January 12th, 2016

Suggested Post Processing Vendors

 Website                                       Location – Seattle, Washington – Hanoi, Vietnam

Omorfia – Philippines – Hanoi, Vietnam – Tampa Bay, FL – Florida – USA – Hanoi, Vietnam – Philippines

Behnkephotoart – McHenry, Illinois – Chennai, India – Hanoi, Vietnam – Bangalore, India – Tampa, FL & – Adelaide, AU and Bangalore, India – Phnom Penh, Cambodia – New Delhi, India – Cebu, Philippines/Grand Rapids, MI – Australia, Asia, and Europe – Madiwela, Kotte, Sri Lanka – Hanoi, Vietnam – FL, CA, Manila – Raleigh, NC – Cambodia – Pula, Croatia – New Jersey – Karnataka, India – Lahore, Pakistan – Bangalore, India – Bangalore, India – Mumbai, India

Prologics  – Bangalore, India – Vietnam

TheColorClub – Multiple offices worldwide



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24 Responses to “Outsourcing”

  • Shawn Clabough recommendation by Cal Mitchener Spet 9th, 2015: “I have been using Shawn Clabough (Experts Touch Photography) for several years. He is very reliable, & does excellent work. More expensive than the overseas retouchers, but you get what you pay for. I highly recommend him…

  • Mark Reibman recommendation by Liz Kalaf, Sept 14, 2014: “Mark’s work is excellent. We are rapidly perfecting our shooting/editing relationship to get it working best for both of us, and I can’t tell you how good it is to find someone, as Mark said, that I can communicate with at any time, with full understanding of the conversation and the details. As a single parent running my own business, having Mark available to do my edits when I need them is fantastic. Now I just need to perfect my selection process and uploading times. Thanks Mark! And thanks so much Larry for pointing me in his direction. It’s changing my working life.”

  • I could not recommend PhotoUp in Grand Rapids highly enough. They are incredible at photo editing and are also doing some pretty rad social impact work around the world. We could not be happier to work with them in 2016 and beyond.

  • I am a busy RE photographer shooting 4-5 homes a day 4 days a week for 2 large brokerage firms plus independent clients, i just ran out of time to service my clients well with a 24 hour turnaround they are looking for in most cases. Photoup is my post processing company and has been for 2 years starting in April 2014. They are true professionals when it comes to real estate image processing, The turnaround time are good (24 Hours) but if you have a job that is a rush they can do it in quick as 12 and on the other side if you have a job that you are not worried about you can receive credit and have the turnaround delayed out as much as 48 hours and receive credit.

    Not only do i have more time for family life because i am not sitting in the office to all hours of the night i have more time to market my services, Take on bigger jobs and now am receiving calls to sell my work to stagers, interior designers and magazines like Cowgirl and Santa Fe magazines.

    As many of you are reluctant to give up your post work to another like i was, For me it has worked out great.

    Give them a try…

  • I have been using Photoup since last year and their photo editing is fabulous. They are very good at what they do and the turn around time is great. Photoup has given me my life back, now after shooting 3-5 homes a day I am no longer working till late in the evening to edit photos. Their editing skills are way better than I can achieve and their prices are very reasonable.

  • Started using PhotoUp late in 2015 on a trial period. I have emailed Devon Higgins & Dave Stark with any questions that I have had and they are always prompt with their replies.

    Now in 2016 I am using the team for most of my editing, turnaround times are great and quality is always good. Im working from Australia and have not had any issues. It is fantastic to upload before bed and then receive the completed photos the next morning.

    Edits from HDR (i send jpegs) and single RAW files are terrific. It takes a little altering of your workflow to organise the photos so you can sought them easy before uploading. I have now got the process down to only a few minutes per shoot once you are on the Photo website.

    I just need to get better internet to make the actual upload time smaller thats no fault of the team at Photoup though.

    I would highly recommend them to free your time for family or more work.

  • I have used the services of Anil Nath for the real estate photo editing, with regard to my property, for a considerable period of time, for a wide range of editing tasks. His skills and reliability are impeccable. I highly recommend his service.

  • I have used PhotoUp for almost 2 years and they are great. Customer service is very responsive and they’ll edit on Saturday’s with the right package. Highly Highly Recommend.

  • I injured my right hand and we could have lost a lot of business but luckily PhotoUp had contacted us previously so we decided to give them a try. We have never looked back. We are now able to take on more work. They are fantastic, consistent and very talented. You won’t be disappointed.

