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Congratulations to Rachel von Nordeck - July PFRE Videographer of The Month

Published: 01/08/2016

2016JulVideoCongratulations to Rachel von Nordeck in Christchurch, New Zealand who won the PFRE Property Videographer of the month for July 2016. Here is Rachel's winning video.

Here are the ranking results of the jury's voting:

  1. Rachel von Nordeck
  2. Marcus Johnson
  3. Joshua Vernon-Rogers
  4. Anders Carlson
  5. Diane Zahorodny
  6. Bill Oxford
  7. Vic DeVore

Marcus Johnson and Joshua Vernon-Rogers tied for second place.

I'd like to give special thanks to all the video jurors that gave all the entrants feedback on their entries. There is a lot to be learned from watching the videos and reading the juror's comments. This is much of what the contests are about!

Here are Rachel's comments on her video:

Wow! I am chuffed as ten bears! I see some truly fantastic video entries here and I am honoured to be counted amongst them.

It would have never happened without my partner Paul Willetts, who was second camera on the shoot; did the majority of the drone work; and jumped in when a furniture removalist was required (don’t ask!!). He is always calm under fire. 🙂

A big thank you to all the judges and most especially those who took the time to comment on the video. When I entered the contest, I did not expect to win but was hoping for some useful feedback, which I sincerely appreciate.

Thanks too, to an awesome client! Sotheby’s New Zealand rocks! They are always looking to raise the bar and try something new.

It was a challenging shoot! It was the first time I had worked with professional talent, which was a little intimidating! We started shooting at 10:00am and we didn’t finish until 7:00pm. There were no lunch breaks and only one speedy toilet stop! I cut my finger open on my tripod and bled all over the set at the critical twilight time but the blood flow was hastily staunched and the shoot went on!

The video was actually shot in two different houses—one was furnished without landscaping and the other was landscaped, but no furniture! The talent was only available for two hours at the end of the day, so we were very pushed for time. This also explains why there are no shots of talent in situ for the internal sequences—time was against us so the internals were shot by the time the actors arrived on location. I would have loved to get the people in the house shots, but it wasn't to be.

Originally there was a scripted voice-over but this was dropped at the last minute.

The video was shot on a Nikon D800 with a Nikon 16-35mm lens, plus the Phantom Pro V3 for the aerial sequences. Scenes were captured at 720p @ 60fps. Edited on Premiere Pro CC.

I've had the pleasure of spending just a few weeks in New Zealand and one of the things I loved about the New Zealand was all the Kiwi expressions! "Chuffed as ten bears", is a new one for me.

Larry Lohrman

4 comments on “Congratulations to Rachel von Nordeck - July PFRE Videographer of The Month”

  1. Nice work Rachel. Congratulations! You have some beautiful shots showing interior and view. If you don't mind me asking, what was your process for those images?

    Also, thank you so much to all of the Jurors who took the time to watch and give thoughtful feedback on all of our videos.

  2. Thank you for your comments Len & Anders. 🙂

    @ Anders—I'm not entirely sure what you're asking in regard to the process. Are you referring to shooting or post? If you can clarify your question, I will do my best to answer. By the way, I think your videos are outstanding and if I'm ever in Hawaii, I would love to be your assistant and spend a day shooting houses with you!

    @ Len—Learning to shoot video and drone.....practice, practice, practice. Lots of hours in the park and it still makes me nervous.

  3. Great job Rachel, you'll learn so much from that experience for the next one and will become more and more efficient with your time and build confidence with actors and directing them.

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