March 19th, 2014

The Photography For Real Estate monthly competition is a jury judged real estate property video contest held every month. Please follow the following if you’d like to participate.

Each Month’s Entries

A list of links to each month’s entries will be at the following Flickr group:

Comments and discussion on each video entry can take place on the Flickr forum and since there will be simple links to each entry from the Flickr forum posting, there is no restriction on where video entries are hosted.

Contest Schedule

  1. Entries can be made anytime the Flickr group is open for posting. This will typically be from the 1st of the month through the 22nd of the month unless a contest has been extended into the next month. All time and dates are UTC/Zulu/GMT. Here is UTC time and date.
  2. Only one entry per month per contestant.
  3. The person entering the contest should be the one that shot and edited the video.
  4. The PFRE Video Jury votes on videos from the 23rd of the month through the end of the month.
  5. The winner is announced around the 1st of the following month.
  6. The jury listed below chooses the winner.
  7. At the end of each month, the winner will be announced via a post on the PFRE Blog.
  8. Every December a real estate videographer of the year is chosen from all the monthly winners that year.
  9. Check out the past winners here.

Contest Rules

  1. There will be a new contest each month. If there are less than 6 or 8 entries will be extended into the next month. The contest is open for entries from the 1st through the 22nd each month. All submissions will be via contestants posting their video or links to their video to the PFRE Video Contest Flickr group as described below in #2.
  2. Entrants enter the PFRE video contest by posting their video to the PFRE Video Contest Flickr group directly or by posting a still photo from the video and a link in the description field to the video. This means contest contestants must join the PFRE Video Contest Flickr group. For identification communication purposes, contestants MUST have their, full name, location, website URL and email in their Flickr Profile. Entries without this information will be deleted before voting starts.
  3. This competition is void where prohibited by law, in particular, the State of Rhode Island.
  4. All the entries for each month will remain in the Contest Flickr group as a historical record.

The Distinguished PFRE Video Jury

The following jury is a combination of past winners and long time PFRE contributors. All of these jurors are long time real estate videographers:

  1. Patrick Kerwick – Santa Fe, New Mexico
  2. Hamish Beeston – Bristol, UK
  3. Anders Carlson – Kailua Kona, HI
  4. Charlie Dresen – Steamboat, CO (Realtor)
  5. Greg Nuspel – Chowichan Valley, BC
  6. Terry Burger – Atlanta, GA (Realtor)
  7. Malia Campbell – Seattle, WA
  8. Travis Rowan – Maui
  9. Tom Tezak – Maui (Realtor)
  10. Ryan Flecher – Kailua Kona, HI
  11. Luke Phillips – London, UK
  12. Lyndon Davey – Rockingham (Perth), AU
  13. Rachel von Nordeck – Christchurch, NZ
  14. Vic DeVore – Clermont, FL

Winners Receive

  1. A Photoshop file of the PFRE videographer of the month logo for use on your website and advertising.
  2. An entry on the PFRE video-contest-winners page that contains your winning photo and a link to your website.
  3. A PFRE post that features your video and business.
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