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For over a decade, photographers from around the world have participated in PFRE’s monthly photography contests, culminating in the year-end crowning of PFRE’s Photographer of the Year. With a new theme each month and commentary offered by some of the finest real estate & interior photographers anywhere, these contests offer a fun, competitive environment with rich learning opportunities. 

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Teri Fotheringham

6 comments on “Entry 10”

  1. My second favorite entry this month. A clean composition using the doorway as the frame. It's an interesting shot because it gives the appearance of a straight-on, but there is more of the wall on the right showing than the left. I think that provides more interest because it breaks up the monotony of a true straight-on shot. I also like how the lights in the fixture work with the composition of the painting in the background. Nice Job!

  2. Nice job. I love this view into the space. Wouldn’t mind seeing just a touch more of the foreground wall that’s framing the dining room (maybe a couple more inches along each of the three sides?) Also wish the windows had been blown out more, as my eye is drawn to that fence outside. Looks like there may have been some lights turned on in the foyer…? If so, maybe turn those off, for cleaner foreground color. And did you happen to try a frame with the dining room light fixture turned off, to use for color? I kind of like that the dining light is turned on, but wouldn’t mind seeing a bit more clarity in the colors overall.

  3. very nice! agree with julie... on the windows... but everything is so nice and clean and natural... sometimes blowing windows distracts too much from the overall scene and everything is so nicely framed and toned it might ruin the subtlety of the rooms light... touch call...

    love the framing and that you thought of incorporating the opening add it is a beautiful shape and helps to lead the eye into the space all while providing info to the buyer than showing more of the walls and trying to make it look ten times larger...

    i day really mind the color casts here... controlled very naturally but i can see where maybe getting rid of the enter orange might help a little although for some reason it’s not really bothering me here ... i like it!

  4. I like this one. It has a sort of Magritte feel to it. Nice use of the arched opening to frame the shot. The (crooked) fence in the window view should be bothering me, but it's not. Kind of adds to the surrealistic feel I'm getting. Could use a little color work and sharpness. Although I love the natural look of this, a flash frame subtly blended in could clean up some of the casts and help with the softness. And again, just for the purposes of the contest, I'd take a minute to clone out the sockets, switch and night light (?). I might catch heat for that comment because it's supposed to be "real estate", but for me the devil's in the details.

  5. Such a great shot!

    The window view is a bit distracting to me. Blow it out, or if shot for a designer or builder, you can replace the view. I am a little torn on the one branch peeking in. Looks like it's got some brown on the leaves. Is it wilting? Is it worth seeing more of the plant, bringing in a bit more green on that left side (plant in the corner perhaps). The orange cast on the front wall only bothers me slightly, but I think it could be toned down on the upper left a bit to match the upper right?

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