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A frame in Photoshop

With this article you can learn how to make a frame in Photoshop, and enhance the overall look of your real estate photos.



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5 comments on “Entry 305”

  1. A nice impactful shot. I kinda want to see less house and more of the outdoor experience though - so moving the camera to the right. I expect the photographer chose this POV as there's a nice unencumbered direct line for the eye to go directly to the covered terrace. I just think moving to the right would produce a better balanced composition. Regardless, the 1-point perspective looks like the best choice.

  2. Really nice shot. I like the lighting and time of day, the colors and color temperature, the sky (enough drama to be interesting, but not so much as to overwhelm the house). The overall exposure looks perfect to me, with great handling of the windows and light fixtures. I do wish the composition were shifted towards the right a bit, for more emphasis on the grounds and natural surroundings. I'm kind of dying to see what’s beyond the pool edge over there…is the house completely surrounded by these gorgeous green and rocky hills? If so, would like to see that. With the current composition, I could see a small crop off the left side, to ~halfway into the window at the upper left. To me, this would help to shift attention a little more towards the right in the composition; as it is, my eye is drawn to the somewhat bright L-shaped part of the façade (that is, the wall nearest the camera). The crop would also clean up some of the straggly bits along the left edge of the frame.

  3. Very well executed all around. I like this shot. I'm wondering what a shift to the right would do??? Just a curiosity. I have no complaints here, but it does make me wonder a little, what is there that I can't see in this shot.

  4. I agree that seeing a little more to the right of the scene might be a good option. I don't think we need anything to the left of that downspout. Would love to see that shutter/door closed (or opened all the way flat) to reveal more of the covered terrace. The exposure and light feels perfect to me. The sky is flirting with over-the-top for me. It doesn't scream sky replacement (it could certainly be the actual sky that night), but there is a certain gentleness to the rest of the shot that I absolutely love, and it feels contradictory to the dramatic sky. I appreciate the attention to detail in the exterior staging (your pillow game is ON POINT), but it makes me wonder why the planters were so underserved? I'm also trying to figure out if there is an ottoman on fire?!?! Looks like a cushion, but maybe it's a fire pit. The fact that I'm looking at it so closely, for so long, clearly indicates that I love the image. Many things done well here! Kudos.

  5. Beautiful scene and overall work.... Its risky to shoot this composition but unfortunately I am a little distracted by it to see past... I feel like the mindset was - oh shoot, its getting dark... Ive GOT to find a shot of this home fast... so this gives me the house, AND the yard ... everything in one shot... go for it! Saying that because Ive been there... lol! Again and again and again... Well, maybe but its a little 50/50 for me... lots to love... not saying its wrong or horrible (what the heck do I know lol!) but I don't feel like it is pointing me in enough of an adamant direction ... I think moving to the right a bit would bring more of the back yard into the "here's the reason for the shot" and still possibly allow a smidge of the home to show at left as well as into the living area windows... but most importantly, open up and show off the beautiful back yard ready for the dinner party...

    Ok, now for the big thing... focus is really falling off on right side of frame (or possibly the frames were not lined up) so taking a little more time or starting earlier and making sure you could find the best focus point would have helped bring it all a little closer together.

    Michael, yes, the cushion is on fire... home burned right after the photog left ... rough day... no lol! I think its a light just behind the cushion coffee table lol!

    Great work regardless of my rants... its def on the level!

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