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What's The Best App To Use With Canon DSLRs That Have WiFi?

Published: 17/02/2015

DSLRControllerNot too long ago Bill asked the following question:

Just started playing with my Canon 70D Wi-Fi set up. I need an Android app to connect my phone to it. Checking PFRE posts, I don't see much regarding what apps might be preferred over Canon's EOS remote app. Is anyone using something better than Canon's?

Yes, after some research, I found evidence that the DSLR Controller App by Chainfire is a more popular App for controlling Canon DSLRs with WiFi connectivity than the Canon EOS App. For a long time, Chainfire was only available on Android but now is also available on IOS (the video above was done before DSLR Controller became available for IOS). According to the video the Canon EOS App is limited to transferring small JPGs and does not have features like time-lapse.

Apparently DSLR Controller works with older models of EOS cameras released since Q3 of 2008 with USB cables.

While the DSLR Controller app many give good functionality for DSLRs like the Canon 70D and 6D, I can't help but mentioning that in general for real estate photography and a wide range of DSLRs, feedback from the PFRE community is clear - CamRanger is the best all-around remote control product. CamRanger now has support for IOS, Android, Macs and Windows. You have to be careful because there seem to be a large number of products out there that are not high quality. Sure CamRanger is more expensive, but there is a lot of cheap stuff out there that doesn't work well.

Larry Lohrman

12 comments on “What's The Best App To Use With Canon DSLRs That Have WiFi?”

  1. Larry, it appears that you did not thoroughly read the web page for the link you provided re. the IOS capability of DSLR Controller. The capability is limited to certain more recent models of an iPad that needs to be jailbroken and tethered to the camera. So, it is not a wifi connection.

    I like the features of this app, but am concerned about its reliability. I would consider buying a compatible Android device to use with it if it is reliable.

  2. I found a Compact Flash to SD card adapter on eBay that claims compatibility with EyeFi cards. This would be a great way to add wireless to my Canon 50D. Anybody gone down this road and found software that works? CamRanger is on my list, but behind more flashes and some other stuff. I'll be using my Powerbook.

    Right now I use a long USB cable to tether and it's one more thing to deal with. I would probably use a tethered set up more frequently if it were wireless.

  3. I tried DSLR controller and dashboard and was disappointed in both. The Canon EOS Remote app, while simple, does one thing works...consistently.

  4. Hi the hardware for cam ranger uses is a re badged tplink mr3040 mini wifi router that has custom formware installed on to it by cam ranger. You can also purchase the same tplink router for a fraction of the cost of cam ranger £39/$29 and install similar custom firmware available from the dslrcomtroller website which will then allow dslr controller app to work over wifi the same as cam ranger.

  5. I used DSLR Controler with my 70D and Asus notepad. Conclusion. Waaayyy to slow for most R.E. or most other image transfers. Sexy, but impotent. Maybe because touch/flip screen of 70D made remote notepad unnecessary complication.

  6. The only decent app that I have found is DSLR Dashboard; it is really good, but only available for Android. There are several others for Android, but it is the only one that I recommend at all. I have yet to find anything for iOS that doesn't require extra hardware or a jailbreak.

  7. I have the CamRanger which is nice (and Paul shows you how to DIY a CamRanger), but you need to be aware that not all interfaces are equal. Your wireless range will vary wildly depending on the quality of your tablet/phone's wifi adapter. I hear that people get great consistent range with their iPads. I've had hit & miss experience with my Nexus tablet and have been trying to find ways to boost either the router signal or my reception capabilities.

  8. It depends on what you're doing. For short durations, the Canon app works pretty well, especially if you're just shooting a bracketed sequence. But for all day or long durations, it's better to use Camranger, especially if you need more complex functions like time lapse or focus racking.

    As usual, it's using the right tool to suit the task.

  9. I shoot the 70D for RE because it negates the need to use its wifi or eos remote app (for me). It works fine, but honestly can't say enough about the 70D's excellent flippy-floppy lcd, touch focus and dual pixels. Coupled with 3 600ex radio flashes, I have a fully functional setup that requires no remote control apps. I have yet to find any other camera, flash or hdr process/combo that can match my final output.

    Just wish the 5D3 had a flippy-floppy touch lcd 🙂

  10. I shoot with 70D and will try both Controller by Chainfire and Camranger for my timelapses. For shooting RE, I think I'll just stick with the good old remote

  11. The Canon EOS Remote app is not bad. You can try it, hope you will find it helpful.

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