Lighting Workshop For Architechural Photography – LA Area

June 30th, 2008

Learn how to light real estate and architectural interiors like the pros, using off-camera speedlights.

Bay Area interior/architectural photographers Scott Hargis and Thomas Grubba will conduct a full-day workshop on Saturday, August 2nd, in Santa Clarita, California (greater L.A. area). This is a very hands-on workshop; bring your camera, your wide-angle lenses, and speedlights, and plan on a lot of shooting!

Architecture/Real Estate Photography is a great way to break into professional photography, even part-time; this is your chance to learn from two prominent pro’s and pick up the techniques that will take your interior photography to the next level.  Many of the tips and tricks learned here will spill over into other areas of professional photography.

This workshop is sponsored in part by Nik Software, there will be discounts for workshop attendees and one lucky photographer will receive free software as a door prize!

Testimonial, by Bill Millios:
“I have seen Thomas and Scott do their photography, and they are impressive.  Interior photography is not about nuking a room until it glows – but instead it is about finessing the light until the room looks like you’d like to step into the photograph, and live there.  Think surgeons, not bludgeons – gently coaxing stray photons into cooperation to achieve a harmonious result.  Thomas and Scott are more than just photographers – they are also outstanding teachers – you will walk away from this workshop with images in the camera, AND the knowledge of how to repeat the results on your own.  You’ll also have a chance to hear the business side of things – how do you set yourself up as a professional in such a way that you defy the odds – and STAY in business.  Don’t miss this.  Even if you’re not planning to become an interior/real estate photographer – this workshop will add width and depth to your skills.”

Preliminary Agenda

Morning — equipment review, basic lighting discussion and demo; followed by 3 hours of hands-on shooting in two staged/furnished 3400 sq. ft. new construction houses, with the focus on lighting small rooms with basic lighting setups. With a low student-to-instructor ratio, you will have plenty of access to the instructors for coaching and advice.
Afternoon — begins with a demo of a complex, multi-room lighting setup, followed (again) by 3 hours of actual hands-on photography in which every student will be designing and perfecting lighting setups with up to 5 lights.

Cost:  $225 ($275 after July 25th), includes lunch
Location: Santa Clarita, California (about an hour north of downtown LA)

To register, email Thomas Grubba:

For information, email Thomas, or Scott: or

For example images please view our web sites at or

Act soon, registration is strictly limited to 20 participants to preserve a low instructor-student ratio.

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32 Responses to “Lighting Workshop For Architechural Photography – LA Area”

  • I’m interested in attending. I’m in the SF Bay Area. Are there any Nor Cal people that would be interested in carpooling?

  • I’d like to come, too. Unfortunately, being on the East Coast makes it a little difficult. Any plans to come this way? By the looks of the survey awhile back there is a lot of interest in the D.C. area. How ’bout it?

  • We have plans to do a workshop in Baltimore sometime in september. Of course we’ll keep everyone posted on that.

  • i wish i could attend this course so much but it makes it so hard when i live in australia!! if you ever do a course over a few days i would definately look at flying over to do it!!

  • How do you hide the remote strobe device from getting into the shots?

  • JR – Attend the workshop and find out!


  • I am so bummed out that I can’t attend this workshop. I wanted more than anything to be able to attend.

    Maybe the next time you do one in SoCal, I can make it.

  • Oh, wow! You’re coming to MD!? Where can I sign up to be notified when you have a timeframe for that one? I have GOT to attend.

  • I would love to attend if you had something closer to home on the east coast. I am from Florida, however, even MD or DC would be good alternatives.

  • […] Here’s a workshop I’d love to take: it’s an on-location full-day architectural/interior photography workshop (held just outside Los Angeles in Santa Clarita, California), on how to light home or business interiors using off camera flash (like a Nikon SB-800 or a Canon 580 EX). The instructors are interior photographers Scott Hargis and Thomas Grubba and the full-day workshop is coming up on Saturday, August 2nd (the tuition is only $275). For full details, click here. […]

  • Hmmm, like a number of other people here, I’d also love to take part especially as it’s particularly relevant to some work I’m doing right now, but being in Germany counts me out too. David Hobby put one of his Strobist seminars out on DVD recently. Have you any thoughts about doing something similar??


  • Steve, a multi-DVD set is about 2/3’s done filming; the editing will take a few weeks but we’re hoping to release it in late fall.

  • Would love to attend seminar. I’ll try and work out logistics, first. Can you recommend hotel/motel close by? Thanks!

  • […] to a fantastic response, Scott and Thomas’s lighting workshop on August 2nd has been filled. They have received enough inquires to potentially organize an additional workshop […]

  • This would be a great workshop and I wish I could attend. Have you given any thought to a DVD on the subject at all? This is something I’d love to have personally.

  • […] lighting as your experience and awareness of light expands. I highly recommend attending one of Scott and Thomas’s lighting workshops to “get your lighting […]

  • I wish I could have attended, but didn’t know of it until after it happened. Will the DVD be more in depth than the Strobist Lighting 101 DVD? It’s already really good, but we would love to learn more about architecture specific lighting!!!! Let me know, puhlease, when the DVD is out. Nancy

  • Cant wait for this workshop! See you guys on Sunday!

  • Thanks very much, Thomas and Scott, for such an informative, educational hands-on workshop! I learned so much, and am still in information overload. You both gave me so many great ideas and tips on how I can achieve things easier, faster, and less expensively. I can’t wait to put this all into action. Thanks again.

  • […] their workshop (it’s honestly under priced for what you get, at $225). Here’s where to find out more about their workshops, and their flickr group. Thanks Thomas and Scott for producing such a […]

  • Umm, New York, maybe? Something to think about if you’re traveling…

  • […] like Thomas and Scott’s Lighting workshop in Santa Clarita was a big success. Scott Kelby and Matt Kloskowski attended the workshop and it sounds like they […]

  • when is the next one ? Please put me on your mailing list.

  • There isn’t a date set for the next one but stay tuned.

  • any hopes you’ll release a dvd on this subject…i am from europe and can’t attend your workshop but would love to learn more on this subject

  • This looks like a great workshop, how are the Baltimore/D.C. area plans coming? I would love to attend.

  • I’m in Florida, but if Maryland’s the closest place upcoming, please add me to the list!

  • I too am in Fl. and would definately like to attend if you come close please keep me informed. I also shoot yacht interiors and am always looking for new techniques. Please feel free to contact me.

  • Another Floridian who would love to attend one of your classes, if it were only closer… like in Florida, for example 😉

  • How about a Houston Seminar? We’re the 4th largest city in the country and our real estate market has been on a nice steady uptick for the last 10 years (no boom, and no bust).

  • I too am in florida and am interested…how about miami/tampa??

  • Iam a young engr. who wants to learn more. so please keep me posted.

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