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Congratulations Ron Putnam July PFRE Photographer Of The Month

Published: 23/07/2013

The PFRE jury has voted Ron Putnam of Chico, CA the PFRE photographer for July. Ron's winning photograph is on the right. Click on it to view a full size image.

Here are the voting results:

  1. Ron Putnam – 44
  2. Don Miller - 23
  3. Charles Lynch - 10
  4. David Jones - 8
  5. Chad Geauvreau - 4
  6. Barry MacKenzie - 4
  7. Jonathan Davis - 3
  8. Adrienne Dufficy - 2
  9. Tim Furlong Jr. - 2

Update 7/24: Here are Ron's comments on is winning photo:

A Big thanks to all the judges for taking the time to evaluate all the entries. There were some really good photographs to go up against so thanks everybody who entered. This bathroom was pretty simple but yet very beautiful due to all the fine detail work by the builder. In my mind there was really only one composition which is straight on in this case. The natural lighting in this bathroom was also very nice so I did my best to replicate how it felt when I walked in. Since I took this shot I've been waiting for the bathroom contest as I knew I had something good right from the moment I snapped it. Big thanks to the builders and architect, after all they did all the hard work.

Camera used is a Canon 5DMkII with a Canon 17-40mm. Base exposure was around f/7.1 at 1/80th of a second, that might be off a bit but I'm sure it's close. That allowed for good overall available light in the room with only a need for a bit of fill to open up the detail in the beautiful wood work. For the fill there is one Canon 580ex behind camera with a 20" shoot through umbrella at about 1/8th power. On the right side there is a YN560 hidden around the corner on the edge of the bathtub shot into a tri-grip reflector that was somehow balanced on a light-stand in the corner. The last light used was another YN560 shot at about 1/16th into the shower stall wall, gelled with a 1/4 CTO. The CTO was a bit strong but actually matched the light bulb that they used in the shower. Plus got rid of a strong blue cast the flash alone produced. Lastly, the post production was just bringing up some shadow detail in LR as well as bringing back some highlights. In photoshop I got rid of the shoot-through-umbrella's reflection in the far window by using a second exposure with just the STU light turned off.
Larry Lohrman

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