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Congratulations Terry Burger, Atlanta, GA - PFRE Photographer Of The Month For January

Published: 26/01/2015
By: larry

36Congratulations to Terry Burger, Atlanta, GA PFRE Photographer Of The Month January.

A bunch (53) of great images this month as usual. If you haven't already, it's worth your while to browse the contest entrants and read the comments. As usual, there is so much competition that just getting points in this contest makes you a winner!

Update 1/26: I mistakenly left off contestants #52, #53 & #54 on the original post. That is fixed now.

Congratulations to all the entrants that the jury awarded points to: Here is the jury's voting results:

  1. 27 pts #36, Terry Burger, Atlanta, GA
  2. 10 pts #22, Tony Colangelo - Victoria, BC
  3. 10 pts #23, Brian Doherty - Boston, MA
  4. 10 pts #11, Dirk Erkau - Squamish, BC
  5. 8 pts #19, Ethan Tweedie - Big Island, Hawaii
  6. 7 pts #40, Ryan Wicks - Kent, England
  7. 7 pts #52, Mel Myers - Spartanburg, SC
  8. 6 pts #34, Walt Simpson - Melbourne Beach, FL
  9. 6 pts #43 James Mackintosh - Whistler, BC
  10. 5 pts #2, Jerry Kelley - Albuquerque, New Mexico
  11. 5 pts #4, Matthew Stallone - Woodbridge, Ontario
  12. 5 pts #53, Barry MacKenzie - London, ON, Canada
  13. 4 pts #20, Trace Tague - Tucson, AZ
  14. 4 pts #31, Adrian Jones - Cape Town, South Africa
  15. 3 pts #19, Michael Pelzer - Orlando, FL
  16. 3 pts #54, Jared Saulnier - Portsmouth, NH

Terry's comments are as follows:

I am completely surprised, honored, and humbled. Thank you! As a realtor and photography enthusiast, the men and women of this blog educate and inspire me every time I pick up my camera. I was blown away by the incredible photography in this month's contest.

I loved shooting this house. The home was built by a friend of mine and its design in suburban Atlanta is quite unique. This is a single shot image capture edited in Lightroom to bring up the shadows, sharpening, saturation, and a few other minor tweaks. I was fortunate to have the sunset at my back which helped keep light in front of the house as the sky grew darker. I shot with a 5DM3 and a 17-35mm 4.0 lens. It was shot at f14, 160 ISO at .8/second. If you want to see more of this home visit:

A little background on me: I started shooting my own listings several years ago when I bought my first camera, a t3i. I purchased Scott Hargis e-book and consumed it in one night. I then invested in his video series and learned even more. I had the opportunity to study with Scott at his Atlanta seminar and learned a ton about shooting twilights, particularly preparation and unique composition.

I have to give Scott Hargis and Iran Watson much of the credit here. I've admired their work as the standard I strive for when shooting. Thank you guys so much. And thank you Larry for PFRE. Know that hundreds of us are grateful for your time, talent, and energy keeping up this blog. We need you, and we need PFRE.

17 comments on “Congratulations Terry Burger, Atlanta, GA - PFRE Photographer Of The Month For January”

  1. How do we see the judges' comments on the entries? I see the photos at the link "Browse the contest entrants," but only see a few comments. Are there more available? They have been very helpful in the past.

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