Property Video Goes Viral But Sydney Morning Calls it “Cheap Shots”

February 13th, 2011

The Sydney Morning Herald ran an article recently high lighting‘s property video they did for NEO Property. SMH says:

A VIDEO featuring a scantily clad model has gone viral around the world but it’s not for the reason you’d think – it’s actually a property listing.

Gold Coast real estate agency NEO Property has gained notoriety after it emailed its newest property listing of a house at Binda Place, Sorrento, to 100 clients.

It features a video clip complete with music, images of the property and images of the model – peeling her clothes off inside the property. Click here to read the whole article.

OK, now that I have your attention here is a link to the video so you can have a look and decide for yourself.

This approach to marketing falls into the category of marketing and public relations P.T. Barnum is famous for summarizing with the quote, “I don’t care what the newspapers say about me as long as they spell my name right.

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10 Responses to “Property Video Goes Viral But Sydney Morning Calls it “Cheap Shots””

  • Smokin’. Get on with it. It’s a well done . . . err should I saw raw video.

  • This video presentation attracts attention for the agency, positive or negative. However, I don’t think that the introduction of bikini or lingerie models is going to sell any particular piece of real estate. Not my style.

  • I love it. There’s no such thing as bad publicity, anyway. And anytime someone does something “out of the box”, it’s a good thing, in my opinion. It may not appeal to a certain market segment, but that’s probably not the market segment they’re selling to, either. The “vanilla” property walk-throughs turn some people off, too.

  • As always, Platinum does a really nice production job.

    Is the clients approach to selling this property a bit “tacky”? I personally think so.

    Perhaps they are mirroring the typical motivation of their particular clientele? Maybe their clients fancy themselves as playboy-types.

    Clearly it got them some attention. Will it actually sell the property? Well, it’s all about exposure and numbers, right?

  • […] [via PFRE] […]

  • Another great video. Well done guys!

  • As much as I love Oz, as much as I love Aussies there is one thing I missing time after time….. Style

  • I am not sure that this super sexy style is the future of real estate marketing, nonetheless, we are incredibly fortunate to have the guys at Propvid breaking new ground for us. If it were not for the risk takers we would not know what is possible in this genre. I hope the days of safe and boring property tours will be overtaken by a wave of creativity and innovation. This video is more important to aspiring real estate videographers than we may think because it expands the limits of what is possible. If there are 2 groups of real estate video content providers, the safe and conservative vs the risk taking pioneers, I hope I end up in the second group.

  • Eh I thought it was a cheap gimmick when I saw the video. On par with the beer commercials with hot girls in bikinis. Now if the model came with the house I guess I could see why you would have her in the video.

  • Hi Scott,

    I would caution you to cast a wider eye on this particular “style” of presentation as it has a very limited audience. As a photographer of multi million dollar homes I’m sure you realize that for the most part you are dealing with very conservative people. At least we are in the high end Florida market. California has always been more progressive (?) than the rest of the nation but since most buying decisions are actually finalized by the wife I’d say the scantly clad model isn’t doing a thing for the sale of the house.

    I agree with you whole heartedly that thinking outside the box and bringing new techniques and styles to real estate presentations is what will differentiate your client with the money to invest in marketing. BTW: And until you’ve been through it, not all publicity is good publicity – guaranteed !!

    Thanks for sharing your photographic experience and your desire to always be on the cutting edge.

    Best Regards,

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