David Palermo: Real Estate Photographer of The Month

April 9th, 2008

This month I’ve selected David Palermo as the PFRE photographer of the month. I’ve admired David’s work for some time now. I first noticed David’s stunning cockpit photos that he shot at the Smithsonian’s National Air and Space Museum. These images caught my attention because shortly before I first saw David’s cockpit photography I’d done some cockpit shots of the Spruce Goose and they didn’t work out nearly as good as David’s. David is selling special limited edition prints of some of these famous cockpits. As David describes his Smithsonian shoot:

I had a year long job at the Smithsonian’s National Air and Space Museum. My job was to photograph the cockpits of historical aircraft as they moved each on into the museum and hung on the ceiling or displayed on the museum floor. It was a great experience! There is an article in the current issue of Architectural Digest about this museum.

David describes his background, equipment and work as follows:

I have been a photographer since age 18 when I bought my first camera by selling 2 autographed books by Ansel Adams (I kept a 3rd one). I like to say he helped me buy my first camera! I worked at Apple Computer in a position that made me decide to go into professional photography full time. At Apple I was product manager for technology that started virtual tours called QuickTime VR. I left Apple in 1999 to pursue full time photography. No, it has not been easy! It’s the selling that gets to me! I need to work on that!

I use 2 Nikon D70’s for creating virtual tours and a Canon 5D for still photographic work. On the Nikons I use a 10.5mm fisheye lens. On the Canon I use a 24mm TSE (Tilt-Shift lens) and a 24 – 105 zoom lens. I rarely use supplemental lighting. When I do it’s for some subtle fill in. I have a Canon 580ex strobe as well as Speedotron Studio strobes.

In addition to real estate work I do hospitality/architectural work, some people photos – usually publicity head-shots. My personal work is landscape photography. I don’t have as much real estate work as I’d like. That’s because I am busy doing my other work. I travel a lot. This month I will be in Atlanta, Las Vegas, Chicago, and Nashville – all photo jobs so I have little time for RE work this month. My goal is to cut down on the travel and do more local RE work. I’m working on it!

If you appreciate 360VR be sure to see David’s 360vr site, it’s a real treat!Those of you that are regulars on PFRE and the PFRE flickr photo group will notice David’s insightful comments and suggestions. Thanks David for all your contributions!

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9 Responses to “David Palermo: Real Estate Photographer of The Month”

  • I like his Interior/Residential work…..not over edited like alot of the stuff out there…..shows he is a true professional.

    Too many photographers are over editing their photos to the point where potential buyers are being mislead and are disappointed when actually viewing the house in person..

  • congratulations Dave, your stuff is awesome.

  • Congratulations David! Your work is truly inspiring. I’m sure Ansel would be happy to say he helped. 🙂

  • David’s work is inspirational, plus he’s very open and willing to help other photographers!
    Hands down, the best HDR work I’ve ever seen, but he’s also very well-rounded in terms of technique!

  • Thank you everyone! I appreciate your comments!


  • I don’t know if I have ever seen a better photographer for real estate utilizing HDR. I have yet to come any where near his results for natural looking HDR interiors, and I can’t really recall seeing anyone else do this either. If we could all do HDR as great as David, we could scrap the lights all together. Congratulations David.

  • another prime example of rule of thirds. Great job on this shot.

  • I know this an old post, but I just stumbled on David’s website and I am amazed. Does anybody know if he does HDR or is it fusion or blending? It looks so clean/sharp. Any tips as to how to get hdr exteriors to look so sharp without color casts?

  • I know this an old post, but I just stumbled on David’s website and I am amazed. Does anybody know if he does HDR or is it fusion or blending? It looks so clean/sharp. If it is HDR, any tips as to how to eliminate that fuzzy, color cast look?

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