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MLS Delivery - An Affordable Option in the World of Virtual Tours and Photo Delivery

Published: 22/01/2018

MLS Delivery provides an array of services to help photographers create immersive virtual tours, organize, resize, present, and deliver images, as well as manage and notify clients with an easy-to-use interface.

  • After uploading, images are formatted for the web and print, zipped, and displayed on a dedicated client page. If enabled, the system generates an MLS compatible tour containing selected still images, 360°s, and videos.
  • All tours and media can be managed from any web-enabled device.
  • Packages start at $10/mo and $7/tour

MLS Delivery is currently offering a 30-day free trial.  If you have any questions or would like to take advantage of this offer, call Jennie Edgerton at 817.205.6416 or visit

Click here to view a sample tour.

Brandon Cooper

13 comments on “MLS Delivery - An Affordable Option in the World of Virtual Tours and Photo Delivery”

  1. Thank you Larry-

    The pricing and storage structure is not for me but I am always interested to see real examples of photographers using those vendors.

    I was on their website and could not find a link pointing to the Tours created by their users. Can we have a link so we can see "real examples"?

  2. Interesting, but seems like a solution to a problem that doesn't exist and through it's cookie cutter simplicity may actually create problems. While it may take the 30 day trial to answer or confirm some of the concerns, they are not apparent from their website presentation and samples. For perspective, I accomplish the same with Tourbuzz (which recently added stills delivery option which I don't use) and Zenfolio which supports not only MLS and full size delivery but also other non-RE genera photography, such as events, where that delivery can also be customized. I find that works, but there are others that accomplish the same such as direct email, FTP off photographers website, Dropbox and other third party solutions. Concerning the tour, neither client sample page nor write-up showed branded delivery option which is important and I suggest that is the link they give to homeowners to distribute to their friends and social media which assists the Realtor with marketing themselves. Likewise was tour assembly and playback options. The write-up made it appear was automatically done for you which raised alarms (local MLS generates a free cheap tour for all listings as a "Realtor benefit" that plays first 5 photos if not overridden). Not certain if photographer (or client access) can actually assemble (re-assemble) the timeline to tell the story as I don't use 100% of photos delivered for the tour, choose/change music and narrative, and choose/change skin to personalize are as I noted the tour lacked thumbnails to a skin than includes them. Next is pricing - while fair/competitive - the $10/mo for 15GB is a joke, with the $40/mo more realistic and while $7 per tour is inexpensive, noted "begins at" with nothing about what comprises the $7 price or the add-on features that bump the price it "begins at." The 15GB is roughly what you can get for free as you add clients to Dropbox and exceeding you have to pay more which even with encouraging clients to transfer to their hard drive and delete from Dropbox I kept exceeding which pushed me to Zenfolio, priced about the same as Dropbox premium service but far more options including the SEO. Encouraging them to keep the photos in the cloud for future access will only blow through that 15GB sooner. Finally, just how hard is it to export full sized and mls size in Lightroom (very basic) to specific folders, zip them, and deliver via email or FTP which is free, or in my case upload full size to Zenfolio, then custom $0.00 (I'm pre-paid) RE shopping cart delivery menus for either full size or 1500px mls size delivery and have other options where they can purchase photo-books, prints, etc at additional cost. Tourbuzz delivers 4 links to them - branded, in-branded/mls-idx, and simple (ultra-basic, no external links) and the 4th link being their back office access where they can rearrange or change almost everything except server based addition/deletion which I have to do.

  3. Larry thanks very much for your comments! Yes, it’s designed to be simple! Uncomplicated and easy to use, providing a cost-effective solution for photographers. It's not an extra step it's one service that performs all those little steps from one place using different applications and services automatically. In response to your points:

    The Tour:
    Our tours are specifically designed to syndicate via MLS providing one link to stills, 360°, video, map, and sharing. All the photographer’s media is presented in one link. We have found that MLS-compliant tours have significantly better propagation by leveraging the MLS syndication process. It is effortless after the insertion of the URL into the MLS listing. Furthermore, the agent, homeowner, and friends can easily share the tour to their media with a click of the sharing menu where the Agent Name and contact is displayed with the post.

    Tour Assembly:
    After uploading stills, 360° images, and videos the photographer has the ability to arrange (move) the order of the of the stills, chose not to display an image, associate 360° images to still images (i.e link kitchen still to kitchen 360°) and choose one of the videos as an MLS compliant video tour. The Photographer may also have the system create an MP4 video from stills that are enabled for viewing on the tour.

    You are correct, we do not offer skins or music.

    Other Services:

    MLS-delivery is one product providing photographers a media delivery service that does all that you mention from the list of service providers you use and perhaps a bit more. FTP, resizing images, creating delivery notification emails and text message notification, and a client database. It’s one service doing many things a photographer routinely does to delivery media and tours rather than using many different solutions.
    An important feature you might have missed is the agent page. There is a live sample just under the “Cool things we do” it’s a dedicated page for the Agent providing access to the media for all the agent properties. Follow that link to see a sample tour ( Thanks, Carolyn for bringing that link forward)

    Your client is directed to their dedicated agent page from a system-generated text and email announcing the delivery. It’s designed to be uncomplicated to use for both the photographer and agent. The agent can download media individually, selected images or by Zip file. Click to copy links to the immersive tour and video for the MLS. Scroll down to see a list of active tours and properties enables the agent to quickly access media for other properties.

    In addition to the dedicated agent page, we provide a Group or Team page. This enables brokerages or teams who offer listing support to have the media one location. The group designee also receives delivery notification via email and text.

