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8 comments on “Entry 299”

  1. I really like this - the home is really well framed along the left and bottom of the frame and it's easy to take in the whole scene at once. I like the bold choice to have the car and headlights in the shot although I think it would be equally impactful without. Nicely exposed and well timed.

  2. This is really nice. Love the composition, the colors, and the time of day. I’m with Matt about the bold choice of including the car and headlights. I don’t think I’d have had the guts! But I like me, it adds an almost cinematic quality. I’m kind of on the fence about the stars, though. There’s something a little uncanny about seeing so many stars visible at this apparent time of day, with a sky this light (but then, I'm used to Pacific Northwest skies, not California desert skies). Also, the interior lights are a little hot for my taste, so would like to have seen their exposure brought down a touch. I like this image a lot. It's very cool and very well-executed.

  3. This is awesome. I agree the car is a bit much for a listing, but I really like it on a personal level. But that's because I like the car, i think, and I worry it takes attention away from the house. Almost like it's an ad for the car rather than for the house. Still, I like it, so that's a nitpick. Really well executed - it looks so natural and effortless, which is the hallmark of a photographer who knows what he/she is doing. This is one of my top picks this month.

  4. It's a truck, not a car, people. And it is an awesome truck! I want one!!! But I'm not a fan of it in this shot. It takes me away from those glorious mountains. I respect the guts for putting it in there, but it doesn't work for me. Somehow I feel without the truck it would add a certain remoteness, middle-of-nowhereness to the image. I guess you'd need to clone the power lines out then, too, but I digress... I think I'd like to see a bit more warmth from those interior lights. I'm a big fan of the porch cacti and hat hanging inside the front door. It screams "lifestyle" loud and clear WITHOUT the killer 4Runner in the shot. Agree with Garey about this shot's "natural and effortless" feel. Could have easily been ruined with a "dramatic" sky replacement, but wiser heads prevailed. Are the stars enhanced? Maybe, but I'm buying it. I'm also a sucker for when a more modest home (or room) is captured so artfully that it blows away the more substantial properties featured this month. Well done! Top notch!

  5. It is a nice shot.. Stars seem a bit unnatural to me and Im not sure I would miss them if they weren't in the shot... who knows, maybe they are real and just brightened a bit but seems like the sky would be deeper for such bright and full view of the entire solar system lol! Ive seen some incredible things in all my years of traveling but something here just hits me as "post processing"
    This is a great shot... very interesting and its beautiful out there in the boonies of the desert! Really incredible... I think the truck adds some interest and really will help the shot stand out on line amidst the sea of Listings! And as a photograph it really draws you into the home and places you there... as if you lived there... just getting home or running out for groceries in your "grocery getter""truck" "car" thingy. lol! I could see just a tad more light on the hills for color... lots there if you view larger but I think the color would be enhanced with a little earlier timing.. and of course, that would further negate the need for the stars. but over all this is highly creative! ...and if your in my head... I enjoy seeing creativity... a little hint towards story telling and less... wide wide and wider shots that show nothing but air. great work!

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