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Congratulations Nestor Trillo - October PFRE Photographer of the Month

Published: 24/10/2012

The PFRE jury has voted Nestor Trillo's elevated photo of Waikiki Beach, shot from the 23rd floor of Nauru Tower, this month's photo of the month. For those of you not familiar with Honolulu, that is Diamond Head in the distance and Ala Moana Beach Park on the lower right just up the road from Waikiki Yacht Club.

Here are this months voting results:

  1. Nestor Trillo - 37
  2. Kerry Bern - 20
  3. Frank Breslin - 19
  4. Jason Roehner - 17
  5. Jonah Gouin - 8
  6. Dan Milstein - 6
  7. Anthony Britten - 6
  8. Tim Trieschmann - 4
  9. Jonathan Davis -3

Here are Nestors comments about  this photo:

The client's unit was smack in the middle of the building you see on your left. That's about 20 stories up. It has an amazing sunset view, but one that was beyond my current skill level to capture effectively. So I decided the next best thing would be to shoot the reflection of the sunset in the building's glass. However, shooting the building from ground level made all the glass turn a bright gold that tended to overexpose easily. Luckily I still had just enough time to access the building next door and get permission to shoot from an owner of a unit on the 23rd floor. The view and the quality of light just at that moment was stunning. I literally stood there mesmerized for a moment before I remembered why I was holding a camera. The balcony or lanai was only a foot deep so there was no room for my tripod. I did the best I could by bracing my self against the railing 23 floors up and tried not to look down. Post processing was primarily cropping/straightening, vibrance boost to the shadows, and selective sharpening.

Great job Nestor! I've removed all the entries in the Photographer of the Month flickr group except the 9 above that were awarded points by the jury and have posted entrants name and points awarded. Thanks for everyone's participation!

Larry Lohrman

8 comments on “Congratulations Nestor Trillo - October PFRE Photographer of the Month”

  1. Twilights, sunsets, and seasides, Oh My!
    Nestor, not only is that one of my favorite locations, your shot is one of the best I have ever seen of the property there. Congrats on a well deserved win for a beautifully effective marketing image.

  2. Very nice shot.
    Hawaii is a stunning place to see and a photographer’s paradise. During Vietnam, I was stationed in Pearl Harbor and sailed past Diamond Head and Waikiki as we went into and out of the harbor. Thanks Nestor, for bringing back wonderful memories.
    Good job!

  3. Larry, Dan and Eric thank you so very much for your kind words. I feel fortunate (and a little guilty) to live in such a wonderful place. Every time I go out to shoot, I try my best to improve my skills and, somehow, try to do justice to all the beauty that surrounds me. It's never easy, but at least I try. Thanks again for the encouragement and the honor of representing the profession for the month of October. Aloha and Mahalo!

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