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Congratulations Mike Leyland, Cairns AU PFRE Photographer of The Month October

Published: 01/11/2011

Halloween is over in Greenwich and Mike Leyland of Cairns AU has won the voting for the October PFRE photographer of the month. Notice that Mike won last month too! Mike is the third two time winner and the second photographer to win two consecutive months. Congratulations Mike! Mike says:

Hats off to everyone who had a photo in this month’s competition, there were some fantastic entries again this month and I am truly amazed to have been voted in for a second time. Thank you for your votes and comments – it is immensely rewarding to receive this recognition from people who are, themselves, creating such beautiful images.

My knowledge of the previous owners of this property is a little sketchy, but as far as I know, it was built as a country retreat by a high-profile Australian family as a ‘country escape’ back in the 70’s or 80’s. Over time, the property fell into disrepair and when the current owners purchased the property it looked more like a set from an Indiana Jones movie, it was so over-grown.

It took a number of years, but the new owners restored, rebuilt and improved the estate and the result is nothing short of exquisite. Rainforest Estate covers 9 acres, with the main residence and separate guest pavilion sitting amongst 4 acres of manicured lawns and gardens and the remainder left as unspoiled rainforest. The property is hired out as an exclusive venue for weddings, family/group holidays, etc so, as you would expect, everything is finished to a very high standard – including a massive floor-to-ceiling indoor waterfall in the main residence. As a bonus, because of the property’s exclusivity, the owner has a great relationship with the local heli-charter company and organised some air-time as part of our shoot.

This was without doubt my favourite shoot for so many reasons - the property was awesome, wonderful Queensland weather, 20 minutes hanging out of a helicopter and incredibly friendly and accommodating clients - they even put on lunch for us.

Thanks again to you (Larry and the team) for creating the PFRE community and this competition – they have both helped me immensely. Most of all, thanks to my beautiful wife Marylyn, who is my ‘fluffer’, lighting assistant’, bag carrier and much more. Without her I wouldn’t get these shots.

We are now accepting photo entries for the November PFRE Photographer of the month. The November theme is Patio, deck or garden space. For full details on how to submit your photo for voting see the PFRE Photographer of the month page.

Larry Lohrman

9 comments on “Congratulations Mike Leyland, Cairns AU PFRE Photographer of The Month October”

  1. Beautifully done! But did we really need a shot like that November 1 in the Pacific Northwest? How about a contest for the most deplorable shooting conditions and still make the home look appealing? Lots of opportunities in the coming months out our way. Keep up the good work...

  2. @Jeff- They can't be seen, I just took them off the flickr group a few hours ago. And the copies I had on my desktop are in the trash can. The whole idea is you have all October to see them and vote on them. It's now November and we are accepting a new set.

  3. Thanks everyone, you are too kind. If any of you do stray over this way, look me up and I'll gladly show you round. Best avoid our wet season unless you like the rain though - it can get pretty wet here from around December to February.

    Thanks for the link to AGBeat - it is great to see someone actively using the competition as a means of promoting professional real estate photography.

    Keep up the good work and I look forward to seeing the entries for the 'most deplorable shooting conditions' category.

  4. Hi Mike long time no speak but congratulations on this to you and your fluffer. You have done extremly well.

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