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Congratulations Jacob and Jamie McNeil PFRE Videographers Of The Month For Oct/Nov 2014

Published: 02/12/2014

JJMcNeilCongratulations Jacob and Jamie McNeil, of PlatinumHD Canada, PFRE Videographers Of The Month For Oct/Nov 2014.

The video jurors  used a new more structured scoring system this month. And again, if you haven't read the comments by the jurors I invite you to take a look in the Videography contest forum.

Here are the points awarded by the jurors:

  1. 183 pts, #5, Jacob/ Jaimie McNeil - Vancouver, BC
  2. 174 pts, #13, Andre Mckenzie - Toronto, Canada
  3. 169 pts, #12, Allan MacKenzie - Buderim, Australia
  4. 163 pts, #3, Anders Carlson - Kailua Kona, Hawaii
  5. 162 pts, #14, Jason Ikaida - Portland, Oregon
  6. 157 pts, #1, Jonathan Davis - Big Island, Hawaii
  7. 145 pts, #8, Charlie Dresen - Steamboat Springs, Colorado
  8. 140 pts, #10, Hamish Beeston - Bristol, United Kingdom
  9. 135 pts, #4, Sharon/Lyndon Davey - Perth, Australia
  10. 125 pts, #11, Christine Bickley - Brisbane, Australia
  11. 123 pts, #2, Christina Carbo/David Barger - Tucson Arizona
  12. 118 pts, #9, Steve Dolinsky -Nyack, New York
  13. 111 pts,  #6, Dom Bower - Edinburgh, Scotland
  14. 98 pts, #7, Matthew Stallone - Toronto, Ontario

Here are Jacob and Jamie McNeil's comments on their winning video:

This one was pretty fun and was shot over two days. All the aerials were done from a chopper with doors off. Hand held and stabilized in post. There are some crane shots in there as well just to help add to the mix of shots.

Because the home was pretty unique we wanted to showcase the owners  passion for the home. It needed to be more than a property video to try and capture the feeling of the property.

Interview with the home owner was pretty straight forward. Two lights were used and a reflector.

Larry Lohrman

6 comments on “Congratulations Jacob and Jamie McNeil PFRE Videographers Of The Month For Oct/Nov 2014”

  1. Very well done winning video, however wasn't sharp when watching on my Note 3.

    Gotta learn to make videos. The home here is absolutely beautiful (as well as the video).

  2. Congrats! Inspiring work. A well told story and technically perfect. I'm curious which camera and editing suite you're working with.??

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