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Congratulations to Peter Polyak--PFRE Videographer of the Month July 2019!

Published: 31/07/2019

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Congratulations to Peter Polyak from LuxHunters in Miami, FL who has won the July 2019 PFRE Videographer of the Month Contest! Here is Peter's great video.

Here are the top three contestants in order of points awarded by the jurors:

  1. Peter Polyak #2
  2. Nicholas Marshall #6
  3. Ollie Paterson #4

You can check out all the entries here.

I've reached out to Peter for comment and here is what he had to say about the video:

Thank you for the recognition, it's greatly appreciated!

I come from a fine art background in both high school and college. There, I learned photography on the side so I could take good-quality pictures for paintings; mostly for portraits I had been commissioned to paint. Years later, I found myself writing and directing a short, "I'm Not an Artist", which made it clear why I have been learning all about shapes, colors composition, choreography, music, and commercial psychology.

After shooting some music videos, shorts, commercials, and a feature documentary back in Europe, it was a great school in Miami that I learned, with Zoltan Present, the head of LuxHunters, about the special mindset behind creating real estate productions.

With this video, we expected to feature the realtor but only to introduce the property with his voiceover. This lead us to shoot a video where we don't show all corners of the unit rather, we edited a mix of highlights and a hint of lifestyle on a personalized level that still is about the beautiful and unique experience that this home provides.

We are still pleased with the quality of the DJI Phantom 4 Pro. I love using the Ronin-S with a third party cross-bar attached to it with the handles turned at about 30 degrees. This enables me to hold my forearms parallel to the ground while my wrists are in a comfortable and natural position. Luckily, this unit had huge windows that allowed us to skip using the Edelkrone motorized slider that we always use for double exposures to be able to see the view through the windows. This time, I was able to shoot with the stabilizer only. The Panasonic GH5 with its 4K 60p ability was a great help to hide imperfections while operating the gimbal and when needed, we use some stabilization in post as well.

It was a nice and smooth shoot since the unit is amazing and the realtor knew exactly what he wanted to say. Being prepared is the key that makes the shoot go as easy as possible. We had almost every clip shot well enough the first time around and just repeated them to have back-up footage.

This client has been working with us for long time. We really appreciated that he knew our work well and wanted to experience something that was new for him while experiencing that with us.

Real estate videography is still in its youth. Whether you are new to it, or an old-time videographer who wants to dig deep into creating content for the business of real estate, recognize that our present time is changing faster than ever before and its visual hunger blinks for motion picture. Build on still photography as the right composition moves toward another one; we believe that learning from the right step to another can help us keep up with the changes and may even have us surf on the very top of the wave.

Keep learning and keep growing, my friends.



Brandon Cooper

7 comments on “Congratulations to Peter Polyak--PFRE Videographer of the Month July 2019!”

  1. Great video and a well-deserved win in a really strong month. When the quality of RE films is as good as this lot, I really can't see how you can argue that these high-end films don't hugely help promote / sell the homes.

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