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Congratulations Brian Doherty - June PFRE Photographer of The Month

Published: 24/06/2016

BrianDoherty2016JuneCongratulations to Brian Doherty of Boston MA who the jury has voted PFRE photographer of the month for June. This is Brian's second win as the PFRE photographer of the month. His first win was back in July of last year.

Here are all the entries that the jurors awarded points to this month:

  1. Brian Doherty
  2. Tony Colangelo
  3. Alasdair Macintosh
  4. Thom Neese
  5. Kledge
  6. Timmy Krueger
  7. Charles Lynch
  8. Canek Estrada
  9. Tommy Daspit
  10. Swizzler
  11. Matt Davis
  12. Matt Parvin
  13. Matthew Stallone
  14. Orazio Pugliese

Brian says:

Wow! Thank you jury, I'm honored to be this months winner. I photographed this home during a rain storm and it produced some of the most beautiful light I have ever seen. The soft paint colors, large windows and contrasting elements made for some great ambient images.

I think I actually spent more time on this foyer than the kitchen that day which is very rare for me. Normally for RE I do not mess with staging that much, but that day I just saw a beautiful image in my mind. I removed about 15 jackets of the hooks in the back and left the two rain coats. I moved the bench from the right side next to the door to where it is now and also added the pillows and nautical door stops. This was shot at 22mm F11 at iso 640. You can see the reverse angle in my feed.  What's funny to me is the last time I won I used an ambient only shot as well. I think the ambient gods are trying to tell me something, maybe its time to throw away all my flashes!
Larry Lohrman

15 comments on “Congratulations Brian Doherty - June PFRE Photographer of The Month”

  1. Congratulations Brian! I always felt this image had a special, almost magical, feel to it. The Ambient Gods were certainly smiling on you that day. Well done, sir.

  2. Congratulations Brian! I felt this image had a special, almost magical, feel to it. The Ambient Gods were certainly smiling upon you that day. Well done, sir.

  3. Congratulations Brian!
    Don't through away your flashes just yet (unless of course you specialize only in fine art photography). It is true that most of the time the natural light images are the most appealing and when the light is right the image is just magical. The only issue is that it does not happen very often. And to build a business on shooting only 15 minutes a day is hardly a viable solution. The artificial lights are only trying to imitate the natural light when it is not there the way it should. But what we can do is learn from the natural light images and try to replicate that with our added light.
    Beautiful work! 🙂

  4. Thank you everyone! @Zoltan That was just a joke 🙂 @Barry I actually forgot to mention I wanted to remove all the rugs but the under padding was literally stuck to the floor. It would have been a photoshop nightmare so I just went with the rugs.

  5. Great job Brian! You deserve the win with such a great image. I love shooting on overcast/rainy days as well, great ambient lighting to work with.

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