Jeff Griggs, Folsom, California
  5. #11, Michael Sosnoski, Falmouth, Maine
  6. #2, Andre Mckenzie, Toronto, Canada
  7. #5, Colley Bailey, Fayetteville, Arkansas
  8. #7, Saul Goodwin, Byron Bay, Australia
  9. #8, Kelvin Hammond, Billings, Montana
  10. #6, Christine Bickley, Brisbane, Australia
  11. #4, Patrick Ketchum, Palm Springs, California
  12. #10, Brad Barnson, St George, Utah

Be sure to check the jurors, comments in the Video Contest Flickr pool.

Here is Steve's description of his video:

Wow… I am honored. Considering the amazing videos this month, this is a big surprise. Some of those drone shots were simply spectacular, especially Anders Carlson’s video in Hawaii… those whales and crashing seas… Incredible work!

I first want to thank Larry for creating such an incredible site and resource for real estate photography. I have learned so much from all the great artists and teachers on this site. So informative and helpful. Thank you to everyone who contributes to this site and shares their work and knowledge so we all can get better together.

For this video, my client was the Realtor who was looking to promote the development she represented (Riverton). She was getting some pressure from her clients (the builders) to promote the last few lots remaining so she wanted me to create a video about the entire development of new homes and the surrounding area. However, after I interviewed the first homeowner, Randi, I realized that interviewing all the other homeowners would take too long and make the project too large… I just couldn’t wrap my head around such a large concept. But once I heard Randi’s story, I thought it would be better to just focus on one homeowner at a time…. to tell each story separately.

I broke the interview down into several parts… asking Randi a list of questions : What brought her to this area?…how she found her real estate agent and this development? How was the building process?… what she looked forward to in her new home, etc… And having such a willing partner who was super comfortable in front of the camera definitely made the difference. She wrote the story off the top of her head….I just pieced it all together and added some appropriate shots. I thought being at their dinner party would also add a human touch. I asked them to toast at the end… and once I saw that come together… I knew I had the ending… and the story.

I want to give a shout out to Travis Rowan for his work last month. His awesome award winning video inspired me to focus more on the storytelling and the emotion of the homeowner. His work is amazing! … I’m glad he didn’t enter this month’s video contest 🙂 …and instead decided to take his talents over to the still photography contest. Congratulations to him, by the way, for winning that too.

I look forward to telling more stories and getting better at this wonderful art form.

Thank you for the encouragement and support.

Larry Lohrman

7 comments on “Congratulations To Steve Dolinsky - Aug/Sept PFRE Videographer Of The Month”

  1. Congratulations Steve! A well deserved win for a very polished piece. I'm sure you had tons of interview footage to dig through. You picked out the gems and made it into a relatable story...I know it's a challenge and you did a great job.

    I'm glad to know my work inspired you to aim for another level. Cheers for the shout out.

  2. Lots of great videos. Well done! I just wanted to point out the interior images by Andre (#2) are absolutely amazing! Something to strive for....for sure! I just don't know how to get such great window exposures in video.

  3. Congrats Steve! The interview really provided a nice story to shoot to. If only I could get someone on camera to do an interview like this. Everyone always freaks out about the idea, especially the Realtors.

    Michael ~ I have been following Silverhouse videos for a couple years now and they do a great job with the interior look. I think part of their success is one - they shoot a lot of amazing houses that clearly have a lot of natural light - but two - they have a lot of overcast days in Toronto. Overcast outside really results in some awesome interior video. Pretty sure they use a 5d mk3 for video. Experiment with time of day, try shooting a house 30 minutes before twilight, or super early in the morning!

  4. Great work, Steve. You were a clear winner for me this time. That wonderful interview and the charming way that you illustrated it combined to make a really engaging film.

  5. Great work and congratulations in the acknowledgment of your work. I do have a question. I assume this video will be used commercially, I would like to know how you addressed the legally required model release issue from the recognizable people in your video.
    David Jones

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