    Next is pricing

    Thank you! We worked very hard to be fair/competitive to provide a service for the day-to-day needs of a real estate photographer. The $10 is more than just disk space. It’s the delivery of your media in one professional package, branded, and uncomplicated for agents to use with time-saving features.
    $7 per tour is inexpensive, starting at $7 AND GOING DOWN, not up. I can see how that might be confusing! I’ll figure out how to word that better. Here the pricing: when you buy one it’s $7, buy 5 for $30 ($6 each) or buy 20 for $100 ($5 each).

    Finally, you don’t need to buy a tour for delivery of your media. These single link immersive tours that include stills, 360°s, Video, map, & share are an item photographers can upsell. The free tour you mentioned doesn’t support 360°, video, or map. The other services and complex mix of process, procedure or methods are significantly more labor-intensive and expensive providing services that you stated you did not use.

    A tour from yesterday:

    A small home that posted last week:

  4. I didn't like the fact that I didn't see any REAL samples created by photographers for their clients... so I lost interest. I also don't like the fact that you have to pay a MONTHLY membership fee. As soon as you stop paying the monthly, all the tours you had get deleted? Is that the way it works? Even though you pay a per tour fee in addition to the monthly. If I pay for a tour I want it to be there for at least a year.

  5. Thank you for providing those 2 links Jennie.

    Do you have another link that points to all the tour that have been created by all real estate photographers?

    Also on the 2 examples you provided, I could not see the Real estate agent branding or photographer branding. Do you have examples with Agent and Photographer branding?

  6. ON the samples, I also didn't see any property information... nothing about the address or square footage or bedrooms, etc... nothing. In addition to what Rom mentions, photographer branding. Also, are there branded and unbranded versions for the Realtor?

  7. Patrick,

    I have permission from one photographer who agreed to publicly posts tours. I value our copyright as scared and cannot use other photographers work to market MLS-delivery.

    When you cancel your subscription or stop payment, access to your account terminated. Your tours remain active for at least 90 days and you are notified. The tours of inactive photographers are removed from our servers during routine maintenance sometime after that.

    Patrick, I think you may be pleased to hear that we will be offering a "self host-tour" next quarter. This means that you can self-host the tour on your own server for as long as you like! What really tickles me is that you can offer these to your agents to host on their own websites!

    I recognize that not every photographer will find value in our service as it does three things: deliver media, host immersive tours, and manage client information. Every business is different and needs varying levels of service and support. Actually we delivery one more thing: Support!

    Thanks for your input!

  8. Rom!

    You can see public tours on facebook here:

    Please note that not all tours contain videos or 360° images, some just have one still and a collection of 360° images. So whatever the photographer chooses to deliver is presented.

    Videos can be seen here: Navigate past our commercial and playlists -Help and support videos for Agents, like what is a SUPRA CBS code and how to get ready. Help and support for photographers- how to do this and that. Then you will get the videos. These are posted by address and include the agent's contact information.

    We do not offer visible branding on the tour, these are MLS-Compliant tours for syndication via MLS. The tour path contains the Photographer's name (or business name) and property address for the tour. When you click the share menu and choose an option the post includes the agent's name, broker, and contact.

    Thanks for your input!

  9. Patrick,

    The property address is located in the lower right above the thumb navigation and also on the Map (if enabled by the photographer).

    Thanks again for your question!

  10. All of the features offered don't add any value for me. My better clients already tell me that the ubiquitous Ken Burns style "virtual tours" are worthless to them and many find them as annoying as I do. Part of my service is to organize the photos in a logical sequence using my own judgement, which all of my current clients are happy with, or my clients are free to have me organize the photos in the sequence they prefer. I provide image galleries sized to fit the two local MLS's, Zillow, Trulia, and a separate archive of large files suitable for printing. All of the galleries are a preset in Lightroom that takes only minutes to run in the background. I have a standard template that I use to notify customers that their images are ready that contains the links they only need to click on to retrieve. At that point, I am done and have no need to access any of that media "from any web enabled device". Managing online content is something an agent or broker's office will be doing. That sort of service on the photographer's side isn't very high value and only has the chance of being a money pit. All but the smallest offices I work for have somebody that is responsible for uploading listings to the various services and monitors those postings if the agent isn't doing it themselves.

    The margins for RE photography can be very tight. Paying yet another service to do things that are already semi-automated on my end doesn't help me earn more money or solve any problems.

    @Jennie, you should have your examples on your own web site and not on Facebook. I avoid them like the plague and while many people have succumbed, many have not though they will be fine with visiting a regular web page if it doesn't ask for the user to sign in or download various plug-ins.

  11. Ken,

    Sounds like our systems are very much the same! Just like your system, our system features a media interface where uploaded images can be reordered or not displayed on the immersive tour (all media in one link.) We also provide separately formatted images for MLS and Print. In our system, the photographer and agent are notified via email, and text with the click of a publish button.

    As to the Ken-Burn videos, we do provide the option for a system created mp4 if selected by the photographer; they can also upload an mp4 video they produced. These add a bit of SEO that puts your agent's name and the property address on youtube, another pebble in the stream of information.

    Your comment:
    "Managing online content is something an agent
    or broker’s office will be doing . . ."

    We agree it's the responsibility of the agent or broker - we do not manage or upload media into the MLS.

    I do have examples of our work on the site: There is a live agent page, a video tour of the photographer's interface and a video commercial for our tours. From the agent page, you can fiddle about and download images (Print and MLS), go to a live tour, and copy URL Tour links. For a hands-on look at the Photographer's interface, use the no CC required trial. No plugins, no apps to download.

    MLS-delivery is designed to be a cost-effective solution automating many of the time-consuming tasks performed by photographers. We hope that the immersive tours will expand a photographer product offering. We think the no-app, no plugin access creates a nimble tool for on the go photographers who can quickly modify a tour or resend a link to an agent.

    Thanks very much for your input, we value it!

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