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Congratulations To Charlie Dresen - June/July Videographer Of The Month

Published: 01/08/2015

2015-07CharlieDresenCongratulations to Charlie Dresen of Steamboat Springs, Colorado who the video jury voted the June/July videographer of the month. Here is Charlie's winning video.

Here are the ranking results of the voting:

  1. #4, Charlie Dresen, Steamboat Springs, CO
  2. #6, Steven Dolinsky, Nyack, New York
  3. #5, Jared Saulnier, Portsmouth, NH
  4. #7, Allan Mackenzie, Moolooaba, Australia
  5. #2, Michael Sosnowski, Falmouth, Maine
  6. #3, Matt Parvin, Southport, North Carolina
  7. #1, Patrick Bertolino, Houston, Texas

As usual, the video judges have made lots of comments on each of the entrants in the Flickr video contest pool so there is a lot to be learned by going through the comments.

Here are Charlie's comments:

I’m honored to have been selected.

As I was conceptualizing this video, I asked the owners to write down their top 10 favorite things about the property. It turned out that the majority of the top 10 did not have anything to do with the actual home. Many were of the experiences they have while living in such a setting. So those experiences were what I needed to capture in the video. The home matters, but you’ll see that a large part of this video is about the lifestyle of living there. I shot the interview first and that really dictated how I shot and edited the video. She told the story, I just put in the visuals.

The Gear:

  • DJI Phantom 3 Professional – shot in 4k
  • Sony A7S w/ Sony Zeiss 16-35 – shot with no Picture Profile @1080p 24p = slider / 60p =Movi
  • Canon 5D MKIII / Canon 24-105 for second camera angle during interview
  • Konova K3 slider
  • Movi M5 stabilizer (car shots, kids playing, interior, fire pit)
  • Sennheiser EW100 G3 microphone and lav mic for interview
  • Manfrotto Tripod 540HD / 535K
  • Adobe Premiere Pro CC (new to software from FCP7 – I love it)
  • Apple iMac Retina 5k 27” / 4ghz i7 / 16gb RAM / ADM Radeom M295x 4096mb graphic card
  • Music –
Larry Lohrman

8 comments on “Congratulations To Charlie Dresen - June/July Videographer Of The Month”

  1. Congratulations Charlie, so well deserved mate! As always consistently great technically and storytelling wise. A great benchmark and inspiration for anyone that wants to work in this genre.

  2. This is truly a well made video and I applaud Charlies work, but he appears to use a lot of drone footage in it. I am wondering how this is possible when the FAA still will not allow it. Does Charlie have the 333 exemption or is he just thumbing his nose at the FAA and taking the chance that they won't come down on him?

  3. Congratulations Charlie, great work. Very inspiring stuff. Its very rare for me to sit through a whole property video and I watched it twice!

  4. Thanks for all the comments.

    One thing on length – yes, it’s long. My initial edit was 10 minutes. But the one thing I’ve stared doing is making little vignette videos from that main video. Then I use those videos is my social media push. Video shorts on topics like: architecture, the outdoor life, the interior features, etc. This home might take a while to sell so making other little videos keeps in fresh and inviting.

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