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Congratulations Jason Roehner - PFRE Photographer of the Month for September

Published: 24/09/2012

The PFRE jury has voted Jason Roehner's photo of this Scottsdale, AZ property in the golf community called Silverleaf in the McDowell Mountains. Jason's photo won by the largest point margin I can remember!

Here is the voting results:

  1. Jason Roehner - 88
  2. Scott Frederick -31
  3. Chris Wood - 16
  4. Andrea Calo -11
  5. Ash Chynoweth - 3
  6. Thom Neese - 3
  7. Kate Benjamin - 3
  8. Matt Barrett - 2
  9. Stephen Reed - 2
  10. Jaime Mendes - 1

Here are Jason's comments on the technical details of this photo:

This home is in Scottsdale, Arizona, in a golf community called Silverleaf, tucked in the McDowell Mountains. On twilight shoots I use constant lights as a foundation, then accent areas with CTO-gelled flashes. This photograph was lit with a Lowell 500w Omni, outside the patio camera-left, to light up the mountain and backside of the stone pool-house, while the pool area was lit by a Photogenic 150w spot. I was pretty fortunate that the patio had good down-lighting which let me keep the chandelier dim, and the table and chairs were backlit (underneath) by a Canon 580EX on 1/4 power, and the foreground was lit by a Canon 430EX on 1/4 power. With all the lighting set, this photo just needed raw conversion and minor curves tweaks in CS5. Some of the other photos from this shoot are on my website here through here.  Again, I'm honored to win this month's PFRE contest, the information and contributors to this site has been a great tool, particularly Scott Hargis' work and blog.

I've removed all the entries except the 10 above and have posted entrants name and points awarded by the jury. Thanks for everyone's participation!

Larry Lohrman

7 comments on “Congratulations Jason Roehner - PFRE Photographer of the Month for September”

  1. That's just awesome!! You know it's photos like this that tell me to sell my camera on ebay and go and work at McDonalds...

  2. I would have voted for this image as well. I just viewed Jason's website and his architectural images are some of the most stunning and perfectly lit images I have ever seen...and the homes are some of the most beautiful as well! Bravo.

  3. Amazing photo. You can tell Jason really takes pride in his work, all of the architectural photos on his website are beautifully done. The bar has been raised!

  4. Brilliant! Jason - your work is an inspiration! Well deserved 1st place.

  5. Jason,

    Your style and execution are spot on. It is great to view your images and wonder at the technique, really makes my brain think overtime.

    I filled out my application for McDonalds along with Mike!

    Keep up the terrific work, you will make all of your clients very happy.


  6. Thanks SO much for all the kind words guys. I'm 26 and this is my 5th year in real estate photography here in Phoenix where I shoot around 500 luxury homes per year. I love the work, I love this site, and shooting every day means I'm constantly learning, so PLEASE, don't go work at McDonald's haha!

    Thanks again

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