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GEAR REVIEW: Godox AD400 Pro Flash vs. Neewer i6Tex Flash

Published: 21/12/2019

It’s funny how things work out. Yesterday, I posted an article on extending the life of lithium-ion batteries, as there appears to be an increasing number of shooters moving to flashes powered by these types of batteries--particularly those from Godox/Flashpoint. Well, this morning, while checking out a few YouTube videos, I ran across a quick, 7-minute clip from my friend and long-time PFRE member, Matthew Stallone, in which he did a review/comparison of a couple of powerful, lithium-ion powered flashes: the Godox AD400 Pro flash vs. Neewer i6Tex flash.

Having a reliable flash with adequate power is a must-have in our field and it appears that these flashes offer more than enough power to meet the needs of most real estate photographers. Anyway, if you’re in the market for upgrading your flashes or simply adding a bigger flash to your existing collection of Speedlights, then you’ll probably find this video interesting.

Brandon Cooper

11 comments on “GEAR REVIEW: Godox AD400 Pro Flash vs. Neewer i6Tex Flash”

  1. I have an AD400, but use a combination of AD200's and speedlights 95% of the time these days. The AD400 is just a bit too bulky and heavy to haul around for RE work IMO.

    Design work is different, but I find that if a RE space is too large to shoot with the AD200 I'm better off using ambient brackets anyway. The AD200's power, along with cameras like the A7III's ability to shoot cleanly at ~400 ISO means I can light a pretty big space with a pretty small flash.

  2. I have a Flashpoint 400 and the light is great but yes as Brian says it’s a little cumbersome for most homes. I love it though for those sun filled great rooms that are 2 stories tall!! Just pop that baby off from the 2nd floor landing and walla a gorgeously lit sun filled room!

    I bought another FP360 on black Friday. I have 2 of those, 2 of the FP round flashes and 4 regular flashes. My FP 200 is always under my armpit to use in bathrooms or closets. I’ve never liked the design of the 200’s - it’s a brick and cannot move around like a normal flash!

    I am so happy to not have to keep AA rechargeable batteries charged up anymore! The Lion batteries last a long time!

  3. Also one thing to consider even though one is more powerful and less expensive- once you are in one system you are stuck with that brand because- I’m pretty sure - that Godox - Neewer - and flashpoint will not work all together. Am I correct?

  4. @Kathy, you bring up an excellent point. Flash commanders don't work between different brands (do they work between FP and Godox as they're the same products with different badges?). It was such a massive time and knee saver when I when totally over to a Yongnuo system. No more walking around and up and down stairs to change setting on flashes. I have some 300Ws cheap JTL strobes that I trigger with a Yongnuo receiver, but I don't use them that often.

    I completed my time saver set up with the CamRanger. Between being able to remotely control flashes and the camera, I can work much more efficiently.

    At some point in the future I'll swap over to all Godox and sell of what's left working of my Yongnuo stuff unless something new comes along. The one thing I won't do is purposely buy flashes from two or more incompatible brands.

    The way I look at flash for RE is that speedlights are king. They are small, light and easy to put light in tight spaces. They are also great when you just need the slightest puff of light in a tub, shower or closet as you can set them very low. If I'm at 1/1 and need more, I can add another speedlight. If I still need more, I have a tri-holder and can put three on the same stand. Past that point or if I need to do that for more than one or two comps, I'll break out the Mobilight 300. I would like to replace that with a 600Ws portable. I can turn an AD600 down lower than 3 full power speedlights so I have good power overlap. Intermediate power strobes don't make a lot of sense unless they are demonstorably cheaper or you have other applications you can use them for, you might as well get the 600Ws version and be done with it. Part of that for me is the K.I.S.S. approach. I'd rather have multible copies of something that I can get to know well. If I have 2 speedlights, an AD200, 360, 400 and 600, I have to juggle the variable of 5 different devices. With just speedlights and 600Ws strobes, it's down to 2. When I get an AD600 or equivalent, maybe I'll use it a lot more than I do my JTL. I like speedlights since it's easy to move fast with them. I'm a "get it right in camera" shooter rather than somebody that makes exposures for compositing all of the time. I know some people that will get their base ambient frame and walk around popping an AD600 in all of the adjacent rooms to get everything lit, but that just means swapping time out of the house for more time in front of the computer.

  5. @Randy. You mean a battery indicator that works, right? I have plenty of stuff that will show full charge forever, drop one bar and shut down seconds after that.

  6. My Nicephoto flashes have four bars (dots actually). They will light all 4 for about half a day, go to three for a day or 2, and when they go to 2, you had better have another one ready.

  7. There is a battery indicator it’s just in the illuminated screen. This horrible and fake review should not be taken seriously it’s clear Matthew is just looking for more exposure. He recently set up a studio, wants so badly to be an influencer, grabbed a couple flashes lying around and filmed a fake review. His knowledge on the product is useless. Not going to get into lumens? You’re reviewing a flash you dingaling! Oh no you can’t set it down on it’s side on the counter? Give me a break. Nice shot working the Jag logo in too Matthew bahaha. Ohhhhhh you must be so successful!! Brandon, you just happened upon this video hey? Happens to be the day he posts it?! Do you think we’re all that naïve? Merry Christmas all don’t forget to buy tickets to next years conference for your stockings!

  8. Thanks Brandon, for the post and recommendation. The importance of flash for us photographers is key and with soooooo many options out there I'm glad we have a platform like PFRE to share our insights and help one another.


  9. Calvin, Thanks for starting off the YEAR with yet another Negative jack ass comment and useless for this PLATFORM. I don't want to be anything but helpful to others in the industry BIG NOTE the battery indicator is vital when you are charging the battery OFF The camera DUh! so either make a comment that is relevant and not useless point. Neewer sent me the flash I didn't purchase anything and left a honest review! Wow! talking about jealous wanna a be photographers like Calvin not happy with his own work you post hate all over.. Have a great 2020 and hopefully your attitude gets better and more positive!

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