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8 comments on “Entry 328”

  1. That is one dramatic image. I like it, but something bothers me about the cylinder shaped glass rooms - the look a little blurry. It may be reflections or just me. But it sure grabbed my attention.

  2. Incredible, dramatic shot. Not sure what is on the right but might have liked to see a bit of space on the right of the home,

  3. A nice image of an insane looking place! I must say though, it's such a striking looking property that I want to see it in its entirety, which I guess would involve a hike and a longer lens!

  4. Very interesting composition and a perfectly executed creative use of a wide-angle lens. I really like the distortion from this angle as it accentuates the architecture perfectly, calling attention to its signature features. As a hero shot of the house, I think it serves the purpose well as it is an attention-grabber for sure. The post processing on this shot, though, it a bit over the top for my taste. Feels a little crunchy to me with lots of contrast where I think a more subtle approach would make the architecture itself be the star of the show.

    One sticking point on this twilight contest - and I mentioned it last year - twilight is later than this. If we are seeing sunset skies, or just barely past sunset like this shot, it falls short of that twilight timing in my perspective. Instead of bright orange sky and reflections of the golden horizon in the windows, I think we should be seeing a later exposure where the windows give a warm glow and the overall contrast is lower. In short, this, to me, is a sunset photo and not really a true twilight photo. 5-10 mins make all the difference, so this disqualifies this particular photo in my book on pure technicality, even though it's a really nice photo and Gary knows exactly what he's doing and can execute a twilight shot in his sleep. Sorry, Gary. Love this shot, but no vote from me on a technicality that is important to me.

  5. This is such a cool and striking shot. Really nicely executed. It's hard to find anything to nitpick here. Just would be curious to see how it might look if the contrast and colors were dialed back a touch. And also wonder about alternate crops/aspect ratios.

  6. Apologies to all - I've embarrassed myself here. As it turns out, this year this contest category has been changed to Twilight / Golden Hour, so I stand corrected and I would like to retract my comments from yesterday about sunset vs. twilight, as they are obviously irrelevant. Wish I was able to edit my comment. Again, great shot!

  7. What kind of Tony Stark ridiculousness is this?!?!? Cool shot. I feel like we're seeing the "skinny" side of the architecture, and I too am left wanting to see more of it. Checking all the boxes for drama and impact, though!

  8. Really incredible architecture! lovely composition... I think ... just think that this angle might have been chosen to not only emphasize the design but also allow the viewer to take in the front and back elements as they are equal in usable space and so much is going on in between with the private outdoor space. I do however think its a bit heavy and contrasty lots to gain from that but maybe some areas that have become a little too heavy and distracting but overall very cool and not easy to get... imaging this is a drone shot? Very cool.

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