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What To Use As A Remote Shutter Release If You Use A YN-560-TX

Published: 13/11/2014

YN560-TX-ControllerDavid asks the question:

I use the Yongnuo YN560 III flashes and the YN560-TX controller. I want to use a wireless shutter trigger on my camera that is compatible with this set up. I have the Yongnuo RF-603N II wireless triggers but when I put the controller with it the flashes will not work. Anyone have any recommendations? I'm using a Nikon D5100 for a DSLR.

Hmm... the first thing that comes to mind is you may be trying to make this all too complicated. What's wrong with just pushing the shutter release?

I'm sure there's some cheap little remote shutter release out there that will work like David used to use the RF-603N II. But if I'm going to use a remote shutter release I'd rather go with a CamRanger because it does so much more than release the shutter.

Anyone have a suggestion for David?

Larry Lohrman

14 comments on “What To Use As A Remote Shutter Release If You Use A YN-560-TX”

  1. I bought a Vivitar Universal wireless shutter release from Amazon six months ago and it's still working great. The ad says it's good for 100 meters. I don't know if it will do that but I have used in a house 40 feet away in a straight line of site. Also I've been it one room and fired it from another room. It comes with plugs for all the main camera makes. Because I use a Sony, the Yongnuo triggers will not work but the Neewer 4 chanel wirless triggers work perfectly with the Vivitar release and the Yongnuo YN560 III flashes .

    Neewer 4 Channels Wireless/ Radio Flash Trigger Set With 2 Receivers

  2. Do you have the Yongnuo shutter release cable that attaches from the 560TX in the hotshoe to the camera's shutter release port? I don't think it comes with the 560TX but usually comes with the 603 triggers

  3. According to the manual, you are supposed to be able to connect the YN560-TX to the camera's shutter release with the proper cable and then you should be able to use a RF-603 as a shutter release. I believe that the RF-603II has a switch to select it being a transceiver or a receiver. Have you tried both positions?

    @Larry, If you want to handhold a flash or modifier, it's handy to have the remote shutter release. I use my 603's for that often. I hope the procedure above works as I plan to order a 560TX as soon as a couple of invoices I have sent out are paid.

  4. On a Canon I am using the 603 II triggers to remotely fire the camera with the YN560TX controller/YN560 III setup. But don't forget you need to use the sync cord between your camera and the YN560TX.

    Nikon is likely to be the same.

  5. I use a Yongnuo RF-603N (older version) on the hot shoe of a Nikon D300 which is also connected with a shutter release cable to the camera. With this method I can remote trigger the shutter with the other RF-603 N while I keep the YN-560 TX in my pocket to adjust the YN-560 III flashes. The two RF-603N transceivers work to trigger the shutter release and the speed lights synchronous while I just use the YN-560 TX to adjust the power.

    This method comes in very handy and I can reliably trigger everything up to a 100 feet with fresh batteries and no major obstacle in the way.

  6. I had this same dilemma until I realized the RF603 became the wireless shutter release once I plugged the YN560TX into the camera. It works great and the range if quite acceptable.

  7. A month ago I purchased the Nikon WR-10 Wireless Remote Controller Set (radio signals).... and it's great.... it's 3 items... a little think screws into the front of my D810.... then the receiver clips into that.... and I have a little trigger. B&H has it for $179. I've used it in bathrooms where I shut the door... and it triggers the shutter through the door with no problem at all. Excellent. The other one Nikon makes for is the ML-3 (infrared) which is garbage..... I have 5 of them that don't work.

  8. Hi, this is my first post. Scott Hargis sent me here....thank you Scott!

    I have the exact same set-up as David and my flashes work fine using the RF-603 II triggers with the YN560TX. Keep in mind you have to switch out of live-view mode for the flashes to fire. If that doesn't work double check that your channels are all set the same between the flashes, triggers, and controller. Hope this helps.

  9. *Edit: Re-read and realized I don't have the EXACT same set-up since I'm shooting on a Canon 6D. I think the principles still apply though.

  10. This discussion got me curious. I have 3 YN-560-III's and at 560-TX. I had some old 602 triggers around but knew they would not work. SO I ordered a pair of the YN603-II Nikon version with the N1 cable. It came today. Here are the results. (nice and simple and it all works);

    Attach the 603-II to the camera hot shoe. Attach the P1 cable to the camera and plug it into the 603. Attach the YN560-TX to the top of the YN-603 by putting it in the hot shoe on the top of the 603. Turn it all on, including the YN560-III flash(s). Take the other 603-II and walk away and push the button. 1/2 push focuses, pushing the rest of the way fires the camera, and the flash! So, you can have realistically 9 remote flashes (3 each for A-B-C channel), all adjustable by the 560-TX and fire the camera from anywhere you care to. Works great and it's so simple.

    Note: If you are using the same set up and it doesn't work, check to make sure you have the switches on the 603-II triggers set right.

  11. @Chet - The 560TX manual shows connecting the TX to the hot shoe and a cable between it and the camera for remote shutter release, using a RF-603 as a handheld trigger. Are you sure you need the -603 in the hot shoe?

  12. Wondering the same thing here...
    Suppose you have the yn-560-tx on your camera hot shoe to trigger an off camera yn-560 iii flash. Suppose you want to trigger your camera remotely and you plug the shutter release cable from the yn-560-tx to your camera. If you trigger the yn-560-tx with a rf-603 remotely, won't it trigger the flash at same time (I mean the rf-603 and not the yn-560-tx)? Will you still be able to control the settings of the flash with the yn-560-tx?

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