What Software Do You Use to Create Floor Plans?

October 11th, 2018

LaserMeasuringJanice, a Realtor in Illinois asks:

Do you have information about software I can use to create floor plans myself?

Yes; for a number of years, we have been tracking which floor plan creation software is a favorite among readers. Most people who do floor plans use some kind of laser measuring device to do the measurements on-site, and then use one of the following apps to create the finished floor plan later. Here are what readers say are their favorites as of a few months ago:

  2. MagicPlan

What is your favorite floor plan creation software?

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13 Responses to “What Software Do You Use to Create Floor Plans?”

  • I picked up a laser measuring device on eBay for $10 a couple of months ago and it’s surprising how accurate it is. I haven’t done a precise evaluation, but it seems to be within at least 1/8″ (3mm). For the price, it was worth the risk of $10. It’s good for around 40m.

    This one is listed for $21.49:

  • Floorplanner would be perfect if it worked on a touch device. I use Apexwin. It’s pretty complete and works on touch devices.

  • The $ 10.00 model doesn’t make sense. You want one that will blue tooth into the program.

  • For those that offer floor plans, how do you charge for them? Is it a standard included service? Or is it an add on?

  • I would like to offer the service, but don’t want to do it myself. Anyone know of individuals or companies providing the service in NJ? I need someone to come out and take the measurements.

  • While a little pricey per month to use, our company has been using PlanUp since June of 2014 (and before that TMA for several years.) and it’s the best floor plan app out there through all the research I’ve done (and I’ve done a lot!). User friendly, efficient, and fast. Another one to consider is Floorplans Pro. It’s a really simple app to use, but it does have some bugs and their tech support is poor. It’s also just a one time price of $15 to purchase without any additional costs for unlimited use.

  • I’m curious. Is this an add-on service for RE photography?

  • I charge as much as $229 to do a floor plan on a 2,000 square foot house. I assume it depends on your area. Not many people do it because it’s “too hard”. No it isn’t. Good photography is much more difficult, imo.

  • You can hire Home Depot to do floor plans.

  • Hmmm… floorplans? I have looked at the Matterport system and found it:
    1. expensive
    2. need to commit to many projects to justify the cost
    3. it takes a long time to shoot a house.
    And later after talking to users:
    The camera is not reliable, and their service is not the best.
    It seems that the main reason that people are using the system is not to sell houses or bring in showings. But they use it as a way to convince new brokers that it will help them convince new listing prospects to sign with them. I have to admit that the Matterport and their little doll house is a professional and glitzy presentation and could work well in the luxury market (which to me is leaning more toward video). But, do they really attract buyers? and would a simple floor plan with hotspots linked to your images in a tour offer the same? I am going to start offering this in the homes where I can get a ready made floor plan. I am not sure if I want to make them myself. That’s my thinking on this subject. I would like to hear other photographers’ experiences.


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  • I use Floor Plan Creator on my Android tablet.
    It is a low cost, easy to use solution for creating a plan on the site.


  • Dear Janice and other readers,

    We draw your floor plans within 1 working day! And that is a guaranteed deadline. We are aware of what you promise your customer. That’s why we always deliver on time.
    Our QC team executes 100% checks after the floor plans have been drafted to guarantee the quality is always up to your standards.

    Would be pleased to transform your handmade sketch or adapted building blueprint into a beautiful 2D/3D floor plan at a very competitive price. We draw in Floorplanner as well as in Autocad. A wide range of personal styling options and branding available. Please send us a mail to get our FREE brochure to see what we have to offer. We have our headquarter in The Netherlands and our own production facility in Kathmandu, Nepal. In short we provide you Dutch quality at Nepali prices.


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