  • I have used PhotoUp for over two years and I am very pleased with the results. They do a great job with HDR and their turnaround time can’t be beat. I highly recommend them.

  • The quality of PhotoUp’s editing is top notch and their customer service is too; anytime I’m working with customer support they are professional and responsive. I really enjoy working with them. The photo uploading/management software platform is so nicely done and easy to use too, it’s very sharp. You can’t beat their turnaround times. They’ve changed what I do and how I do it and I couldn’t be happier. Just like them I’m now able to grow a beautiful, more sustainable, responsible, fulfilling business. On top of all that, who can’t get excited about their social mission? How cool! PhotoUp cares end-to-end. I always feel appreciated and I appreciate them. They’re the industry leader for a reason, because they really are dedicated to helping you succeed and grow your business. Easy 5-out-of-5 star rating. Highly recommend.

  • Geoff Hannert, a one-man show out of Raleigh, NC has consistently delivered me great work with a fast turn-around time and fair pricing over the past 6 months. His communication and professionalism is top-notch and it is wonderful to have finally found someone that I can rely on. I can’t recommend him enough.

  • I have been using Hello Imagtor for the past few months. They have been doing some really nice work for me. so far. Highly responsive & do pay attention to details. Willing do try new techniques. Give them an A+. My site is under construction currently.

  • We’ve been using Imagtor for several months, and have been extremely impressed with not only the beautiful images they send back, but their consistency and reliability, fast turnaround, great customer service and reasonable pricing. They have really exceeded our expectations. So glad we gave them a try!! We highly recommend them.

  • has been doing most of my editing for over a year now and he is a great editor. He is also extremely easy to work with even though I am very particular. I have tried several editors over the last few years but was never happy with their work until I found Ivan. I highly recommend him!

  • I’ve been using Arun at Outsource Infotech now for over 4 years for their superb quality, quick turnaround and great personable service. They are very reasonably priced and are far better than a lot on offer out there, as I tried a few companies prior to working with them. Their team is very professional and do a quicker than 24-hour turnaround, if needed. They are also exceptional at virtual staging, which I use from time to time, for empty properties. I also gained my family life back and feel a lot more relaxed not having that additional process to complete burning the midnight oil, and stressing about getting images back to the client on time. Highly recommended.

  • Cross digital is a fantastic supplier, great communications and fast turnaround!

  • I have been using PhotoUp for the past month and have been incredibly impressed with their fast turn around time, the quality of work, the ease of requesting revisions and their price points. The confidence I have in their service has already changed my business model to where I am more aggressively taking on Realtor photography jobs, increasing my workload and increasing my revenue with shorter turn around times than ever before.

    I could not be happier.

  • I am still new to the real estate photography business therefore everything on my end still takes longer than it should – from shooting to editing. After spending hours editing the photos to look as good as possible I decided that it wasn’t very smart on my end – it just took too long and I wasn’t good enough at it either. I have decided to give Photo Processing Services LLC a try. They have been great. Their photo editing skills are amazing and so much better than I could have ever done myself. Their customer service has promptly replied and answered all my question and in less than 24 hours I had my edited photos back. I am quick learner and possibly could edit just like them soon but it just isn’t worth it anymore. For the price and time savings I won’t edit my own photos anymore. Give Photo Processing Services LLC a try, you won’t be disappointed.

  • I have used the services of ADV Solutions and I must say they have been great. I was spending a lot of time on editing images and drone videos and at ADV I get the edited images and videos back in a very short time. It also freed up a lot of my time which I can spend with my family. I would highly recommend in giving them a shot.

  • I have been using Cross Digital for a few years and they always provide me with outstanding results. The images are processed in a very prompt timescale and the quality of their work is very consistent. The guys go beyond the norm to provide a quality product. I particularly appreciate the extra touches like added blue sky’s and removal of cords at no extra charge. I would recommend Cross Digital highly.

  • I have been using Cross Digital for over 3 years and I highly recommend their retouching services. They’ve always been reliable with their fast turnaround times and it’s great to communicate with a specific person rather than an automated company email like some other retouching companies. Their quality is great and they go above and beyond by greening grass, removing bins and cords etc for no extra cost.

  • I have used Cross Digital for a while now and their service is exceptional, especially the turn around time. Their re-touches are always spot on. I would highly recommend Cross Digital to any real estate!

  • Hi,

    For several years I owned Australia’s leading property photography franchise system Top Snap. During that time i used the services of Cross Digital India, who i found to be excellent. Chris, the owner was always very accommodating and had an outstanding team of retouchers working for him.
    Highly recommended!