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What is a 360 Camera?

Published: 08/03/2021

The evolution of photography and filmography has led us to take the ability to create 360 imaging which was once expensive and cumbersome to use — and transform it into a delightful piece of convenient equipment that's accessible to all. 

The 360 cameras grant you the ability to capture your experiences with such immersive quality that the people who view them will feel as if they were there.

In this article, we'll dispel all of the misconceptions and misunderstandings that surround 360 imaging, and we will give you a comprehensive explanation of what a 360 camera is and how it works.

How Does a 360 Degree Camera Work?

After capturing the two images or video files from dual lenses with 180-degree capabilities, the camera offers free companion software that you can use to stitch the files together, or the camera can stitch them together automatically in-camera.

360 imaging used to be a niche technique used by skilled professionals in the cinematic industry. Recent years have seen 360 imaging become more mainstream thanks to the innovation of 360 cameras and their popularity among laypeople.

Learn more about how to use a 360 camera here.

360 camera

Achieving immersive content used to require so much more than what is needed now. Expensive camera rigs were necessary, along with long, arduous hours of editing. Now, these new innovative 360 cameras come equipped with portable designs, more straightforward software, and they're also lightweight.

Thanks to popular social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram, more and more people have been gravitating to the idea of 360-degree video and images. 

However, despite all of their efforts, there's still a great deal of mystery surrounding these cameras, and we're here to dispel every misconception in hopes of giving you a better understanding of how 360 cameras work.

The 360 Camera Vs. Virtual Reality

People often confuse VR and 360 for being the same. As a result, these words are bandied about interchangeably without realizing that there are some essential distinctions between them.

For starters, VR is an acronym for Virtual reality, which means the computer-generated images aren't real. Conversely, 360-degree videos are real images that have been filmed on wide-angle lenses and stitched together.

In true VR, there is no restriction of what you can see; you are free to view these virtual environments from all perspectives to your heart's desire. However, even though the 360-degree video is an immersive experience---it has its limitations. You are restricted to the camera's perspective.

What Can a 360 Camera Be Used For?

The answer to this question is that the possibilities are endless. Some practical functions include real estate photography, vlogging, special occasions, and much more.

Essentially, people worldwide are using these cameras to capture anything from the exotic to the mundane and everything in between, and all of this captured footage allows you to see the action from all directions.

Man looking up what is a 360 camera on his phone

Where Can You Find a 360 Video?

The place to find 360 videos would be Facebook and YouTube. What's more, it is effortless to upload your work to these sites. It's possible that while browsing Facebook that you will come across 360 videos tagged with the 360 logo. These videos instruct the viewer on how to view the video from various angles.

What Are Some Benefits to Using a 360 Camera?

360 cameras are more than your typical camera. This camera can be summed up in two words: convenient and innovative. As previously mentioned, there are no substitutions for this camera. Below we have listed many of the benefits of owning the best 360 camera for real estate photography.

You Can Connect Your Camera to Your Smartphone

360 cameras can easily connect to your smartphone through Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. As you can imagine, this makes a whole heap of things a lot easier and faster such as post-processing, editing, transferring your images and sharing your videos on social media. 

This means that while on your extravagant trip, you can post your experience in 360 degrees in real-time on Facebook or any other sites supporting such videos.

The 360 Cameras are Portable 

Unlike shooting with DSLRs, 360 cameras are small and lightweight, making them very convenient to carry. No matter where you are---whether it be a vacation or you're just enjoying a nice view in your hometown, you can take your camera with you wherever you go. 

You will need to bring a monopod to use your camera correctly, but it doesn't compare to toting around cumbersome lenses while on vacation.

The 360 Camera: Experience Something New

Two kinds of a 360 camera

There is nothing out there that can offer the experience that a 360 camera provides. These cameras are in a class of their own, allowing you to capture your experiences in their entirety. A 360 camera will give your viewers the feeling of being right there beside you on your journey.

What Options Can I Choose From?

Due to their rising popularity, tech companies are making different models of 360 cameras at a rapid pace. As a result, there are many different kinds to choose from, varying design, price, and ergonomics. It's a foregone conclusion that you will find a camera that suits your style and budget with all these choices to choose from. 

Are 360 Cameras User-Friendly?

The majority of 360 cameras can be operated with the push of a button or two. Furthermore, you can even control them with your smartphone. However, there are some 360 cameras that are very complicated to operate. So you will want to do your due diligence and adequately research these cameras so that you can steer clear of these models.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, we've done our job and dispelled some of your misconceptions about 360 cameras and VR. Remember that with 360, the images are real and stitched together to give it its effect. 

More importantly, remember the unrivaled experience that 360 cameras can provide. If you don't have one yet, browse the internet and begin searching to purchase the perfect 360 camera for you.