Dave Rezendes of Honolulu Voted 2011 Photography For Real Estate Blog Photographer Of The Year

December 31st, 2011

It’s now 2012 in Greenwich so the voting for the PFRE Photographer of the year is over.

Congratulations to Dave Rezendes of Dave Rezendes Photography, Inc. of Honolulu, Hawai’i who was voted PFRE photographer of the year by PFRE blog readers. Dave’s stunning image is of a home in Honolulu designed by Long and Associates AIA, Inc. Click on the image to the right for a larger version. Dave’s image won by a large margin over the rest of the entries.

Dave’s comments on this photograph are:

Living here in Hawai’i there is a great opportunity to see and shoot some of the most beautiful homes in the most beautiful locales in the country.  This home, designed by Long and Associates AIA, Inc, is no exception by any means.  The biggest challenge with this shot was preserving the view and keeping it as natural as possible as it becomes part of the living space.  The view was masked in and had to be appropriately managed to be realistic with the amount of “pull”  there was on the floor.  Studio flashes were set up directly to the left of the camera and one to the far right near the corner.  Getting good white balance and flash intensities was critical to give the proper effect to the white leather couch, which was a bit of a challenge.

The second place winner was Briana Gray of San Diego, CA. Click on the image to the right to view a larger image.
Briana says:

When I am in a home, I approach each room looking for the best angle to showcase its features. When I approached this particular room, the fabulous ocean view was the obvious focal point. One of the most significant challenges I have found for shooting homes along the coast is timing shoots to account for the marine layer. Even with timing, I was very lucky to catch this view on such a clear day. That, however, presented my largest challenge in shooting this room – the reflection of the sun off of the water.

Thanks to everyone that participated this year in the Photographer of  the month competition as voters and competitors. I’d like to point out that there is no higher distinction than to be recognized by your peers. As I’ve pointed out in the past, the reason I don’t give away lavish winnings in the form of money, equipment and software is that this competition is open to everyone world wide and the complexity of trying to comply with contest law everywhere in the world is daunting and more legal risk than I’m up to.


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